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  1. Support, I don't want dookie cars anymore.
  2. In an ideal world where legal races would fix 3/4 of the problems, in GTAW it simply just doesn't work, it takes so much planning to get a part of the map closed off and there's no legal race tracks where people would be forced to RP it in a Roleplay enviroment, that and the sync also sucks with 13+ drivers.
  3. I'll pay you 25k for the Futo considering you don't even know what configuration the engine is.
  4. $39,001 and a personal ass eating from yours truly.
  5. $38,000 and a half-eaten klondike bar.
  6. Snipper


    Offering 45 as starting bid.
  7. I've never heard of an Elegy Savestra, only an Annis Savestra.
  8. Name: NotAnIdiot Comment: the lack of shadows and shading around him is disturbing....
  9. Name: 420chadmasterblasewedxXx comment: Rather my tax payers money go to blackjack and hookers than vote Republican.
  10. Supported, i don't wanna die to davis PF bangers
  11. Throw me an offer, worst I can do is say no.
  12. Added in, along with some features, like the pool at the complex.
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