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  1. I ran out of time to furbish it fully. A deal can be arranged to finish all the furnishing though. Current top bid is 170,000 to Jura.
  2. Hey. Currently hiring a wedding planner, please SMS 9981 or email me on; ((AdamZZ#7001)) for more information.
  3. Modern open concept apartment in the integrity hotel available for purchase. Not entirely furbished yet however an agreement can be made if you want me to finish up the entire project. Comes with 2 bedrooms, ( one of which is master ) - Two toilets and an open living, dining & kitchen area. Comes equipped with the ThriftEX Alarm system. Bids starting at $180,000. Minimum increase is $10,000. Buyout is set to $590,000. Images of the Property: https://imgur.com/a/2xhUVRv (( OOC SECTION. PROPERTY STATS. ))
  4. Can be closed. Apartment sold to the highest bidder of $180,000.
  5. Bidding will stop in 3 hours at 15:20. Current highest bid is $180,000. Minimum increase is $10,000.
  6. Noted. Gonna wait to see if anyone wants to offer more.
  7. Luxurious two bedroom apartment for sale. Comes with a safe in the bedroom. Standard architecture & plans. Modern look. https://imgur.com/a/AbkTqJw Starting Bid : $150,000 Buyout : $675,000 Minimum bid increase: $10,000. -- (( OOC. )) Property is standard, market value $225,000. No furniture.
  8. AdamZZ

    [4SALE] Madness

    Evening! If this place is still for sale I'd like to meet up discuss & negotiate. This place would be ideal for a certain project I'm working on at the moment. Please feel free to reach out to either; Phone Number: 9981 or Email: [email protected] ((AdamZZ#7001 on Discord or just forums pm.)) Thanks in advance and I wish you all the best with the sale.
  9. Apartment is available for rent as of the 28/01/2022! Enquiries can be made.
  10. A spacious, modern apartment located right besides Pillbox Medical Centre; Comes with two bedrooms and a massive open concept living, dining & Kitchen area. Pictures of the property can be found below. Currently looking for tenants. Rent will be /exclusive/ meaning the entire property will be leased to only /one/ person- And whoever they may want to bring along. A higher cost might be given depending on the living arrangements. Weekly Rent Price: $20,000. Monthly Rent Price: $50,000. Any interested parties may email [email protected] ((Forum PM.)) Or shoot a text to 9981. https://imgur.com/a/AbkTqJw
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