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  1. I get judged on my illegal lifestyle by lesbians who do nothing but sit in their houses all day and eat each other out.
  2. Heavy RP hasn't existed since 2018.
  3. this is why blue collar rp is the best thing on the server and if you disagree you're wrong
  4. particular fan of mary hi dude @Wuhtah
  5. Anyone who was worth a damn in any illegal RP circle has left because they're tired of being dicked around by shitty portrayal and lenient ass punishments for the same shitty portrayal. Anyone still trying to fix the standards is talking to a brick wall. @smo hit the nail on the head - slow burn creates good roleplay and nobody wants that anymore because half of the people doing gang RP now are 14 year olds with ADHD that came here from shitty FiveM servers that understand nothing but instant gratification.
  6. would fuckin come back for this one buddy
  7. holy fuck this is an old one
  8. You're making me miss mine. I had it through two different interations. I do feel you, though. When I still played, I was the guy who'd buy a shitty R* made pre-modified car and spend 30K taking it to a mechanic shop to remove the "stock" aftermarket parts and make the vehicle look as stock as I possibly could. I'd paint them in factory colors of whatever they're based on, too.
  9. Dom.

    rest up big man

  10. The hick characters usually tend to portray a lackluster roleplay standard and makes the entire area look bad as a result. If the entire server is meant to portray a realistic replacement for California, Sandy Shores should be no different. The SoCal desert is not Alabama.
  11. Is the event covered by GTA W rules? If someone calls someone a slur or something to their face, and they come to you, is that a ban?
  12. Dicks also fuck assholes, Chuck.
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