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  1. biscuit that's not writing at 3am here. I've just looked at the code that processes OTPs for UCPs and ugh. This will take some more time then anticipated, given that I don't wanna fuck about and break security-related implementations for the MDC. I'll sort it out but no ETA as of yet.
  2. i'll work on this next week.
  3. Username: the big one Comment: yiff me daddy
  4. Biscuit

    i hate admireme

    I'm keeping this locked for a bit for forum moderation to catch up. If you don't want anything to do with AdmireMe, don't use it. The banking API will not be getting an 18+ check and the only connection AdmireMe has to the UCP is an API connection and the web development team is a bit far too busy currently to implement 18+ character checks on these websites for the UCP API. The rules cover this pretty well, if you have a minor character, do not use AdmireMe, period. If you're found to do this, you're breaking a server rule and you'll be handled accordingly. In short, if you don't want to use AdmireMe then don't use AdmireMe, just ignore it like it doesn't exist. I passed this thread onto management for further review, they'll make the final determination on things and if deemed necessary, they'll unlock this thread.
  5. I'm guilty of this myself, to the credit of the management team, I was approached multiple times when my motivation started dropping, I didn't tell them what was bothering me, but that was also in-part due to the fact that my complaints were against certain management members + certain admins, and we all know that grudges start when people formally complain. It's hard out in these streets, I'm open now, if anyone has any questions about what went wrong and how (privately ofc), I did manage to get most of my frustrations out with one management member approaching me once after a situation happened that was met with me being super frustrated. And I do have to state this, for the sub-team to be very effective in their work, screw forum moderation having to deal with forum reports, have forum moderation focus on forum moderation on topics like this and nothing else and create a sub-team that ONLY FOCUSES on forum reports and in-game reports, nothing else. It's also **really** easy to identify that some Seniors/Leads and Management members don't do anything, this was very evident and supported by evidence when I was in certain sub-teams and it's quite easy to spot, and I know I'd get flack for this but a shake up the hornets nest has to be done to either get these bad apples back in check. It doesn't have to mean like remove them, but inactivity notices, forcing them to comply with normal administrative requirements, whatever the case, the activity has to pick up for some people, cause it's ruining their entire sub-teams. I don't know what the state of things are currently, given that I've been absent from administrative activities for awhile now, but huge respect to the management members that actually give a shit. Also Wuhtah, huge respect for all the work you did.
  6. Y'know, if management's listening to people's feedback, I think I could suggest something that could help. Given that further-on administrative progression is limited to joining a sub-team and working PRIMARILY within the sub-team to rank up within the sub-team, my suggestion would be to make a sub-team that only focuses on forum reports & in-game reports and have a lot of senior positions or no limits within senior positions. I personally left the admin team because I personally got demotivated as fuck after getting the monthly 350 WPs for doing like 500 in-game reports in a month and just getting the usual "good job, keep it up" without any sense for being able to progress forward regardless how much effort I put into the in-game aspect of things cause my progression was restricted to the sub-team which was heavily mismanaged at the time and arguably still is. It do be sucky sometimes, it's one of the main reasons I left the admin team and probably, most likely, am never coming back. Dealing with a P2W mentality player base like this where someone that has some sort of warrant gets chased down, crashes into 50 walls and runs into a corner and disconnects gets slapped with a 30 minute ajail and a "strong warning" kinda sucks to be honest. Also get rid of the entire "if you're in the faction you're not allowed to deal with the faction's reports", there's not enough active admins for that.
  7. Okay, so here's what one of my friends suggested to me. Add a toggle to automatically blur and unblur censored posts. This should make everyone happy now, right?
  8. statistically, censored posts provide more interactions (likes, comments and clicks)
  9. This is pretty much outdated, I'm pretty sure @Selena has already written up new rules that are going to be released soon, which will have a new better off definition of the rules. I'm gonna move this to Rule Suggestions though, for better organization, since the development team has nothing to do with this. But I'll make a ruling that I'm not removing blurs. Regardless of it, just wanna state this; I don't mark pictures as NSFW unless they've been obviously reported, or I clearly see it in my feed, if I'm unsure about something I let it be reported before investigating further. If you have an issue with another person's posting, just report the post, it's anonymous and it'll get reviewed. We're only looking for the current rules in terms of marking pictures as NSFW, if you see pictures that you don't want to see: Either block the user or report the image, most of the time, for example, using your exact example, I never even noticed, personally any of Raen's photos or Pubis' photos violating the rules, therefor I never acted upon it, but that's because I probably never saw the photos. We added censorship to restrict sexual content, so that people can safely browse facebrowser at work, but because we don't use AI like Instagram and Facebook does, it's all manual review and some stuff will slip through the cracks obviously and if you don't click the simple report button then nothing will be done about it. If I see it, I'll act upon it, basically. But I'm not removing the blur function from facebrowser, I worked on it for far too long to do a 180 on it, with the fact that I'm also implementing a function for users to blur their own posts. In my eyes this is what I've observed happening with facebrowser for awhile now, ever since it's launched; Basically, people want change but don't like change, is the best way one of my friends put it.
  10. I'll work on an implementation for that then.
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