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  1. No! Never should they be considered "bad". Whoever plays Big Zaddy is a fucking legend.
  2. I absolutely 100% percent agree with you on that one, I was more trying to prove a point that people rather complain then actually do something about it, which makes them hypocritically guilty of the same thing as the LSPD -- as soon as there is mention of someone having to do work, as I suggested "just request it to the LSPD" people get defensive and start saying "but why do I have to do that?" And the picture is wider here, it's not just the LSPD that's guilty of not releasing budgets, it's the LSFD, DMEC, GOV, PHMC, matter-of-fact every single government faction apart from the L
  3. TLDR; - Nobody was toxic in this thread - The original question was; "Why doesn't the LSPD release it's full budgeting as to where what money goes and how much money they have in total (As it's done IRL?) Including salaries, training, etc." to which the answer was; "Because nobody is holding them accountable" - You can make a FOIA request to the LSPD to release said information. - If the LSPD refuses or doesn't respond, you can sue them. You inserted yourself into the debate, instead of suggesting any type of solutions, all you did was insert complaints into the deb
  4. Am i missing something or do I genuinely have no idea what you are talking about? Where was anyone toxic or condescending in this conversation? I literally just explained my side of the argument as well as what FOIA is?
  5. If you don't know what FOIA is, here's a lawyer that explains it;
  6. The original argument was; The LSPD doesn't release crime statistics the same way the LAPD does. My argument is that nobody holding the LSPD accountable for the shit that they are doing (or not doing in this case), not the media, not you, not me, nobody. Wheras the LAPD is held accountable by so many taxpayers, media outlets and they'd be sued to shit if they didn't respond to FOIA requests. My argument is also; don't complain and be part of the solution and sue them. You have 100% legal rights to do it and any and every lawyer will tell you this.
  7. Yes, I agree, but if the LAPD were to do the same, they'd get sued to hell. So sue em'.
  8. Freedom of Information Act, the LSPD is required to release information the same way LAPD is required to release information. It's no different in GTA:W.
  9. then sue the LSPD. Public information act. free money.
  10. Then that should be the topic of discussion, Even I'm a victim of not getting contacted by LSPD MRCAD (Elise Reyna in that photo). Then again, nobody is holding them accountable, that is all an IC issue, someone can easily write an article throwing the LSPD under the bus for not responding to Public Relations requests, not only that but a possible lawsuit due to the freedom of information act.
  11. Yes, it's public, everything has an origin. IF you think it's that simple, then go ahead and request it, it's 1 form that can be filled out in 5 minutes. Just like every single journalist needs to fill out for crime data, statistical data and even budgets in real life. What most likely happened is one of the news outlets (CNN) wrote to the LAPD to request their budgets and instead of them repeatedly sending them out, they published it on their website so it's easily accessible. Everything has an origin as to why stuff is released.
  12. Because this community doesn't have an active Media Outlet that actively keeps tabs on every single thing that the LSPD does. Whereas, in real life, if we were to use an example, the LAPD is held accountable by about 15 news outlets on top of my head. The LAPD doesn't release that stuff cause they have to, it's cause if they don't, they'll be flamed by every single media outlet that exists in LA, so make your own news outlet and request the bugets and expose the LSPD.
  13. Because nobody requests it. Go to MRCAD and request it.
  14. The issue does not stem from the LSPD using helicopters as often then, they're using helicopters to combat the crime, if they don't use it then the criminals will have an upper-hand. The issue then stems from the actual crime itself, which, in a roleplaying community, isn't particularly easy to moderate. I will say this; From other communities I've been in (from Garry's Mod communities to DOJRP) this is the most realistic I've ever seen anything get. I believe not much can be done about it without proper suggestions.
  15. People do care believe it or not... Some people wish to not ERP, some people are heavily against ERP and even flame others for doing it, some people love ERP. The issue then becomes making it friendly for the best of both worlds. FOR EXAMPLE; At work I regularly browse facebrowser cause I'm a rebel and there's some pretty solid memes being reposted there and there's quite a few NSFW posts that pop up in my feed. If facebook, twitter, 9gag and other platforms have an NSFW filter, why not let facebrowser have one? I agree in the fact that it's prob
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