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  1. They never were necessary, they aren't now and they never will be. There's rules all over the place, most of which are suggested by the players themselves, and yet the same topics keep showing up in this section over and over and over again. It doesn't need much more evidence to prove that a good 75% of the regulations currently in place are completely pointless and only serve to frustrate players who genuinely want to RP and overstretch staff resources who'd be better focused on catching and punishing actual rulebreakers instead of people who failed to articulate why the want to open an LCN crew in Los Santos. The server did by purposefully making players aim towards the lowest common denominator. Anything that is even remotely creative requires miles of red tape and staff supervision and/or support (neither of which are easy to achieve for a multitude of factors). On top of that, if you were to take the chance, you always run the risk of the powers that be barging in and force disbanding you because your concept doesn't fit with the server (despite the server continuity being extremely unclear on what fits) , or get dragged to the RP court because someone reported you for "poor portrayal". So people take the path of least resistance and do whatever is least likely to get them in trouble: in the case of cops is run-and-gun "RP", in the case of criminal roleplayers is low-level crimes with no impulse control and for everyone else is the hoarding of money and assets. Not allowing people to be creative shifted the priorities. In yet another example of self-created issues, if you drive away all those that roleplay for the sake of roleplaying because their views don't align perfectly with your own, then all that'll be left are those who roleplay for other ends. We all sleep in the bed we make.
  2. SANEPA's Environmental Justice Task Force had some pretty good utility uniforms: But nothing beats the LSXPD Security Officer uniforms:
  3. And it does. That first line could be the server's official motto. A third, if not half, of the issues GTA:W has, not just the staff-related ones, are self-inflicted due to mismanagement and complacency on behalf of those that run their respective shows. Don't fix what's not broken will kill this place on the long run, but at least it'll have mapped charging stations to make up for it. It's hard to have any interest in being part of a group of people who see you as a threat to the server for wanting to help new players by standing in a safezone or who automatically assume bad faith on your end when confronted with a situation that was entirely created by their own incompetence. Besides, it's not like you have to be an admin to criticize their work or to offer them advice and guidance. The argument that "it's voluntary work" is a double edged sword. Granted, the fact they're volunteers should make regular players think twice before being knuckleheads towards the staff for what they do, but on the other hand no one is forcing the admins to be admins. It's a well-known fact that being an administrator is a thankless job and if you join the staff expecting every one of your actions to be met with a ticker-tape parade by the playerbase, you're better off spending your free time doing your own thing, because once you have that green name, it's not expressions of gratitude that'll be thrown at you daily. Rules come from the staff team, regardless if it's a level one admin or management, and many rules related to specific areas of the servers (i.e. properties, factions, etc.) come from staff teams that are mostly composed of admins. And even if the admins don't write them, as you assume, they still enforce them, and if they enforce rules they themselves don't believe in without any attempt to change them, then they just show a hypocrisy that is hard to justify. You can only pass the buck so many times before it has to stop. Who is responsible for that, then? Lead admins? Management? The founder? What's stopping a regular admin from calling out a rule that's superfluous, obsolete or pointless and bring it to the attention of those above him in the chain of command? If they don't or can't, then it's back to the original cause of many of this server's problems: complacency and mismanagement. And yet most of what the server has done in the last few years has been adding rules upon rules and erasing any concept that showed promise for a different kind of RP. And it wasn't the community that did it. They might have called for it, but they didn't do it. That's always been a staple of every server, as it has the fact that 40% of the players reports could be solved by more communication. What hasn't been part of every server is the amount of bureaucracy and red tape that make any DMV look like a stroll in the park compared to GTA:W. If admins were only in charge of reports, chances are there'd be far less cases of burnout among them. Instead they have to manage reports, properties, vehicles, faction concepts, make monthly charts about guns and drug usage and so on and so forth, all activities that bring almost nothing in terms of roleplay in-game and drain the fun out of the game. On the note of communication, it's not like the staff is above having issues in clearly communication what they exactly want or in finding a compromise. They're perhaps the first offenders in being more interested in robotically enforcing rules as opposed to actively encourage roleplay, bureaucracy be damned. Since I've already highlighted enough problematic staff members, feel free to reach out to me if you want me to elaborate on this. That's because the staff created a server culture that sees the establishment of rules as a magic cure to all issues, so players have bought into the idea that adding more and more rules will deter troublemakers from making trouble. But even though a speed limit sign can tell you you're not supposed to go over 50 mph, it's not going to stop you from hitting 200 mph. Make the staff as reactive force instead of a proactive one. You can't possibly cover every single rule breaking situation that happens and if you try, you end up exactly in the situation you guys are now, burned out and stretched thin. Why on God's green Earth do players have to ask for an admin's permission to skip a car crash by mutual consent? In regards to the community wanting the rules being enforced more harshly, the problem is not the harshness, but rather the absolutely flippant way in which they're enforced by different admins. For a server that preaches a lot about standards, the staff seems to have none in regards to the enforcement rules, with repeated rulebreakers being given warnings after warnings while first-time offenders go straight to the ban can. Maybe adding rules about it will fix the problem.
  4. Yes, we've had the time of our life over here.
  5. Well, well, well, if it isn't the consequences of your own actions. As much as the staff are regular players like everyone else wanting, to roleplay, with lives of their own, etc., they brought this upon themselves. They painted themselves into this corner by adding pointless rules upon pointless rules for years on end in an attempt to enforce "standards", "quality" or whatever the favorite buzzword was at the moment, only to realize they didn't have enough manpower or time to possibly enforce them all until when it was too late. Every time a prospective admin joined the staff and called for more regulation instead of less, they contributed to increase the workload for themselves and all their fellow staff members. Maybe if admins were spending less time on the forums reviewing a 500 words application to decide whether someone has the correct background for a single-story house in Mirror Park or were less busy denying players from owning a golf cart because they didn't articulate correctly the need for it on the UCP, they'd be able to facilitate things IG and find time to roleplay themselves. You are all just prisoners, here, of your own device.
  6. Threatening the server by standing in a safezone.
  7. Talk about missing the forest for the trees. @L I C E's post referred to the fact that people in the Senate feel the need to use real-life issues to create roleplay within the political environment, which is a continuity problem and the symptom of a deeply-rooted disease, not an illness in itself. Generally speaking, the less political roleplayers use real-life issues in their roleplay, the better it is, because relying on in-game occurrences allows for far more interaction with the rest of the server instead of making the political scene a self-contained clique and allows the continuity team to build lore around these events. The problem is that the Senate isn't equipped to roleplay around in-game occurrences at all. The in-game universe is a nearly endless source of issues that could be tackled or discussed by the Senate, if the Senate could in any way, shape or form create a tangible in-character impact with its actions. But prison inspections are put on hold because they mess with the interests of the LSSD, RICO-style laws can't be passed because taking down criminal organizations allegedly destroys illegal factions, gun laws can't be changed because the LSPD doesn't want to disband its firearms division, appropriations bills must be passed by default and any bill that doesn't please the administration will be sunk through OOC methods — in short, the Senate is useless. save for the occasional fix of this or that code, and it's not like those portraying Senators have much else to do other than riding off the headline of yesterday's Washington Post to try and give themselves a reason to keep existing. Stripping the Senate of its main purposes (legislating and acting as a watchdog) and then asking them to build political roleplay is like removing LSPD' law enforcement powers and then expect them to create police roleplay. Which begs the question: since it's been proven time and again that the server administration will never allow players to legislate to their heart's content (and with good reason, given the stakes at hand), why did the staff decide to once more establish a State Senate with the same exact issues after the catastrophic experiences in other communities? It's especially mystifying when, as @peasoup pointed out very well in his post, on one hand you have Norteño concepts banned because they don't belong in the server's SoCal-inspired continuity and on the other you have a Senate that portrays San Andreas as a Republican stronghold, something which California hasn't been for thirty years and when the general, in-character political climate seems to be that of a gun-loving, left-leaning, socialist-libertarian State. You people need to get your act together if you don't want to look like indecisive at best and hypocritical at worst. If you want working IC politics that can't bite OOC, you might as well drop the pretense and just make them exactly that, lest you deceive people into thinking they can actually change IC aspects of the universe through IC means. The server can do that by reverting to its local government system. For one, people signing up for it would be fully aware that they can't influence other factions and that they would roleplay a politician for the sake of roleplaying a politician, not advancing any IC/OOC agenda through legislation. Then they would be forced by their very nature of the local government they're part of to focus on local issues, instead of chasing after state- and federal-level matters. Additionally, they wouldn't have to justify their lack of legislative tools by making up reasons on why they can't fix an unconstitutional gun ban. Finally, a 10-people City Council / Board of County Supervisors is a lot less immersion-breaking than a 10-people State Senate (and you don't have to resort to preposterous tricks like filling the missing Senate seats with NPCs for "realism") and the continuity team specifically state(d) that the area the server is set in is only a part of San Andreas, namely Los Santos and its surrounding areas. In this scenario, the State Senate can survive as an entity staffed by LFM, with new laws being merely signed by the Governor after being drafted by LFM itself. City councilmen / county supervisors can still influence new laws by speaking with the relative LFM handlers and suggesting bills. But it's no secret that a lot of bills, especially the most controversial ones, have always been nothing more than a weeks-long out-of-character push-and-pull between the many stakeholders with little to no actual roleplay. Of course the system won't be perfect. You still need people who have a vague idea of how the political landscape works in the United States and accidents can happen, like with everything else. But if the change brings more roleplay, especially IG, while reducing the amount spent lobbying for something through out-of-character channels, where's the harm? Or do you prefer to keep micromanaging political roleplay forever?
  8. If it is still is like it always was, and there seems to be no reason to believe it has changed, the Senate is known as a purposeless entity that exists for the sole sake of existing thanks to the various FMs, LFMs or whoever else pulls the strings in obscure Discord channels sidestepping any meaningful decisions the Senators take IC and stonewalling them OOC. Since that tends to happen a lot, it's not very surprising to see people taking the easy way out and copy whatever it's the hot button issue in the real world at the moment and apply it to San Andreas in an attempt to remain relevant. For IC things to be discussed, the Senate must have an IC power.
  9. Alright, Chief Benavides, since I've realized only later that you were one of the few people to reach out to help in the days of old, regardless of whether it was out of genuine altruism, pity or more nefarious motives, I'll return the courtesy and provide you with an actual reply as well. The fact that I genuinely do not care about your opinion, Bospy's or anyone else's still stands, since I'm not really here nor I plan to be anytime soon. But all I wanted to do was sit in the most remote corner of the server and pretend to patrol a couple hours a day while staying as far as possible from all the OOC politicking, and thanks to those of your ilk that's now considered a threat of the server. You'll excuse me if I don't feel the need to waste my time with pleasantries or pretend that I appreciate what your leadership has done to the server. Perhaps if you focused less on the manner and more on the substance, you and others may see what the point is, fix the problems and make the whole place better for whoever still feels like playing. Not really in the mood to play semantics but an original piece is, by definition, something that was created without copying or imitating. By simply taking real-life procedures, appearance, jargon, customs of an existing organization and adjusting them to the setting of GTA:W, you're doing an adaptation at best, but certainly not something original. The over-reliance on established real life counterparts is a lazy exercise for unimaginative minds and incentives players to not take risks and be creative, encouraging them to do what (allegedly) is realistic and content themselves with what it's been done to death already. Your choice between two opposite extremes, the uber-realistic LSSD with its 1:1 scale model of LASD and the cartoonish SASD with its patrol cars straight out of a Looney Tunes skit perfectly sums up what I meant when I said that you don't seem interested in bridging gaps at all. You all seem to think in binaries. This "if you're not with us, then you're against us" mentality, along with the constant casual maligning of people who dare to criticize your faction or any aspect of your roleplay they don't agree with, is one of the aspects that make the LSSD seem cultish and make it an absolute blemish on the community (which stoops pretty low by itself already). Leaving aside the fact that SAHP would be preferable to the LSSD, if anything for the novelty factor, do you truly believe that a, say, San Andreas State Police with officers in khaki uniforms and smokey hats that drive white patrol cars, with procedures inspired by real-life ones and its own original customs would be so out of place with the server to the point of being unrealistic and breaking your immersion? Before answering, take a look at this: another elitist and I made up a law enforcement agency revolving around water completely from scratch, inspiring ourselves to real-life California agencies but purposefully peppering our roleplay with outright fictional terms and procedures for the sole purpose of proving that you can have fun, involve the community and be realistic without necessarily copy-pasting entire manuals and basing yourself on a single organization. You know who was our #1 fan? If someone wants to RP a CO or if he wants to portray a law enforcement official working outside of the city, his only chance is the LSSD. If he doesn't agree with the faction's mindset, you're already cutting that person out a chunk of RP on which the LSSD holds a monopoly. As for the second part of your post, ask yourself where did the obsession with realism came from? How did it take hold the server as a whole? Jonesy, Bospy and lambchops (and probably someone else too, but I can't be bothered to go look them all up) all have held positions in FM/LFM at the same time they were part of the leadership or had leadership-adjacent roles in the LSSD and with their positions they could influence many decisions concerning the entire server. It's no secret that these people hold a very specific view about the server's setting and how San Andreas should mirror California to the maximum extent possible, as proven by the direction the LSSD had under their guide, so yes, the LSSD was indirectly forcing its own standards down everyone else's throat. It's your paragraph that doesn't make much sense, since it seems to be a mish-mash of accusations that have been flung at me far too many times in the past for me not to recognize them, especially in the part where you once again go binary thinking between "realism" and "fun", as if the two things couldn't be reconciled without forcing everyone to march in lockstep. The LSSD does an excellent job at portraying its counterpart properly and it's a monument to what a dedicated group of people can do if they set out to achieve something. Don't mistake my contempt for the leadership's methods with a contempt for their dedication or ability: they all possess good administrative and organizational skills but they suffer from chronic backstabbing disorder, standards enforcement syndrome and a compulsive need to talk down anyone who doesn't align with their ideas on what roleplay should be (and, again, the whole scenario that spawned this topic is great evidence for that). It'd be much better if their skills weren't all employed for the wrong cause, which is the enforcement of their particular brand of "realism" across the board with no room for things that haven't been reported by an LASD bulletin. Because not everything can be "realistic" since reality itself is not realistic and it's a common mistake in entertainment to assume something to be "unrealistic" simply because it doesn't align with what we're used to in our daily life or what we're expecting to see. The LSSD and a lot of its members seem to be particularly prone to fall victim to this since they put far too much trust in "sources" instead of their own creativity, with the result being they end up doing the very things the LSSD was allegedly born to combat: engaging in the pretentious attitude of LSRP's LSPD and policing the server by telling people what they're doing is "wrong", "unrealistic", "low quality" and so on and so forth. And why is it that it was the LSSD specifically had to be expanded? Why could not a new faction, like the SAHP, or a new form of State-level law enforcement agency, or multiple smaller agencies dislocated across the map take over the additional police duties? If anything to shake things up, to make it so you all don't keep playing in the same eternal 2017 LSRP with updated graphics and a shovel script to make up for the lack of original concepts. It's all so tiresome. It'd be very cheap shot to make a joke about you've been roleplaying California so long you've probably started to acquire its less savory perks such as its literacy rate, but I'm going to give you a honest answer instead. It's not that you can't, it's that you're having a hard time doing it because the truth that emerges from those post is a rather uncomfortable one and you'd rather not admit it. I don't doubt for a single moment that the large majority of LSSD players fundamentally are good-hearted people who get high off their own hype of belonging to something elite and galvanized by a propaganda machine, but if you don't change your ways, it will be your faction's, and your leadership's, downfall. Foran is much more relevant to your current situation than you might think. For all his faults, the law enforcement scene would've been very different if it wasn't for him and, ironically, the LSSD is the one faction that owes him the most, as the man took the first steps towards realism by shaping the LSPD after the LAPD when the trend was to pursue British policing standards. Without him you all would probably be portraying an Americanized version of the West Midlands Police. And nothing better than the story of Foran and his fall from grace could exemplify what I talked about in both my original post and in this reply. Foran was considered a great roleplayer until the standards began to change and the community who had his back until the week before started calling for his removal. But standards aren't set in stone and the community's mood changes often and without warning. Though it certainly would be a very sobering wake-up call, I do not wish to see Wildcat follow down the same route, whether you believe it or not. Let us have peace.
  10. You cannot build bridges with people who run a demolition company. The LSSD and its leadership are by far the greatest tragedy to have struck this community. The insistence on enforcing pointless rules under the guise of providing balance, the constant reminding to their members of their alleged superiority compared to the rest of the server, the absolutely ludicrous double standards when it comes to realism and other aspects of the game, their dishonesty in regards to the jail/prison system used as a gateway to establish a second law enforcement faction and the targeting of players who don't share their mindset are just a small number of the laundry list of offences committed by (most of) the current leadership. They have no interest in bridging gaps and having peace because they thrive off (D)iscord and chaos, since a divided community is easier to manipulate. They have no interest in being understanding or finding a compromise, because that would undermine the foundations of what they've built, a cult which leaves little room for dissent. They have no interest in moving forward because they're stuck in an eternal 2017, and not in a nostalgic way. It's the year of the Sheriff's Department and it always will be, forever. GTA:W could've been a great opportunity to branch out, to explore a new concept, a Highway Patrol or even a well-done, investigation-focused BOI, but thanks to the duplicity and the uninspired spirits of this group of people who believe themselves to be sole holders of the truth in matters of roleplay quality, the community has once more slumped back into the same dichotomy of LSPD/LSSD and the implementation of the same tried California tropes (but only when it suits them), a show that's been doing re-runs for almost a decade uninterrupted. Creating a successful marketing campaign around the «providing quality police roleplay» mantra is the one, single thing these people have come up with. Everything else is an outright rip-off that rejects all accusations of lacking originality with the trite excuse that "it's realistic" and therefore above all kinds of criticisms. And since they couldn't come up with something innovative, they forced the entire server to play by the delusion they call reality, but that really is a collection of L.A. Times headlines and 60 minutes reports about the Lynwood Vikings. Now of course this may seem undesirable, unwarranted, undeserved and if these people were more open to views different from theirs there might be a way to find an agreement, a settlement of sorts. As someone who saw Wildcat turn from a benevolent faction leader into the authoritarian tyrant of a religious sect that worships the LASD MPP, there is nothing that I wish more than rolling the system back to a different time and place, where people played the game instead of taking part in some futile realism contests. Unfortunately, he and his cohorts are too drunk on power, too far gone believing their own hype to realize their methods only sow more division within the community, and you don't really have to look further than the whole debacle that originated this thread for evidence of what the purity spiraling on behalf of these people led to: there is no honor among thieves, and the guy who thinks he's a better roleplayer than you is right behind the corner. I was at the side of this new Caesar named Wildcat as his Legate when he complained about Foran and his gang of M4-toting Chiefs, who ruled the rooster and bullied SADOC, strong of the support of his faction and of an LFM who cared about everything except roleplay. Now that Wildcat and his praetorians are the ones calling LFM to shut LSDA investigators down for interfering with his faction, it should perhaps be a good idea to remember what happened to Foran once his popular support ran out and LFM turned on him. Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before the fall.
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