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  1. Just make it a faction or business, FM will impose certain guidelines on it to ensure there isn’t gang shootings 24/7 or pedos
  2. The port authority supplies Noah with bees
  3. Username: Hank Preston Comment: I love this place, I go there whenever it’s open, best fried chicken in the state.
  4. Username: The Batman 2022 Comment: Edward Nygma?
  5. If Property Management is allowed to vet characters OOCly before giving them a property, players are allowed to as well. If I intend to sell a highly valued piece of property such as an MP Home or county property, I'd rather it go to a character with the most fitting background and portrayal.
  6. Container Ship Fire - 3/30/2022 Office of The Director of Port Authority Monday, the 28th of March, The San Andreas Port Authority and Los Santos Fire Department received a mayday distress signal at approximately 19:30 from the Daisy-Lee, a Capesize-Size Bulk Freighter which was inbound from the Port of Gioia Tauro (Italy), reporting that a wide-scale fire had broken out aboard the ship. CBRN Units and Hazmat Teams of the Port Authority and Fire Department were dispatched and arrived on scene within minutes before docking occurred. The Daisy-Lee was observed to have been engulfed in flames at the bow and mid center regions of the ship, quickly spreading towards the astern section as evacuations of the crew occurred. The Port of Los Santos was put into full-scale lockdown as the situation unfolded. As of this release, only two crew members of the Daisy-Lee suffered casualties, both critically injured with third degree burns and respiratory issues. Both victims were transported to PHMC and remain in their care currently. Members of the Fire Department bravely fought and suppressed the fire, allowing for Port CBRN Units and and FD Hazmat teams to board the vessel and search for any remaining passengers, none were found. Investigation ensued and the cause of the fire has been determined to be the improper care and handling of UN/NA 2029 Hydrazine, a flammable, poisonous and corrosive chemical agent. (Emily Khan pictured center left, Michael Baker center right) After the ship had been deemed secured by Fire and Port personnel, Director Preston of the Port Authority had personally congratulated scene commanders Engineer Emily Khan of the Fire Department and Safety Superintendent Michael Baker of the Port Authority for their efforts demonstrated that evening. The San Andreas Port Authority has seized the vessel and its remaining cargo for processing by insurance investigators and Customs Officers. The Bureau of Safety had conducted further inspections, deeming the vessel un-seaworthy for future ocean travels. The estimated losses, including the value and contents of the vessel equates to a near total of $300,000,000 (three hundred million dollars). Which Director Preston has stated is "A devastating blow to our local and national economy." Director Preston and Governor Brandt have remained in contact with the company that owns and operates the Daisy-Lee to negotiate a cost effective and environmentally friendly cleanup project to demolish and discard of the vessel. A deal has yet to be reached between both parties, but talks have suggested that the Port Authority will contract and help co-pay a ship breaking operation via public contract to break-down and dispose of the ship while it remains stationed at the Port of Los Santos. Further details will be announced via the state government's website by the Port Authority. **Comments would be enabled and heavily moderated. Threats, profanity or racial slurs would be automatically filtered out or removed by government moderators. The same would apply to offensive usernames.**
  7. As the leader of SAPA I have plans to speak with FM before the end of the month to start some sort of rework on corruption and illegal schemes. I’d like to see more factions trying to infiltrate our labor forces and potentially bribe customs officers to turn a blind eye. The system I’ve devised so far will aim to keep things fair for both sides, and teach illegal RPers how to commit shipping fraud and create reasonable cover businesses
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