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  1. Niche characters are great. I’ve seen people dedicated to roleplaying as servants/butlers, blue collar workers and other roles that don’t really thrive in the GTAW environment. If people legitimately think you’re trying to troll, perhaps you may need to revise your approach with your character but it’s not an excuse to refuse to roleplay with you. You’ll find stubborn individuals rooted throughout the community who might do this, but those people aren’t worth convincing if they won’t give you a chance. The way Keane put it is perfect.
  2. There are already some IC plans to restrict gambling, such as a possible commission, taxes, betting limits and classifying types of establishments which gambling is permitted in. This is being worked on by myself and a couple members of the City Council.
  3. Username: FakeNews Detector™️ Comment: “official government sources reported just over 54,000 traffic accidents and announced 236 fatalities” Source?
  4. PRINT NAME & TITLE: Oswald Halford, Candidate for Mayor of Los Santos. SIGNATURE: SIGNING DATE: 10/02/2020 COMMENT: This pledge is something that should be officially integrated into the oath that elected representatives swear by when entering office. I fully stand behind it.
  5. Username: 1984 Comment: Don’t suppose you read their public manifesto lol.
  6. Los Santos Republican Party LSGOP condemns Orosco amid Domestic Abuse Allegations 9/22/2020 We unequivocally condemn the heinous acts outlined in the recent expose by LSNN wherein Mr. Richard Orosco terrorized and physically abused Ms. Dianna Pierce. The LSGOP is a staunch advocate of the rights of women of all ages, races, and creeds to live their lives free from the harrows of domestic violence and their right to be believed when they have the bravery to come forward with their story. Let’s be overwhelmingly clear here: W
  7. Username: TeamGOPOfficial Comment: Mr. Halford was asked what the traditional conception of marriage has been until relatively recently historically. He answered that in the past that conception was between the binaristic man/woman dichotomy. At the current time Mr. Halford affirms all rights and privileges be equal between gay and straight Americans. Any attempt to further twist his words feeds into the growing body of evidence that the Democrats are uninterested in arguing policy and therefore have to rely upon base and petty political theater and virtue signalli
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