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  1. "We did, our souls were connected for only a brief moment in time. Release date? Nothing concrete, but I'm hoping to have it finished in a month or two's time. Been wrapped up in other responsibilities."
  2. “Great so far! Things are moving along as they should be. Really excited to be working with a more fleshed out cast, instead of forcing you to dress as every character. I’m really excited for this, so is everyone else involved.”
  3. **MaxWayne’s video feed shows up eventually. He’s on a mobile phone.** “Is this o- oh there we go. I see myself now. What’s up folks? Tim Wayne, aka Max Wayne, aka The Payne In The Butt.”
  4. Username: ChristianWestonChandler_TheOriginalCreatorOFSonichuTheElectricHedgehogPokemon Comment: Why is this on tor? fight clubs aren't illegal in LS.
  5. That’s sort of how we do things. We have a handful of supervisors who post shifts usually a day or so in advance. We’re always looking for supervisors in varying time zones especially to cover all hours of the day. They’re free to do sporadic and last minute shifts if they see truckers around, I encourage them to ‘camp’ supply points around the port so they can catch up with truckers. We’ve had workers load trucks before, it’s a great interaction.
  6. We already have a contract with the Sheriff’s Department to substitute as port police, as we require LEOs to fill the role of port police and customs officials, something citizens can’t legally do as a private company. Fortunately this is the only contract that’s been given to another gov entity. As you suggested, we’re looking to hand out contracts to more private entities to incentivize that competitive roleplay. As for shifts and letting workers roleplay around the port. We’ve been operating on shifts to keep track of work hours, which determines a longshoreman’s weekly pay. We
  7. I'm looking into getting some sort of substitute going with the Sheriff's Department. May or may not work out, depending on the interest. It'd definitely be slow and repetitive, but then again no one actually smuggles anything through the port unless it's pre-planned roleplay.
  8. The San Andreas Port Authority currently exists and bolsters a high number of active workers. We run around 4-5 shifts regularly a week with over 10-15 workers at each shift. I'm the current Port Authority Director on my character Hank Preston, in case you want to reach out ICly at all (this would be public knowledge from an IC standpoint). To address the point of law enforcement or port police, FM is currently not interested in creating any more LEO factions, so we have an agreement with the Sheriff's Department who actively patrol the port and substitute as port police. We love i
  9. * Name: Timothy Wayne * Phone number: 7238-7698 * Email: [email protected] Comment: Couple interested in a viewing session. Stable income and no negative records.
  10. Username: BruceWayneBillionaire Comment: Cool I see myself
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