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  1. Username: Rhino Lupertazzi Comment: She wants to prosecute him?
  2. Username: Rhino Lupertazzi Comment: I'll crack her good. I'll ask for a month-long medical leave.
  3. Follow us on social media... https://face.gta.world/pages/DVSSHERIFF
  4. transcended the universes...will he be on both sides of the bars this time ?
  5. It was the most fun I've had on the server in months. A lot of planning went into the LSSD response to this and all of us enjoyed the event thoroughly. While something of that caliber may not have happened literally in real life, as previously said, an entire neighborhood in Seattle (including the Police Station) was taken over for weeks during the summer protests last year. What happened here isn't too far of a fetch.
  6. Name: Raymond Valdez Phone: 7314165 Bid: Buyout ($350,000)
  7. Just to be a bit more specific with this one, none of the /equipment XYZ commands to give you a different duty pistol work.
  8. Coming as someone who dealt the juvenile "this is MY sand castle" politics on LSRP, it is genuinely a breath of fresh air to see how different it is here. Anyone who suggests the LSSD be confined to the "County" (which is a disingenuous term in itself; the county includes rural and urban areas) have a very limited concept of how local government works in the United States and probably have no business making impactful decisions involving those concepts.
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