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  1. The issue with the current compromise is nobody adheres to it, period. I still see applications referencing Liberty City, people mention LC all the time in game. It's honestly too much work to try and correct people on this fairly minor point. Meanwhile, we also tell people that San Andreas is NOT California, and California history/laws don't apply, which as it has already been mentioned, screws up more stuff than you might expect, especially in the legal department. Honestly, I think the most simple approach at this point would be say SA Replaces CA, and adopts all California laws and history up to the establishment of GTAW (2017), any laws not directly conflicting with legislation established ICly on GTAW should revert to California law because we can't possibly make enough laws to cover it all, and any other city famously represented in GTA Lore (not exclusively HD) should go by it's GTA name. This would end the confusion in both the legal sense, and the lore sense.
  2. We had this system on an old server, it was a nightmare and (while being an excellent source of revenue for the server owner) it created a property crisis like no other before it. Players would donate the required amount to protect their property, log in every couple of weeks/months to renew their protection, and that was it. It withheld some of the best and most usable properties on the server from players whom were actually active. This would wreck the property market and make it near impossible for active players acquire most properties of significant value, because they will likely be protected by their inactive owner who “might come back next year”. Massive no.
  3. As someone who roleplays a Doctor in game (ED Physician), OOC knowledge does unfortunately play a role in it. However, it isn't everything. I'd argue a bigger part of being a quality Doctor of any kind is being able to roleplay the more personal aspects of the character, how they speak, and behave, and what effect being in their field, whatever it is, has had on them. If you ever have any questions about portraying a Medical Doctor (MD/DO), feel free to reach out to me and ask me questions.
  4. Yeah, both of those populations are massively overrepresented, but that stems from the age old fact that a solid chunk of players come here because it is by far the most dynamic cop/criminal game out there. Not so much because they want to roleplay the life of an office worker or sanitation engineer, for that reason I salute anyone who chooses those less popular and less action packed professions who breath life into this server and remind us that there is more to it than cops and robbers.
  5. Agitators have been a massive issue at protests IRL and I’ve seen them myself. Edit: Initially read that as “unrealistic”
  6. Completely disagree with the sentiment expressed in the first post on this topic. Riots resulting from police action have actually been fairly common the past couple of years here in the US, even in my area we have had police stations and even unrelated public safety institutions like fire stations and ambulance providers attacked. The people here complaining that we never have a truly peaceful protest are literally expressing -the exact- same complaint so many people have about these events IRL. None of what has happened is unrealistic, not every day is going to be a good day for any faction and the LEO factions are no exception. It’s my understanding though a lot of cops enjoyed responding though, something a little different. The fact MRS got attacked is 100% realistic (Hell, in Seattle a station got completely taken over and occupied) and LSPD has multiple stations, so even if they wanted to roleplay losing MRS temporarily, that’s doable. That isn’t the case however, they can roleplay having a smashed up lobby for awhile. Point is, what happened with protests evolving to riots is realistic, what happened to MRS is realistic. This post really comes across poorly and sends the message that “We don’t like to lose”, when other factions, like the illegal ones, lose every day at the expense of LSPD and LSSD. The LEOs can take one for the team this time around and take the loss at the expense of others in the community.
  7. Well, yes and no. Law enforcement agencies (and all public safety agencies) have specific zones for which they are primarily responsible and must ensure adequate coverage. So following that practice LSSDs primary responsibility would be providing coverage to areas not serviced by another agency (LSPD, SAPR), and secondary to that, assisting in other zones when said assistance is required. I was in LSSD, I have no issue with them being in city, but speaking purely from principal, in theory if 3 Deputies are on patrol late at night and let's say, 5 LSPD. At least two of those deputies should be covering the county.
  8. Short description: Change the servers timezone to match that of California. GMT -8 Detailed description: See above. Commands to add: None. Items to add: None. How would your suggestion improve the server? First of all I apologize if this has been suggested, I couldn't find any topics on it. However, I can't help but notice that one every server I've ever played on, the hours where we have the most activity are often late night hours, most activities are scheduled for late night, including business affairs and meetings. But the early morning and daylight hours are some of the least active hours on the server. This creates an odd dynamic where many of us literally never see the light of day (in game). Wouldn't it make more sense for the niche hours to be the middle of the night and the active ones during the day? Well, living in California myself I've always noticed that the server is always most active between some of the most sensible daylight hours for us (8am-6pm roughly). If we pulled the clock back to match California, players would no longer have to schudule their meetings for 10pm and instead they could now give a far more reasonable 3 o'clock in the afternoon! The server would begin to wind down as it gets dark outside, and fittingly, these would be the more niche hours for many. As is already largely reflected on the server. Later, as the sun begins to rise once more, the playerbase grows. Additional information: None, I understand this may be controversial. This isn't really a hill worth dying on per sae, it's just something I've noticed as odd for awhile now and I think it'd be nice if we actually got to see a nice bright lively city and country side for a change.
  9. I think this severely underplays the role of dispatchers. I could absolutely see some people roleplaying as 911 dispatchers if they were given the option. Especially if it was script supported, if they are on duty rather than doing the traditional system it forwards you to a real player dispatch. Dispatch isn't only responsible for picking up the phone and forwarding it. They're responsible to keeping tabs on the entire 911 system, police, ems, fire, the whole bunch. They make sure calls are getting answered, no matter if they're "good calls" or not. They keep tabs on units and make sure everyone is secure on scene, and they coordinate with field supervisors to make sure units are actually doing what they're supposed to. The gameplay potential is 100%, just rather than it being a boots on the ground first person experience like patrol, it's more of a grand overview, strategy and management experience. I'd consider doing it if I had more time. EDIT: If they added a good script CAD too where they could track units and assign calls, that would make being a dispatcher 10/10.
  10. This. Dispatchers can sometimes get a little extra. But often the descriptions they get are still extremely limited. I work in EMS and we'll get calls that come out with descriptions like "LEG PAIN" (super descriptive) or "WEAK", or you may even get nothing at all just "UNKNOWN PROBLEM". Even with a dispatcher on the line, people are still terrible at answering questions or providing a decent description. EDIT: And we get multiple BS calls a day where we can't even find the patient at the location provided.
  11. Also, as someone who was one of the original jail deputies when SD first opened. We actually did use to mix the females and males, and received complaints from both sides claiming it was hindering their roleplay. Males felt it was highly unrealistic and it affected their politics because we literally had a female "car" in the jail that nobody could really touch because beating up on women tends to be frowned upon by most of those gangs. Females complained about constant sexual harrassment. So we seperated them.
  12. I think the primary divide between legal and illegal roleplayers comes from an inherent conflict of interests between the two groups. While, at times, their interests overlap and the two groups can benefit one another. For example a "legal" business owner can open a business which provides a place for everyone to roleplay, legal and illegal alike. However, these interests also have a tendency to diverge when it comes time to do exactly what it is that makes illegal roleplay, illegal, commit some crimes and make some victims, and this is exactly where we start to see conflict between the two groups. Most legal roleplayers don't want to constantly be made victims, it's well known that the per capita crime rate on GTA roleplay servers, all of them, is through the roof and well beyond what occurs in the real world, even in high-crime areas (I work in one). Legal roleplayers come here seeking an experience that is primarily centered around friendly and/or romantic social interaction with maybe an extra little project on the side like running a business or working in some other industry like healthcare or public works. They tend to align themselves in a "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" sort of alliance with their cousins, the LEO roleplayers, most of whom come here seeking nothing more than the most in-depth and dynamic law enforcement experience you can find in gaming. Illegal roleplayers though, they're on the other side of the spectrum from those legal roleplayers, these are your guys and gals looking to live out all their favorite criminal themed movies and TV shows, or at the very least recreate something they saw in a documentary or read about online. Like I said above, criminals are humans too and sometimes their interests will align perfectly with the rest, they want a social experience too, it's part of roleplay. However, many of them also want action, they want to take center stage and make big moves and a lot of the time that means robbing people who OOCly (you can never escape OOC motives) don't want to be robbed, killing people who OOCly don't want to be killed, and forcing people who don't want to roleplay injuries, to roleplay injuries. They have to ruin someones day. Basically, everyone comes here seeking a different experience and people are extremely self-centered. Most people come here with at least a loose plan in their head of how they want things to turn out, when things don't turn out that way, they get frustrated. Legal roleplayers hate being victims all the time, LEO (many of them) roleplayers acting on behalf of the legal roleplayers and driven by the fact most of them treat this game as LSPD:FR dymanic edition are inclined to catch criminals who don't want to be caught, and ruin factions who don't want to be ruined. It's a conflict built into the very fabric of GTA Roleplay and it will never be resolved in its entirety because GTA Roleplay seeks to cater to different groups seeking different experiences.
  13. 1968-1969. Complete with a script that randomly drafts male characters into the Vietnam war, 25% chance of a character kill while the character is off at war.
  14. I'll give my input here as someone who works in the 911 system in California. The biggest factors in the short response times on GTAW are the size of the map (it doesn't even take 10 minutes to go from Paleto Bay to South LS) and the lack of realistic traffic. The biggest thing that slows me down IRL, even if I'm just going a couple of blocks code 3 (lights and sirens) is traffic. We can't just gun it through the streets, we have to drive in a manner that is safe, and really all the lights and sirens are good for is stopping traffic at intersections so we can pass. Most calls for law enforcement are not dispatched as code 3 IRL. The vast majority of law enforcement responses are code 2 (cold response, no lights and sirens). So they drive to the scene like anyone else would, getting held up in traffic or at red lights. The reason being, in real life we only use lights and sirens in the event that "life or limb (or property in the case of Fire and LEO)" is under threat. If you're calling to report something that already happened and the dispatcher can confirm there is no active threat to life, limb, or property, law enforcement get sent out code 2, and it generally takes them like 15-20 minutes to get there with normal traffic in urban areas. However, if something critical is happening and it gets dispatched as code 3, the dispatcher will assign the call to the closest units and they will (optimally) be on scene in only a couple of minutes. A lot of these things aren't a factor on GTAW though. There isn't any active dispatcher who is assigning units or managing who goes code 2 or code 3. There is hardly any traffic compared to the real world (especially LA). It is also important to factor in that the police officer to civilian ratio on GTAW (as well as all roleplay servers) is absurdly high compared to real life. Meaning more units are available around the city and thus, you have much shorter response times. EDIT: I'll also add that I don't think the issue here is really the speed of responses, that's something you'll never fix. The real issue here is the level of response. Cops on GTAW have a lot of freedom when it comes to posting themselves where they think they'll find action and responding to calls they think will be interesting. People get bored sitting around and they want action. So when it's been an hour or two since the last hot call dropped and someone calls in a car break-in, everyone goes "FINALLY" and slaps those lights and sirens on and runs hot to the call. Resulting in something to the effect of seven patrol cars running code 3 plus a helicopter and a supervisor all showing up in less than fourty-five seconds. You could solve that by having a dispatcher who, when they're on duty, along with the supervisors, see the 911 calls pop up (calls are hidden from non-supervisors when dispatch is online) and they assign the calls to appropriate units. Thus preventing the overwhelming response on certain calls.
  15. It's difficult to perform an accurate risk-benefit analysis based on a single forum post. But I do think it is important to remind people that while, yes, having a game you enjoy, something that helps you relax and unwind is great. All things in moderation. I have seen people lose themselves a little too much in their roleplay, to the point where they become extremely sedentary and they ignore real life responsibilities. It is an unfortunate side-effect of playing excessively. So basically I just wanted to remind this player that while it's great they're finding some solace from their drug addiction and other issues. That they please do not forget to take care of their real body and mind, and that they try and take steps, even if its only little tiny steps every day or every other day (just some routine basis) towards pulling themselves out of this dark place they are in. To a point where they can be happy and fulfilled in the real world.
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