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  1. Personally, in recent months I have had nothing but positive interactions with the Sheriff's Department and its leadership. I was pretty disappointed to see you guys get replaced, but overjoyed to see you restored. There is always room for improvement in all of our factions, but I do genuienly believe that Wildcat and the current administration has what it takes to take the SD into the future. EDIT: Also, standalone dispatcher spots when.
  2. Sure, but that is totally unenforceable on your end. And it still fails to model all the medical complications these people would experience as a result of not receiving actual care. Not even every actual hospital is equipped to handle gunshot wounds, the idea that you can in any safe manner replace the role of those surgeons in someone’s backyard is mostly food for Hollywood. Underground medical practice is a thing, but more often than not something goes wrong and the person ends up needing to seek actual medical care somewhere down the road.
  3. This so many times over. All these “ghetto doctors” and “garage surgeons” don’t realize there is a lot more to treating a gunshot wound or any other type of penetrating trauma than just stitching it up. Any internal organs that the bullet punctures can suffer permanent damage and you might need a lot of long term care, I’ve met a good few former gang bangers in the real world who now go to dialysis and wear colostomy bags because they got shot 10 years ago. These types of injuries also carry with them a high risk of infection, especially when you get surgical procedures done in a non-sterile environment like someone’s barn. Ghetto doctors being even close to a worth while replacement for real doctors is pure fiction and unless people are going to roleplay the extremely high risk of infection or other complications their portrayal is borderline powergame, which anyone who is advocating how a higher standard of roleplay should be against.
  4. Some screenshots taken by various faction members that were originally posted in our discord. 🙂
  5. My suggestion is to have dedicated dispatchers in both LSPD and LSSD who work to assign units to incidents and coordinate handling the 911 system, calling back RPs and such. Otherwise, beyond that response times don't need to be perfect. Just about every time I have had to request law enforcement resources in real life it took them 45+ minutes to show up unless it was a life threatening emergency. Having some delay is realistic.
  6. There's way more than enough LEOs, the server literally has hundreds of them. This is not a field of roleplay under any imminent danger of collapse.
  7. The market will re-balance itself eventually. I think we've established that allowing total free reign or absolutely insane resale prices isn't going to solve it. If the mentality if going to be "nobody will take an L" then by that logic housing prices will only continue to increase as everyone will want to sell it for at least what they got it for, if not more. You could maybe try and work out a reimbursement system, but then again, I don't think we reimburse people who lose their houses due to going inactivity when work or school flares up, though I could be wrong on that. Either way, the current system is messed up and it needs improvement. Going full free market mode on it won't help and will only make the issue worse since we have no way of increasing supply of standalone properties in any substantial way.
  8. Agreed, we shouldn't be incentivizing people to hold onto properties. The resale price should be capped out at like 125% original market value. The free market doesn't really work here since there is no way to really combat the short supply on standalone houses, we cannot simply build new housing developments to meet demand, and therefor demand can never be met. So the best we can do is try and make the market at least somewhat of a fair playing ground with price controls in place.
  9. This is exactly why we do not do very much paperwork at all in PHMC. It’s pretty much all optional except for psychiatric patients since they tend to follow-up later. The only time most of us write out charts is if we have a reason to suspect they’ll be used later on. Otherwise we don’t bother. If we were required to chart every patient, there would be no way the faction would function.
  10. Yeah I think it is super sad some of the internal struggles I hear ongoing inside SAPR. The idea of having a faction to manage the park and draw visitors is a kickass idea. It is so sad that some people are advocating to completely abolish that aspect and turn it into California Highway Patrol, as if we need a third generic patrol LEO faction.
  11. As someone who was there the day LSSD opened, the original plan was literally a jail faction with a small patrol division made up of the more senior members. If you were not part of the patrol division, the only thing you were allowed to do was jail related activities. Then they opened up some "dual role" applications for jail deputies who wanted to fill in on patrol when the jail was well staffed, and a little while after that the entire faction became patrol deputies who had to do X number of jail hours. Edit: In conclusion, yes, that is exactly what happened.
  12. My main point here is all the -real- politics are OOC. What is left over to the government to do in game is left over for a reason, it is largely inconsiquential otherwise. I'm not trying to shit on people who do political roleplay, more power to them. But it is a fact that most of the politics that actually matter on this server are out of character and they always will be. Typically whatever gets left over for IC government to handle is left over for a reason, because OOC powers have deemed that the actions would be largely inconsiquential or are consistent with the standard they are already looking to enforce OOCly. This has always been an issue with IC political roleplay long before GTAW was even a thing, on all of the servers we migrated from. The power given to those elected to IC political positions exists at the pleasure of those in OOC positions of power. The moment anything real happens that people actually seriously care about, 9/10 times OOC forces step in. Which is by design, the fact of the matter is that people are hugely invested OOCly in what happens to their characters and in the IC world. It is a game and server management needs to try their best to tailor the experience in a manner that keeps people coming back for more. Otherwise if they allow IC politicians to have too much power, they risk the IC world deviating from the experience they are trying to sell, which in turn drives players away. tl:dr - My point is, unfortunately, I have seldom heard anyone express interest in IC politics. I have never heard anyone praise or curse their senator, most people don't even know their names. However, pretty much everyone in any sort of decently sized faction cares about who is in FM and what FM is up to. Because everything that really matters for the most part gets handled OOCly by FM.
  13. To be honest I would sooner be in favor of getting rid of VC for law enforcement than expanding it to illegal RPers. Simply because voice chat already detracts from the roleplay experience in my honest opinion. I understand the purpose behind it being you can’t type and update a pursuit at the same time, but it still creates a very OOC culture in the LEO factions and people spend a lot of time talking OOC in TS rather than roleplaying with one another in game. That is just from my prior experience though.
  14. The main bottleneck on any kind of political RP is the fact that all of the real politics of the server are completely OOC. Any substantial changes need to be OK’d by FM to ensure they won’t throw something out of balance. I think that pushes a lot of people away from participating in that kind of roleplay since political roleplay is basically a paper tiger where people get fancy titles like Senator or Mayor, but they don’t have any real power.
  15. Hey guys! We were curious if the broader community could provide us some feedback based on their experiences with us, and also maybe tell us about what we could change or do that might help up improve and become more desirable to interact with or join. I'd really appreciate the feedback! A few examples of questions we'd like to see answered: What has your experience with PHMC been like? Either as a patient, or even as a former member. What kind of jobs/roles would people be interested in within the faction? If you are interested in possibly joining the faction, what barriers to entry are discouraging you? (Fearing you lack the training/knowledge, fearing the existing barriers to entry) What other ideas do you guys have that might help us improve? EDIT: Also if anything -is- interested in checking out what we have to offer, go here! https://phmc.gta.world/viewforum.php?f=106&sid=59df6d7b338e0a8daf7342fc9a3b891e
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