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  1. Still for sale, if any of the above offers are still interested, send me your phone number and i'll be in touch!
  2. If you still wish to pursue this, I am happy to sell it to you! Please let me know a contact number and I'll be in touch!
  3. I am selling my beloved Vapid CaraCara 4x4. This vehicle has served me well, and is an excelled off road vehicle, unfortunately, the time has come to sell it. It's had a decent amount of work done to it by the previous owner, on the engine, brakes, and transmission. (()) Looking to get around $80,000 for it, please let me know your offers. Thank you.
  4. i was from mtg!!!! 2012 - death liv tiddles in 1.0 will tiddles in 2.0 original names get on me
  5. From Keane on a previous page, and from reading through the thread, it appears to be acceptable to refer to New York City as Liberty City, with the name being taken as an IC slang term / nickname. Think people calling NYC "The Big Apple", Las Vegas "Sin City", Chicago "The Windy City", etc.
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