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  1. Hi, It would not be our responsibility to do so, but if the opportunity for a separate faction that could better cater to a custody / correctional environment arose we would support it fully.
  2. We are taking corrective steps. We have an anonymous survey open to the faction for an extended period of time to allow people to think and give their honest feedback. As for OOC favoritism, I'm not sure I can agree with that one. To combat this perception, we are doubling down on and enforcing activity requirements for SS/CS/ES. People who do not meet activity requirements will be reduced in rank, regardless of who they are.
  3. @Paddy would be very interested in hearing you out about Dispatchers.
  4. If there is sufficient interest in the subway from a civilian/illegal standpoint and sufficient interest in the subway from a faction standpoint, it is entirely possible.
  5. I held off on replying to you because I know who you are, but alas. While I am on good terms with all of those people, none of them are personally close with me. Besides Aces, who I spoke to following the coup, it has been weeks since I have spoken to any of the above names. Please try better. Thank you.
  6. I cannot speak for Nervous, but I can tell you that Nervous considered most of the complaints to not be worthy of removing an entire leadership team. People who sacrificed hundreds (thousands in some cases) of hours for this faction were unceremoniously demoted 5-6 ranks with no option to defend themselves. In addition, LFM received a large response from line members of the faction (and even people outside of the faction) decrying how the particular former member of staff handled the coup. It was wrong and Nervous reversed it after learning the truth.
  7. In terms of structure, things will remain the same. The 'temporary' administration proposed several unlearned, inexperienced proposals (e.g. combining Recruitment and Field Training, two units that are hard enough to run independently - much less together!) that would have not worked. The current structure is not perfect, but it functions enough to allow leeway for changes as need be.
  8. It appears that Nervous was misled by a certain former member of the administration team. Ultimately, based upon resounding feedback from members of the LSSD, the decision was reversed. That being said, we are keeping an open mind and willing to accept any feedback to make the faction better.
  9. Just to clarify - we are the previous administration. It is our opinion that corruption roleplay / corruption permission should not be commonplace nor taken for granted. If placed in the wrong hands, corruption permission could ruin the experiences of so many illegal / civilian roleplayers. Corruption permission is deemed a privilege in the Sheriff's Department and will continue to be treated as such. Should a member of the faction exhibit proficient skill in roleplaying to where we trust them with this complex matter, we are 100% supportive of proper portrayal of police corruption.
  10. Yes, the leadership team is status quo ante bellum. No one from that administration remains in leadership.
  11. Hi, Given recent events, my leadership team and I are seeking feedback from the community on where the Sheriff's Department can improve. As always, the purpose of the Sheriff's Department is to provide a quality police roleplay experience to the server above all else. We are open to any feedback and will respond to most queries. The Sheriff's Department Leadership Team: @Wildcat (Sheriff) @lambchops (Undersheriff) @chaika (Assistant Sheriff) @Lomenga (Assistant Sheriff) @Keane (Chief) @Stephen (Chief, Custody) Thank you in advance.
  12. I said most of what I wanted to say in private, but I will echo that you are an inspiration to me and an inspiration to everyone. You were so impactful on everyone you met and we will all miss you desperately. Til we meet again, buddy.

  13. Username: The Car Comment: If the Sheriff's Department is corrupt, WHERE ARE THE INDICTMENTS?! Get a grip!!
  14. The policy of the Sheriff's Department is to roleplay every scene to its fullest extent. We ask our faction members to avoid cutting corners or rushing scenes. If this means we miss one, two, three, four, or however many calls? That's fine, so long as we provided a fun, enjoyable and realistic experience to that one scene. At times, this server gets too hectic for us to manage. We aren't out of character police - we aren't supposed to stop criminals. We're supposed to portray police officers, the good and bad, and give the best interactions we can.
  16. Username: Rhino Lupertazzi Comment: She wants to prosecute him?
  17. Username: Rhino Lupertazzi Comment: I'll crack her good. I'll ask for a month-long medical leave.
  18. Follow us on social media... https://face.gta.world/pages/DVSSHERIFF
  19. transcended the universes...will he be on both sides of the bars this time ?
  20. It was the most fun I've had on the server in months. A lot of planning went into the LSSD response to this and all of us enjoyed the event thoroughly. While something of that caliber may not have happened literally in real life, as previously said, an entire neighborhood in Seattle (including the Police Station) was taken over for weeks during the summer protests last year. What happened here isn't too far of a fetch.
  21. Name: Raymond Valdez Phone: 7314165 Bid: Buyout ($350,000)
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