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  1. I still fail to see how anything in this comment is an OOC issue. Check a page back for the comment with the videos. It's literally happening in real life. You don't wanna get shot with beanbags and arrested? Don't go to a riot lol
  2. It is. Their budget is used for paychecks, interiors, vehicles, etc. Same goes all legal factions.
  3. Yeah I'm not sure we he got that from. I was an admin and a faction leader at the same time ... there's no reason to not have the ability.
  4. I'm actually concerned if the rumors are true about vehicle damage being synced... that's no bueno. Every single dent and scratch will remain on your vehicle unless you go to a garage and feed more and more cash into the already filthy rich mechanic community. Not all damage to vehicles is the driver's fault. Sometimes you spawn your car and it spawns on it's side and bam, your entire vehicle is filled with scratches and all of your windows are smashed.
  5. Yeah, could be great if it worked just like LSSD's /jailduty. The command is used when someone is on duty inside TTCF. It doesn't do anything except for show it for everyone in /onduty. Something like /hospitalduty could work!
  6. I've had that happen to me, with the same date actually. I fixed it by re-downloading the most recent version (whatever's in the link) and re-installed it. It worked ever since.
  7. That's because they do not exist. SD is not limited to county only, and PD is not limited to city only. That's not how it works in real-life either.
  8. It's easy to sit there and just blame SD for not patrolling the county as often. Why don't you join their faction and give it a try, and see how tedious it could be to patrol a massive area that is majorly empty? The county is x10 bigger than the city, yet has less players in it, even during peak times. SD is not the one to blame here, the players who commit these robberies are. Also don't come in with the 'oh, join PD then' excuse because that's not a valid excuse. PD and SD are different, offer different experiences and different roleplay. Sure, they're both LEO's but that's about it in terms of similiarity.
  9. Was suggested, was denied. Each faction here operates differentley, each faction has it's own radio etiquette and different ways of sending specific units to specific situations. An outsider dispatcher wouldn't know how-to and it'd be way too much to learn. It's just not going to work.
  10. Lemon

    Long /me's

    Yeah, for me it really depends on what kind of roleplay I'm doing. Being in the LSFD, when I'm doing anything medical that isn't common-sense (something that's not as simple as checking your pulse) I like to include more details in my /me, details that include how the action is being performed and what kind of effect it would have your character, so you have more 'tools' to RP it properly. But when I'm just doing normal RP, I always go for shorter /me's. I don't see the point in long /me's for the sake for it being long.
  11. This suggestion has been up since August, there's over 60 replies of support, 1.7k views, multiple staff members support...yet, no response from development. This is clearly an issue. Can we get some sort of acknowledgement from devs?
  12. Lemon


    It's not based off of LA, at least not recently. It hasn't rained a drop in LA in the past week but here it rained multiple times. Facts are right there, I don't know how people can say that it's based off of LA weather. OT: Yeah, it rains way too much. And it's too unpredictable, one second it'd be full on sunny, and then poof we got 'lightly raining'. There needs to be some sort of a transition that we can adapt ourselves to and act accordingly IC'ly.
  13. The only solution I can come up with is pick out a few trusted community members which have a strong opinion of this matter, along with RP quality, and discuss the price changes behind closed doors. Implement it without warning. That way, people can't sell their vehicle for 100k where tomorrow it'll cost 30k (just an example) and make mad profit. People are going to lose money, people are going to get mad, but that's just an L we'll have to take. I'd rather lose some money than being able to buy an Audi R8 over a station wagon that costs over half a milion dollars. It just makes zero sense.
  14. @[email protected] Can we get some sort of acknowledgement from RP quality? The vast majority of the suggestions get some sort of staff acknowledgement, but something as big as this just gets left behind for months. What is staff's standpoint on this? Not one community member who commented here said it's not an issue, so obviously, we're onto something here that effects the server's economy as a whole; people can buy fast, modern cars for cheap where-as more normal, mid-class vehicles are more expensive. Where's the logic here?
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