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  1. Nowadays every character's last name ends in "ian" , "ov", or "ev". I've seen very few British characters over the past year, but I have witnessed Los Santos be taken over by Eastern European characters who call every woman a whore, in their native language of course, so that you can't react. Not to mention most of them dress and act the exact same. Talk about hypocrisy. Unpopular opinion: Too many Eastern European characters, too few Americans.
  2. Yeah, highly unrealistic for the average Joe to switch out a car every other week. Like the people above me said, simply increasing the sales tax wouldn't fix anything as cars would just get sold for a higher price to cover the tax. The only solution is some sort of limit on how many cars you can buy/sell a month without having an actual dealership.
  3. I honestly couldn't agree more with everything you've said. Really hope this gets implemented. I often get discouraged when I map and realize how much detail I put in it, as well as time. On big projects that are detailed it really feels like I'm getting ripped off, especially since I don't use the more expensive objects. The current alternative would be for me to change my mapping style into something less detailed but that's just not me. I like being proud of my work, but I'd also like my work to be allowed to be valued accordingly. The value of an interior has nothing to do with furniture worth and everything to do with the mapper's creativity. As for the customer and mapper not agreeing on a final price, that would rarely happen as long as you give the customer an idea of what your mapping looks like through your portfolio and agree on a price range before. One point Tiddy made was about this not fixing the mapper drought. No, it wouldn't completely fix it because the main reason for the mapper drought is that it takes real life money to be able to furnish more than a tiny room. This is obviously the main deterrent that puts off players from even attempting to learn how to map. Second factor is how time consuming it is. These aspects won't ever change, but allowing players' work to be priced according to what they choose would definitely make mapping more appealing to mappers. It is, afterall, their own work and only they can put a price on their time.
  4. +1. How much a mapper charges should be up to them. If the customer agrees, what's the problem?
  5. Right, while I'm completely on board with you about allowing people to learn and improve their RP, what most people on here were complaining about is completely different. We were reffering to the more serious and unfortunately numerous counts of sub par RP examples we've all experienced IG and seen on the reports page. No one is advocating for unnecessarily harsh punishments for players who are actually trying to improve and doing their best to bring good RP for others and themselves. What the general consensus seems to be from neutral RPERs side is that a lot of illegal rpers only get a slap on the hand for extremely unrealistic, malicious and even toxic rp, which leads to no change in their RP. Afterall, why should they try to improve if there are no consequences to ruining someone else's RP? I don't speak for everyone but I guarantee you most of the legal and neutral RPERs on this server would welcome illegal rp as long as it's well done and makes sense. No rushed robberies with 1 line of RP, no rehash of the same old gangbanging characters who seem to have no personality of their own, no fear for their life and freedom.
  6. A lot of the reports are petty, but the pettiest one by far that I've read has been where the reported party despawned their vehicle in front of other players. Is that REALLY worth reporting? Non rped car crashes get reported quite often and I don't really see a reason for that. Most of these could be settled over PM's by simply asking the other person to return and RP the crash properly. Personally, unless it's a hugeee crash where one of the players is hurt, I'm fine with voiding since I understand most players won't benefit from roleplaying a minor car crash that was caused from lag and whatnot. As for the rest of the reports, some are petty, some are not. Like someone above me mentioned, if you pay attention to the reports section, there are a handful of players who seem to always have someone to report.
  7. Believe in the cause? Only 50% goes to charity. And clearly, the items offered in the packages are meant to attract players to buy them. Otherwise it would have just been donations to charity without getting anything in return. If you're gonna offer an incentive, which is actually a good business strategy always, then obviously you need to make sure your customers actually want that item.
  8. Peak roleplay right there. Agreed, every vehicle rented or not, should be traceable to its owner. Otherwise, crimes shouldn't be allowed while driving a rental.
  9. I get where @KaythPlus is coming from. Robberies occur way way too frequently on this server, and while that's an IC issue, getting personal items stolen despite them having sentimental value only gets annoying. So you either leave the items in your property (who irl in Los Angeles has to leave their wedding band at home every single time they go out for fear of being mugged?) or you give into the cycle of replacing said items just for them to be stolen again. I've honestly given up on buying or gifting any items of sentimental value. Yes, it does take away from RP unfortunately, but these illegal rpers don't seem to take that into consideration.
  10. Don't mean to derail the thread, but I've thought about every death being a CK too. Sounds harsh but it would make most people think twice before getting into situations they shouldn't. I'm sure crime level would decrease significantly and rp quality would improve. What's the worst consequence of a PK as of right now? Losing a gun at most, that's if you even have one on you at all. Each character should have a set amount of PKs available before a CK is forced on them.
  11. Didn't even know I needed this before.
  12. I understand there's a lot of metagaming names going on but this would look so ugly and confusing.
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