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  1. DFGB Blunt & Styrofoam cup mod. My goodbye present. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1wg3tJEBMyoyVFmBH0Ob8OTTlrbABcvbF/view
  2. ❤️ Forever love my g, appreciate you on watching the journey.
  3. Appreciate y'all for the love and following us throughout this journey. For those who don't know, management contains grown men in their mid to late 20s with active lives outside of gaming. Myself and @Crooks (both black men) created this faction to simply hop on for fun in addition to out troll the naysayers at the beginning. I truly believe having a tight knit group of emotionally mature friends without pride & ego against one another is a blessing in life. once AMC reaches 500k this faction will close.
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