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  1. Pretty much would make things easier and respect players' privacy.
  2. https://pursuits.mp/ , it's a CNR server, they'll probably enable deathmatch lobbies like on samp.
  3. EARLY LIFE. Vic was born in the bosom of a lower middle class family from Strawberry, Los Santos. His father was a delivery driver and his mother a housewife. Vic spent most of his childhood at his parent's house, where he would enjoy the warmth of a tight knit yet struggling household, without the worry of material necessities, the bread that his father brought on the table was enough for him to be content, although his mother would constantly engage in heated, almost violent arguments with his father about money — Vic was yet too young to understand. In his early teens, his fathe
  4. Good season to start 2021.
  5. If anyone is interested to play casually add me on Ubisoft Connect, melt_city.
  6. Looking for apprenticeship as a mechanic! by vic1488 21 years old, I've just graduated my evening courses at the LS Technical School in automotive mechanics. Looking for apprenticeship at a shop, preferably paid competitively and with flexible hours. I'm waiting for offers at [email protected]
  7. 9.5/10 IGN Faraam chad armor from one of the most memed entries in the Souls series.
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