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  1. Replying to hnbhero98. Username: chairman lmao Comment: The comment is a soyjak meme.
  2. Replying to hnbhero98. Username: chairman lmao Comment: fuck off bootlicker its our constitutional right The comment's author did not use a VPN. Verizon has stated that the user frequents daily fringe, right-wing and hentai websites and has been flagged more than three times for suspected domestic terrorism.
  3. Public consensus and a good relationship with the community is important to policing.
  4. 10 Easy Steps That Can Make You a Professional Illegal Roleplayer 1. The Upbringing. You character must have a tear-dropping upbringing by the likes of being abandoned in a sewer by his crackhead mother with AIDS after his father died in a gang-related shooting because he didn't empty his pockets (cuh). The saddest, hood-esque, grimiest the story, the better. 2. The Early Struggle. Meet the local criminal organizations, some way or another you'll be scammed into selling overpriced weed that you cannot pay back, this step is also known as the corner bitch boy stage. In order to recover from the results of what is essentially multi level marketing you'll proceed to step 3. 3. Empty Yo Pockets Cuh. At this step you're left with around $50,000 all your money, enough to recover from step 2. Enough to purchase a Nagasaki BF400 ($20,000 uninsured), a mask ($5,000), a purchase firearm license ($5,000), and a pistol ($9,700). Equip the pistol, a helmet, put on the mask and ride around Vespucci and Rockford Hills — What you're looking for is a female character or somebody driving a nice car, pull over in front of them, point your gun and inquire them about their belongings, if they're slow or uncooperative make use of the command /b and tell them "why are you stalling, pls rp fear". After this step you'll master the street scene and become accustomed with the Player Reports section on the Forums. 4. The Hustle. You've already accumulated enough $5,000 robberies, PF guns and phones to make a name for yourself in the criminal underworld. Purchase a $60,000 house and store your booty, that is your stash. Don't spend your money to greedily because you'll need them at step 5. 5. Contacts. Contacts are very important for a criminal, that's why you'll make use of your loot to affirm yourself as a criminal. Don't forget, wealth is temporary, crime is eternal. You'll sell your stolen PF weapons below market level to criminal organizations, hooking them up slowly into your gig. With each deal you'll end up more notorious, being worth thousands of unsellable drugs. 6. From Associate to Insider. You're not going to live as an entry-level criminal your whole character's life. At this point you're knowledgeable enough to start your own crew. Hook someone else to sell your overpriced drugs in the hood, yes, now you've got your own corner bitch boy. 7. Notorious ERP. You've got you crew, people are trembling in fear at your sight, legal roleplayers and mallrats are spamming the General Discussions section of the forums with illegal roleplayer hating topics, but as you know, all publicity is good publicity. You've made a name for yourself. Enjoy the life, go to clubs and find yourself a couple of neckbeard eprers to have fun with. 8. Going Up The Ladder. At this point you've already got access to the organization's Discord channels, this will come useful. Don't forget, illegal rp is not a smooth ride, it's a motherfucking rat race, you have to crush your competition to scale up in the ranks. Start Discord beef, eventually turning it into IC beef that justifies you to Character Kill your opponents. It's going to be a rough ride, but after days of arguing over Discord, Character Kill Appeals and Player Reports you'll come out victorious. 9. The Long Wait. This is the easiest step, criminal organizations tend to falter as the weekly Discord beefs go by. Enjoy yourself while you get up the ladder because the other members either left, got CK'd or were banned. 10. Is This The End of The Beginning or The Beginning of The End? You did it, you're now a renown criminal. The struggle is not ending though, for life is pain. You'll witness the collapse of empires, the end of friendships and acquire new enemies as you hop from organizations to another, trying to live long enough to become a legend on Illegal Factions Community Discord. The criminal underworld is your oyster, king.
  5. I once roleplayed with this dude, he would type three lines long /me's with this intricate language to describe the way he's sitting and some menial shit. I straight out skipped though lines or ignored it, go on WattPad my man, I'm not reading your smut. If you do that, please reconsider what you call roleplay.
  6. Contact me at [email protected] (( @meltcity )). For sale! Shitzu Hakuchou, Shitzu Performance Package. Price: $65.000 Negotiable! ((/vstats))
  7. capsicum spray and extendable battons would be a great addition
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