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  1. Davis Family Gangster Bloods1 The Davis Gangster Bloods (DGB), Davis Family Blood Gang (DFGB), and Davis Family Gangster Bloods are primarily, but not exclusively, an African-American street gang, rooted in the Strawberry neighborhood of South Los Santos, San Andreas. Their neighborhood is stretched from Capital Boulevard and Strawberry Avenue, between 86th Street and 105th Street. The Davis Family Gangster Bloods falls under Family Bloods and are etched in the “Gangster Bloods” (Family Ru's) which is a tight-knit alliance between the Avenue Piru Gang and Family Swan Bloods. The Davis Family Gangster Bloods consist of one main clique, with two defunct others. They are 86th Street, 99th Street and as well as 104th Street, however; their block stretches from 86th to 105th, as elaborated. The Davis Gangster Bloods are affiliated with (Family Ru's). They share a very close alliance with the Dark Side Neighborhood Bloods and Barrio 13. The Davis Family Bloods are enemies of nearby street gangs under Neighborhood Crips (especially the Rollin 60s Neighborhood Crips), Rollin 100s Crips, and all (Rollin Os Crips). They are arch enemies of Cedar Block Piru and the Tongan Crip Gangs. ORIGIN1 Having history dating back to the 1960s: their founding members and Vietnam war vets, Warren "Wesson" Blaze (21) and Barrington "Crazy Barry" Blaze (17) are brothers who were initiated into the 1971 Black Panther Party who's main goal was to protect African American's against police brutality and racial attacks. The influx of drugs in South Los Santos corrupted the party and created disputes between members over money and drug addiction. The duo decided to distance themselves away from the Panthers and form their own organization called The Blaze Family, that opened food banks to aid families within Davis. Around this time the rise of Crip gang members terrorized and bullied anyone who weren't affiliated also gaining notoriety and power that brought outcries within the neighborhood. Deciding on how to deal with this threat, and also their huge dislike for Crips in general, the brothers allied themselves with the original Blood gang members and formed Davis Family Bloods to help protect their neighborhood against Crips. Years later after eventually becoming a product of their environment, Davis Family Bloods incorporated Gangster into their name thus becoming the hypocrisy of who they were fighting against by engaging in criminal activities to provide funds and power to the gang. In 1987 Warren Blaze a founding member was shot and killed outside a Bowling Alley while spending time with his family. Accusations and rumors stirred that he was killed to lose hold of a well-known drug turf. This sparked The Blaze War against DLGB, CPFGB, 83GC, APG, and Neighborhood Crips. Different cliques of DFGB were also accused of having involvement since someone knew the exact whereabouts of Warren. After losing his brother Barrington Blaze, 86 main OG, declared war against all those accused and distanced himself away from Davis. In Blood Feud, Barrington was arrested in 1990 for the murder of Timothy "T Bone" Edwards an OG of Rollin 60's Neighborhood Crip including his sixteen year old daughter and was sentenced to death by execution. Barrington Blaze was finally executed in 2003. Flame Gang Davis Family Gangster Bloods members are rarely and sometimes referred to as “Flame Gang”. Today, the gang is still presumed active on the southside of Davis. Younger members of the gang participate in homicides, armed robberies, kidnappings, witness intimidation and defrauding the Government. Most of their assets come from fraudulent activity in ways and means of gaining access to other individuals sensitive personal information. In exchange of money, these gang members would take advantage of the system they created to bypass forgery. The 86 Davis Family Bloods Gang operate mainly on Capital Boulevard. They frequent “Heat Alley” which is a gangway and/or alleyway where they often gather. Their main active clique is 86th, and their block are known to be “killers”, a term coined for deep-end seasoned gang members who were willing to do their dirty bid for the Gang. Scott Finley, a criminology professor at Los Santos University who has studied social media's effect on gang activity, said websites such as YouTube, FaceInvader and Instagram allow gang members to more easily disrespect their rivals. “It's the 21st century version of painting graffiti on the side of a building ... but much safer because you don't have to ride into enemy territory,” he said. “It allows from a safe distance the posting of threats that, if carried out in person, would lead to immediate retaliation.” Bruce Townsend, a former gang member who now works as an interventionist, said social media have made it easier for him to trace the origin of threats and rumors of retaliation so that he can calm tempers. At a peace rally Monday evening, about 60 people gathered near Los Santos Municipal Airport, at one point joining in a prayer with their hands in the air. Among those attending were children wearing white T-shirts emblazoned with “Let me live! #mylifematters.” Kris Carter said she was so scared to leave her South L.S. home to attend the event that she avoided major roads and highways, preferring side streets. She said she believes the threat of violence is real. “It's got to stop,” she said. One of the only members of the Davis Family Blood Gang and gang enforcer Leondray “Big L'A” Avery is an advocate against violence on youth in his community. Him and a few others from different gangs work together on a daily to weekly basis to tackle efforts on improving safety in the neighborhood. After a short break truce of the Davis Family Gangster Bloods and Eight Tray Gangster Crips, they were able to set aside their differences and hold meetings to reduce tension due to the high homicide rates in the past. However, that doesn't mean that the war is over. There are a few blocks who go by their own principle due to history, a none ending cycle of revenge and hatred to both groups that were once revolutionary to benefit their community. Hence, not only is it dangerous for a figure like “Big L'A” to represent positivism in his community, it can also make him a target, even by those in his community that stand by the same flag. Recently, violence arise at the Jefferson Basketball Court where reports of a gang related shooting. A recent document was posted recently on an article where a homicide took place in the early morning. Incidents related: In the mid 2000s, the feud between the Davis Family Gangster Bloods and Eight Tray Gangster Crips came to a cease fire and truce after a innocent mentally disabled man was shot and killed at a Popeyes on the West Side of Strawberry. Gang leaders Rodney "Humpty Frogz" Carr and reputable members of the Eight Tray Gangster Crips decided to do this truce due to them warring against the Neighborhood Crips, having the same enemies meant a benefit in interest. GEOGRAPHICS Point of Interest(s) Capital Boulevard Capital Boulevard is home to majority of those who have gang-ties to Davis Family Gangster Bloods. Gang members would congregate there, especially infront of Tits N Bobs Restaurant from the Sentinel Housing Apartment. A memorial for a deceased gang member by the name of "BR Bully" was hosted infront of the store called "The Dragon". Members set up a vigil for his memorial where it is known that he was killed in that exact spot. Gang Formation (Cliques) 1. 86th Street, active now in the TYG Generation (Located on Capital Boulevard and Strawberry Avenue) 2. 99th Street, mainly active during the YG Generation (defunct) 3. 104th Street, Sets foundation (defunct) (Gang Allies) 1. Barrio 13, since 2009. 2. Dark Side Neighborhood Bloods, since 2003. After the death of Big Tone from the Davis Family Gangsters, a meeting was established to form an alliance to combat the neighboring gang responsible for it. 3. Avenue Piru Gang, the alliance is known as the (Family Ru's) 4. Mad Swan Bloods 5. Family Swan Bloods, apart of the Family Bloods car since 1988 6. Crenshaw Mafia Bloods 7. Centinela Park Family, apart of the Family Bloods car (Gang Enemies) 1. Neighbor Hood Crips 2. Rollin Os 3. Rollin 100s 4. Cedar Block Piru, broken a truce cease fire truce due to lack of Leadership 5. Innocence 13 6. Mara Salvatrucha 13, responsible for making 104th go defunct (Gang Structure) Davis Family Gangster Bloods go by generations. Tiny Young Gangstas (TYG) are individuals of Generation Z and late Generation Y/Millennials. Original Tiny Young Gangstas (OTYG) are still TYGs, they just have the "Original" terminology due to respect orientation (and a lot of the times being an older member, hence; late Generation Y). Some OTYGs can be the same age as an YG and have more respect, but that does not matter because at the end of the day the OTYG did not get jumped in by OYGs in the YG era. Hence, he is only respected in his generation but not by majority of the YGs, OYGs and OBs/OGs (Original Bloods/Original Gangsters) who are veterans/gang leaders. Therefore, if he tried to hijack the set, he would get knocked off quick due to how deep the set runs. There is always a big homie for the big homie (OYG > OG/OB > Double OG/OB > Triple OG/OB). You are more likely to see a Original Blood in the hood organizing gang functions/cease fires/peace campaigns to push the culture. Young Gangstas (YG) are individuals of the Millennial generation and late Generation X. Original Young Gangstas (OYG) are still YGs and the term "Original" has a lot to do with status in the gang and in some rare cases longevity. Do not get this misunderstood though, there are late Millennials (born after 1990 and before 1999) who are YGs only because of the close gap of the gang banging generation which the older dudes put them on the set as, but it is rare.
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