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  1. You really have no idea what you're talking about, this isn't the UK where people getting killed automatically causes martial law to go into effect. Chicago had over 294 murders this year but they're not searching every single car parked in a neighborhood.
  2. But you literally just used the LAPD to try to back up your claim???
  3. I've joined like 3 Asian gangs and they never really gain any traction. Not saying they can't be good but it's not easy.
  4. Probably because the cops on this server are horrible at portraying the LAPD, they think this is the UK metropolitan police or something. Just the other day there was a shooting out near rancho, so they broke into and went through every single car that was outside. Where the fuck has this ever happened?
  5. That’s literally a swap meet. Even the real life equivalent will say SWAP MEET. P
  6. It’s not a mall, it’s just a swap meet. If you wanted it to be a mall it needs to be a lot bigger
  7. Idk if that’s true, about the gang member underage characters. And even then, who cares? Legal roleplayers have ULSA, give illegal players Davis high
  8. we wanted a high school and they would never allow it
  10. You can literally buy an untraceable gun on the side of the road for 100 dollars in California
  11. Yes because gangs are needed, legal rp’ers can cry all they want about it but I can literally not think of a single reason why the fuck the server would need a national guard. The only thing I can think of is maybe a riot, which happens maybe once every year and even then just barely, because PD starts gunning people down. Focus on fixing the current LEO rather than making a new pointless faction.
  12. A national guard faction would benefit absolutely nothing to the server and would probably be a horrible portrayal of an American military
  13. Username: Niggalol Comment: Damn this bitch took a fat L online and felt the need to write an article about it 🤡
  14. No, really glad we’re actually trying to mirror California finally
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