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  1. User: enefromtheblock14 Message: why the fuck has he got a rifle in a fast food restaurant over a dude with a bat??? are these the standards set by the LSPD now??? disgusting behaviour you blonde haired faggot, this department needs an audit ASAP!!!!!!!
  2. Will be sold for $85,000 tonight if no other offers come through.
  3. Will be sold for $185,000 tonight if no other offers come through.
  4. (( OOC Stats )) Buyout: $100,000 Accepting sensible offers.
  5. (( OOC Stats )) Buyout: $210,000 Accepting sensible offers.
  6. As it stands at the moment Liberty State (Liberty City) doesn't exist in the continuity of this server. I'm not sure if this has been overlooked or anything but to clear up any confusion surely this needs changing? I find it awkward using Facebrowser at the moment with character's claiming to be from Liberty when this place wouldn't even exist for my SA character as per continuity rules. https://wiki.gta.world/index.php/Continuity_Summary
  7. the audacity to forget imi's retirement...
  8. Username: enefromtheblock14 Comment: not too sure if anybody in Los Santos understands the meaning of being a model... they're all just picking up whores and just a glorified admireme pretty much, also is nobody gonna mention how this new magazine hires people to take photos of them wearing sleeping bags? 💀
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