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  1. For those complaining about prices, don't go clubbing if your character can't afford it. I'd say the economy is at its best if you can't afford to go clubbing if you don't work.
  2. That's really nice I just wish there was more Very professional
  3. Adding to all the points above, it's supposed to be a low amount of money doing it by yourself, to stop people just grinding npc jobs and having little interaction on the server. You will really enjoy it more if you insert yourself either in a trucking company, or finding actual roleplay with others and earn more doing so. The fact you say you need to drive at reckless speeds kinda shows to me you're not doing it for the roleplay; which isn't what this community is about. You may have goals to run an empire one day and have a monopoly in LS, that really won't happen grinding a trucking job and wouldn't happen in real life just being a trucker.
  4. It depends, if you go out on your own you're effectively your own company reliant on middle-men load boards, like a tradesman can be a self employed contractor, but you get paid directly and not through a big company for the runs you make. So, while a big company might make deductions from your wage for the network they run, the truck they financed/provided for you and other job benefits and pay you a flat rate, you'll get a lump sum for the run, all in all it should be more than what you'd get paid working for a big company; they're financing an entire network, you're only paying for your own truck and fuel etc. If you manage your time well, get out of the red, you'll earn a lot more than with a trucking company. It's the CEOs and management that reap the rewards, not the drivers, but then the big companies provide job security and much more support that you don't get alone. That being said, it's not realistic. You need tonnes of experience and knowledge to be an "independent trucker" irl, you need the right certs and you need to find (eventually) a good customer that'll use your services time and time again. Big shippers would most likely not engage with an "independent" trucker unless they went through a load/freight broker, it takes time to find a good freight broker and even more time for them to trust you with more important loads. This is all NPC'd in game obviously. tl;dr, it shouldn't be easy to just buy a truck and start shipping, irl it takes years of working for larger trucking companies and I think tax is a good check on that.
  5. This ^ Can be notified when they log back in like how admins can notify people in game when they're offline, the scripting framework is half there for this.
  6. This can literally all be roleplayed, no need for a scripted system Let people buy things (specifically vehicles if including everything is too complicated) on credit, with interest, with a limit based on a % of their total wealth. (This could be extended to properties, but a deposit should be required for realism) The repayment is every paycheck (incl. interest) - 3 missed payments (player doesn't have enough money in bank account) removes the asset from the player's ownership, or if the asset is sold/transferred, the player is charged the original price of the product which may result in a negative balance. Players can check the balance on their repayment, adjust how much they pay a month, and make voluntary payments. There could be multiple payments plans, so paid over 20 paychecks or 40 etc. So, /payloan to make a voluntary payment, /adjustrepayment to adjust how much they pay a month, the rest is automated, /checkloanbalance to check how much is left to pay (both with and without interest). This would in my opinion really fix the whole need for grinding for money some players feel is necessary and allow players to buy things their character would realistically be able to afford. Credit, or loans, are a big part of consumerism in real life, I feel this could benefit the economy by reducing the urge for players to grind for hours to afford a decent car. The total wealth cap puts a roof and ensures people can only buy what they can afford (like a credit rating irl). Credit can be taxed, providing another stream of income for government too. Negatives? Well, most people will be able to just outright buy the vehicles they want without earning the money first, but they'll have to come up with the funds for each repayment if they want to keep what they bought and don't want to be in debt.
  7. It's based off of Los Angeles, I think that's enough to not have it coexist with LA in our universe, the entire city and its notable landmarks are indisputably IRL knock offs. Unless you wanted to roleplay it's like a bollywood knock-off IRL, I don't see an alternative to incorporate LA into our universe. The original GTA SA plot was based off of real life gangs and events that happened in Los Angeles throughout the late 20th century, which is obviously what GTA V was developed on (hence the continuation of Grove Street). I don't really understand arguments for continuity through the GTA games and a "HD universe", there can't be two Los Santos cities in the same universe surely? GTA V is just a San Andreas rework focusing on LS and Blaine county. LS, San Fierro and Las Venturas all coexist in a series of interconnected islands in GTA SA, that's not the case in this game so it can't be the same universe surely?
  8. I think it literally is meant to be a carbon copy, hence all of the similarities. They just made it an island(s) to make it more immersive as a natural barrier imo.
  9. These aren't real people, they aren't AIs, you'd just simply ignore it. Edit: yeah that's really messed up, and you could say you don't know what they're talking about etc, or you could ignore it. I think if someone wants to kill someone because they spoke poorly about them they should have to apply for a CK
  10. Yeah, scripting it out would be much better. Especially for the ANPR (Or ALPR as the Americans call it) system.
  11. Well, who's to say there wouldn't be repercussions, if they didn't keep it updated it'd be fraudulent and they would lose their license. I do agree, having it scripted properly would be better.
  12. This could be resolved by insurance companies providing an updated list of all customers and their insured vehicles in the mean time. @Brett To avoid it being an idle money farm, insurance companies could need to rent an office, pay fees for their license, general business fees, additional taxes, and on top of all that investigate claims and pay out realistic amounts of money for vehicular damage, especially if the vehicle is written off - as well as medical expenses/court fees for taking people to court who've been involved in an accident, as well as dealing with insurance fraud, the list of expenses is endless for an insurance company, so the profits they would make could be marginal.
  13. Government is more than just elections, though. We need more than just inter-party politics, we need functioning departments within the city government. The only thing I've seen functioning as of yet is the Department of Finance, giving out contracts and loans and business arrangements etc. There's no public services or programs. Things like maintenance, transport, utilities to list a few are all ways of producing immersive roleplay and I haven't seen any effort to get these off the ground and integrated into GTA W's RP. As for the state-level government, I think it's being run really well. There legislative section and courts are definitely active; there's not much more state can do except hold elections etc.
  14. Even if they were, I've seen rifles being advertised next to school shootings in newspapers. Two licensed private entities exchanging a legal firearm for cash isn't illegal, no different to selling your car without being a dealership or bottle of whisky without running an off-license to a friend. This topic is more about players being punished for unwritten rules at the admin's discretion than anything else. And no to whoever said, it's common sense firearm sale advertisements are legal, not illegal, this server is based in the US, not UK.
  15. False, British girl would simply naw through the biker's ankle. I see no issue in roleplaying a /me and waiting for a response in /do, as soon as they respond just go for it, they've demonstrated they have had ample time to react to the incoming conflict. Be smart tho, don't throw a single punch then start mawling their face. /me jabs a clenched fist into Johnny's face, following through with continuous blows to his face and abdomen /do How would Johnny react? Wait for Johnny's /do, then whale on him. Johnny's free to say he blocked the first jab, but that won't account for the secondary blows coming his way.
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