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  1. Apartment sold, ((Can be L&A, sold ingame))
  2. Eclipse Towers, Floor 21, Room 1 For sale is my 2 bed and 1 bathroom apartment that comes with an open floor plan and a stunning view of the city. Comes with an office and plenty of space for whatever activities you desire. Reluctant to sell but looking to downsize. ((Apartment has been left unlocked for OOC viewings, door handles have been placed temporarily so you can press L)) Starting Bid: $600,000 Buyout: $1,350,500 Minimum Bid Step: 10,000 Apartment Photos: PINFO ((OOC)):
  3. SOLD ((Can be L&A, thank you))
  4. Accepting offer Please shoot me an email on [email protected] ((forum pm))
  5. For sale is my fully furnished 1 bed and bath house locaed in Hawick. Asking price: $450,000 Images of interior/exteior: ((PINFO) If interested please leave contact info below or shoot me an email ((forum pm)).
  6. I'd like to reserve it if possible. My number is #2207
  7. Caracara still available?
  8. Vehicle sold! ((Can be L&A, thank you.))
  9. What do you have for trade?
  10. Price reduced, still for sale.
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