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  1. come back I'm back

  2. Show me your ass it's pride month

  3. selling cute femboy feet pics DM 

    1. Pascal


      DMing now, will pay $0

    2. Morning
  4. i'd like to report @DG for common courtesy he says mean things about me please time to ban quickly

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    2. DG


      you yep obese idiot

    3. Morning


      perhaps silence is ur best option ?

    4. DG


      nop u idiot so funny haha

  5. "take it far" nah take that shit 2 the archives my guy ((not ktown please dont crucify me))

    1. Morning


      crucify him 

  6. I'm heavily homophobic and he was just doing hella gay shit. Now I'm not typing professional because this weirdo pissed me off.

  7. Morning

    LS Central High?

    I like the idea of school, but I feel like ULSA would be better over a high school. Given most people prefer to RP at least 18years old+
  8. Wow mr. Parkedcar you’re so Kind and Helpful! ?

    1. Pascal


      no Problem .. i am So kind and Humble

  9. A thread to self snitch??? You kids are WILD
  10. I hate doing something by choice and getting paid for it!! it’s slavery i tell ya!!!
  11. Most of y’all deserve to get bullied

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    2. Morning


      ok miss Scotland 


    3. aloegarten
    4. Morning


      @aloegarten aye G we bangin in these streets.. scotland cold af like dat 

  12. Girl... Did you really just call a video game job modern day slavery...?
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