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  1. Username: SKwon Comment: Finally someone worthy of some media attention who鈥檚 not a self-made, clout-seeking celebrity. Very interesting read.
  2. Username: Stan+Loona Comment: Well, maybe if corporations and other businesses didn't pay shit money for working whole day in the office, it wouldn't be a problem? It's a typical supply and demand case - people are desperate and will pay any amount of money for sex. Prostitution existed, and will exist. Nothing you can do about it.
  3. Club Reviews: Cloud Nine BY CHANEL MCCAULEY, LSNN LIFESTYLE CONTRIBUTOR Good day, Los Santos! I have decided to come to you with a new format where I, as an ex-raver would share my experiences with what is perfected in the city of Saints - clubbing. I will be focusing on four main aspects of what makes the club perfect. It would be as following: 路 Interior and exterior design, 路 Price range, 路 DJ, and how their music suits the venue, 路 Service For each of those things, you can score ten points maximum, every detail or lack of it will be judged. All of the judgment is purely subjective and it is, well, MY opinion and it has not been influenced by anyone nor anything. So, let's have some fun, shall we? Cloud Nine located at La Mesa is the first one to go. Tuesday's event on March 3rd, 2021 AD was hosted by DJ Hate Kudson. Upon my arrival in a secluded area of La Mesa, right next to the petrol station I could notice a dingy brick building, nothing too flashy, nor distinctive. There's a small parking area where you can leave your car unattended or count on the person guarding the door who could take care of your car. This is in plus since the owner of the venue advertises it as an "Underground Expirence" (sic!) Everything would be fine and dandy, but there is a small little issue inside. As there are enough seats, the bar and dance floor are easily accessible there are way too many blank spots on the walls. For real these walls are just ASKING for some paint. And I am not saying you should throw in some Mona Lisa or Beksinski's pieces. Hire some teenager who does graffiti, throw in some neons with cheesy quotes or images. The possibilities are endless and I would love to see these changes. Interior and exterior rating = 5 out of 10. How much money you should prepare if you decide to visit Cloud Nine? Frankly, not too much. The prices are average and it would be not that much of an expense for a regular ULSA student or a middle-aged couple who just want to forget about their children and work for just one night, which is very good. I brought a good amount of money and for the entrance fee, I have paid 500 dollars, which is pretty standard in this City and the prices can even go up to 700 what makes me question if these people should run a club or a payday loan shack down the alley, and for a glass of tequila sunrise from an experienced (!) bartender who was the sweetest girl who served me this year so far I have paid 250 dollars. It is not bad, Cloud Nine! To sum it up, not too cheap, but not expensive at all. Prices rating = 7 out of 10. As for the DJ. The night has been hosted by Hate Kudson. A young woman and we love to see a female representative in the occupation dominated by men. Kudson did a great job blending in with the clubs' decor. Wanted to "expirence" some underground stuff, and I have got it. It was fair and I could hear that she was DJing live, it was not prerecorded. Hate started safe, in the beginning when the party started with chill tech-house tunes and finished the gig with a few great techno and trance tracks, which is perfect for clubbing and dancing. Bonus point for playing a remix of "Children" by Robert Miles. On top of this sugar cake, there must be a maraschino cherry no one likes. Everyone could hear Hate Kudson is a beginner DJ. A really good one, in fact, but I could feel she has been a little bit intimidated by her material, maybe she got a batch of new tracks to test out or maybe it is the lack of experience but I could not notice much of mixing in her work. And please, do not get me wrong, transitions were smooth and listenable, she did not miss a beat what causes a seriously unpleasant sound of hats or bass overlapping each other what creates a huge mess and throws me and the DJ out of the rhythm, but if the song was 6 minutes long, we have been sitting there for 6 minutes with that song. And I am not saying that to discourage her from her doing. She is great, but she could get cockier and experiment a bit with transitions and looping. I actually would love to observe Hate Kudson and her improvements on stage. And I want you, guys, to come and bop to her tunes. DJ rating = 5 out of 10. In the club, there was not a minute where I could feel alienated or not wanted. I have not experienced any rudeness from staff, everyone was as polite and professional as they should be. As I said before, the DJ knew what she was doing, same with the barmaid and the security guard in the end POLITELY asked the guests to leave the venue as the party has come to an end. I could notice the owner either pays them good or they just have a friendly atmosphere. The least favorite thing I could ever experience in the club that advertises as "underground" is stuck-up, official behavior. And other venues should learn from that. I felt welcomed there! Service rating = 8 out of 10. To finish it off. I could safely say that Cloud Nine is being the best at being proper and it is not a bad thing at all. Small tweaks of the interior, investing in the training of a DJ, and just having fun in what are you doing will do the club great. And I cannot wait to come in the future and see it progressing. I honestly wish them good luck with future gigs and packed floors! Club Nine final rating = 6,25 out of 10.
  4. Opinion Editorial: Gruppe Sechs vs. The World: Laughter, Tears, Anger & Blood. BY CHANEL MCCAULEY, LSNN LIFESTYLE CONTRIBUTOR Los Santos is certainly an interesting and exceptional city; beautiful in its unique aspects - at least from the outside. But we will delve deeper - people, fast cars, beaches, and... never-ending source of drama. I swear it's coming from all directions each month, popularly focused through social platforms in particular. But we all have to admit this one is quite exceptional. Since January 23rd, almost everyone in Los Santos has come to war. War against racism, guns, security companies, and ULSA? But before we jump to sudden conclusions, because it's in our human nature - I'm looking at you. Pause the commenting, I know I'm the evil journalist harpy with no life. I would like to, well, create a timeframe of what happened from the very start to the day we are in at this moment. The big event everyone was excited about. Magnolia x Fantasia Event Hall Music Festival. We get the drill. Music label organized an event to promote their artists so that people could enjoy some music. A lovely idea on paper, not going to lie. I would even go there if I had a chance. And it seems Gruppe Sechs made their final mistake. Why am I saying final, you may ask. Well, G6 has been known for being not so people friendly in 2020, considering the dramas counted down below: 路 Antisemitic slurs, leading up to riots of LS Jewish Association against their services; 路 Assault and battery on San Chianski 24/7 employee; 路 And my personal favorite, creme-de-la-creme. Richard Hampton, ex-Chief Executive Officer, plead guilty of a whole four charges: Fraud, Forgery, Tampering with Evidence, and Obstruction of Public Duty; I guess they did live up to the ambitions of previous employees, I mean. For as long as I remember, every single guard is specially trained to under all circumstances they shall not chase a troublesome person. Let alone stopping them with gunfire. Which, unfortunately, happened and it's clearly shown on CCTV footage down below (TW: Graphic content) ((An exact same link would've been posted as in Magnolia's press statement, presenting the CCTV leak)) And why they did it you may ask. Well, it's alright because they released an official press release for us to calm our nerves that a man lost his life, right? Well no! Because they had to stress it out that the man was BLACK and oh, those poor little souls didn't know the event is going to be that big. A public event. Advertised for weeks over social media platforms and ad systems. With quite cheap for City's standards entrance fee. Am I missing something, or? Because they released this: And after everyone laughed at them, the PR team of their firm deleted that. Great! Well, I'm not the youngest either but I remember the sole rule of the Internet that nothing gets lost in here because there's always just that one person who saves everything while listening to "Don't Judge Me" by FKA Twigs. And honestly, though. I have thought that there must be something off, that people may have forgotten about all those horrific events in the past and didn't pay much attention to it anymore, they have just forgiven G6 for all of that, but no. I have decided to ask a public opinion on G6 and ask them if they were aware of their - well - doubtful past from 2020. And honestly? I'm not even surprised what people have answered. All the people whom I have asked about it answered just simply: "No, I had no idea". In one of the opinions, I could read: The other person stated: And to sum up the past weeks we're all revolving around I'll allow myself for yet another quote: At this point, I wouldn't even give them a pet rock to take care of because they'd kill it and steal my money, because as I've read through all the messages and posts. They even dipped with all the entrance fees collected. And I still don't get why people are surprised by people protesting. What truly despises me though. It's mainly young people, often ULSA students and young entrepreneurs who take part in it. People who are not being taken seriously in this kind of topic because "we know better", "what a kid like you can know about life", "defund ULSA" and all that bullcrap that keeps on filling the news feed. I mean sure we can defund a university that students pay for by themselves, and hey! Why do we need schools at all! I mean, we all know the best, right? Young people don't vote, because they claim it makes no sense, and all you people who didn't even bother to read candidate's programs just voted for Halford because "hehe, guns and money". Halford liked his money so much he spent some time in jail for it. And maybe you are very comfortable counting all the millions your little business shack gives to you, and you don't bother about all of that stuff that happens around the city, because you are so comfortable in your shell, being convinced that it doesn't apply to you. Why do we as adults, people who live in comfortable environments are so deeply convinced that some problems do not apply to us because we're older, richer, or "more experienced"? The world doesn't work that way and we all know that. They always come after everyone eventually since they learn of how powerful they are. But I guess we humans need to get our hands burned first to learn we shouldn't touch the fire. And honestly, if we don't wake up that we're supportive of Nazis and republicans who don't even care about you as a person and the only driving force of change will be a girl owning a dating site and a ULSA student I have zero hopes for this city's future. Because oppressive security guards who had ambitions of being LSPD cops but their application was denied so they will keep on chasing every single person of color and shooting them down, whose CEO is a misogynistic man who carelessly throws N-words. Creating and deleting carelessly written press statements and they would still get support from a group of bald men screaming "White power" or a businessman who's happy because a person's life has been taken. I'm waiting for a day when Los Santos will wake up. Because so far it seems you're all sleepwalking...after a long night of drinking booze. Disclaimer: Opinion editorials do not reflect the perspective of LSNN as a whole nor its management board. Opinion editorials may be submitted by citizens of all walks of life and are reviewed only for conflicts of interest and appropriateness of the content.
  5. Username: Ririna Comment: We stan antisemitic, racist security who don't follow their Guard handbook 鈾
  6. we stan this movement in this house. Make a tutorial so we can cancel faceapp
  7. User: Ririna Comment: y'all motherfuckers above havent heard a word about Mari Ferrari and Amelie Lens.
  8. 11/10 best modpack. Using it whole on GTX 1050 and I haven't noticed any fps drops so far!
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