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  1. Another person with a few thousand hours and was strictly dedicated to small tribes - Don't waste your time, this game is too addictive and you are guaranteed to lose everything, the only way to avoid this is to mesh, and you are eventually guaranteed to pay for that also... Fuck that shitty game, I tried joining back a few weeks ago, put two gigas in a transponder to farm gen2 missions so I could tame a decent level stryder, logged out, boom, 15 hours later gigas gone due to a fucking server restart, then I remembered why I stopped playing, hopefully ark 2 fixes the holes in the game. Also if your hoping having loads of people / an alpha tribe will save your things you are completely mistaken, Our tribe we're considered an alpha and was a dominant market on discord selling shits, 6 of us, pairs of 2, 3 different timezones(UK/CHINA/USA)we litterarly did shifts... we still got wiped by invading tribes, on a allied server. The game is the most stressful anxiety simulator I have ever laid hands on, for all the pro's it has, the infinite list of cons simply out weigh it.
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