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  1. This is a good idea, I'd definitely like this to move forward
  2. Name: RK2001 Email: [email protected] Comment: lmaooo title says "gruppe 6 prevented fire", article says FD prevented the fire and gruppe 6 just called em. i mean good job for calling, keep calling 911 but i called 911 last week too why dont you write an article about me?
  3. We gotta get a couple more extensions in place for infoboxes and the like. ParserFunctions is an important one. https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:ParserFunctions https://stackoverflow.com/questions/27801082/how-do-you-make-infoboxes-in-mediawiki
  4. I've always kept true to 1:1 time. My longest lasting character started at 17, is now is 20, and there's a lotta development done, but I won't skip time with it. Sometimes it's a bit weird to see people around me skip time, though my core group of friends are with me on this concept, so fortunately it's not like my best friend will suddenly be 5 years older than me. I have had more distant friends become a lot older in a short time. I always just kinda tried to look past it, ignore it, but in the end it always led to our characters drifting apart, 'cause an 18 year old won't hang out with a 25 year old all that much, even if that 25 year old was an 18 year old just a couple weeks ago.
  5. You do gotta remember that most of the western world is in a high conjuncture economy. In very simple terms, that means that there are too many people for lower paid jobs, jobs that don't require a strong education, but too few people for high paying jobs. This is especially reflected in GTAW, though GTAW is I'm the most extreme high conjuncture economy ever. Which still isn't impossible in economic theory, but consider this: in GTAW every major business, every government department, every university, they are all understaffed in high positions simply because OOC the players aren't interested and IC there are not enough people around to fill the positions, i.e. high conjuncture economy. In a very high conjuncture economy, if you have the education background and the work experience, it's not that hard for you to find a good job elsewhere. @Sush said early on in this thread, "it's a workers market", and it is. It's on the employer to treat you nice and get you a good environment, otherwise you can just find better elsewhere. So it's not all that unrealistic for people to not value their position so much. Of course this isn't the case in every sector, arts and entertainment sector for example is the opposite right now, especially in the center of culture of Los Angeles, but still. TL;DR: In our economy both IRL and IC, it's a worker's market right now, and this makes sense. It's not meta or unrealistic. Also, check the economy section of https://wiki.gta.world/index.php/San_Andreas
  6. Los Santos is on an island in the Pacific Ocean laid inland in a bay, the Paleto bay. San Andreas is on the west coast, and the west coast is met with cold ocean currents from the northern Pacific. This means that in the summer, the ocean is cold, really cold. Swimming in the ocean in Los Santos/Angeles is always a bit uncomfortable if you don't like freezing cold water. But that has another added effect, because ocean currents don't only affect the temperature of the sea, it also affects the temperature of the air above the sea. There is always a cold breeze coming form the north west. Since Los Santos is laid right by open waters, even more so than Los Angeles, the city itself would logically be a little colder than Los Angeles. Since Santa Maria is a whole while away and there are no hills directly to the north west of Los Santos, while there are some to the north west of Los Angeles, it is logical that Los Santos is a bit colder than Los Angeles. Don't take this as me saying it's cold though. It's just a little colder than its real life counter part, which is still very hot. I wouldn't mind the temperature going up by just a few degrees, three or so. But the real heat of California is far further inland. There are mountains surrounding Los Angeles and Los Santos, so everything beyond those mountains gets more and more protected from the cold air, and becomes far hotter. Mountains give way to scorching deserts. I also wanna point out that California is not humid, it's in fact pretty dry. The east coast is the humid part of America. The heat in California is scorching, not stuffy. It has a Mediterranean climate, adjacent to cold ocean currents, so you're thinking UK if UK was at the same level of Spain.
  7. I voted to keep it because I was doing fine all day long, and I'd driven around quite a bit. But then I drove past a scene in Davis where there were a lot of ambulances and police cars and immediately everything started glitching. For reference, I'm using NVE and no other mods. Once we were out of this bit, stuff started going fine again.
  8. great portrayal of a terrible person 🙂
  9. Davis has been annexed into the municipality of Los Santos. It's been fully incorporated. Davis City Hall – which does exist in our world – is no longer called that, it's been officially renamed to Southern District Offices. It used to be its own city but not anymore. That's the IC continuity that we follow in the city and state government.
  10. Hugh-Gi-Oh


    I think you oughtta do whatever makes you happy! If you can create an interesting enough concept, it doesn't have to be the most unique thing to get a bunch of people involved. I'd recommend getting to know more people by joining other factions of various kinds, whether legal or illegal, and propose the idea to them a while down the line.
  11. Username: RK2001 Comment: Figures that you would view gender transitioning as just mutilation and "fucking yourself up". Really shows what kind of people support this bill. This isn't about protecting kids, this is about protecting your primitive conservative mindsets that gender transitioning is the work of the devil or some delusional bullshit. Keep your politics out of people's pants. Let them choose what they want.
  12. This would be great. Illegal suppliers getting gun shipments via boat or plane, having to transport it to a safe place at risk. Legal suppliers being divided into different categories: food businesses getting supplies from the Cluckin Bell factory and the farms, hardware stores from the factories, and people working in those areas. These types of businesses could allow for new avenues of RP, both for workers, and embezzling managers exploring new illegal avenues.
  13. Now I don't really know much about drugs, but I'd suggest spoilage. The weed that's in my property has been there for a good year or two now. Like I said, I'm no expert but I'm guessing weed goes bad after some time. Maybe there should be a timer so that people can't hoard the stuff?
  14. It's hard to say just how I remember exactly how my character works, I guess it just comes natural. I don't have a list of characteristics or ticks or anything, because a person is far too complex to just list out. I think about my character as something as complex as a real character, someone with conscious and subconscious thoughts, someone whose experiences affect their way of thinking and their way of being. And when I start to play them, I just completely immerse myself in that persona, and it becomes harder not to do the things my character would do, than to forget it. I find it very difficult to do something my character wouldn't do for, say, OOC reasons that dictate it'd be better to do something the other way. When it doesn't align with the thorough persona that I've crafted around this character, it's just nearly impossible for me to do. For example, my character would never want to buy plastic bottles, and she never has plastic bottles in her home. Seems like such a simple thing and it's easy to remember, but I don't think of it as just a loose characteristic to remember, I think of it as part of a greater whole; my character's deep concern about the environment. Everything around it just comes natural, and not doing everything around it just feels unnatural.
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