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Found 6 results

  1. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 24/7 (also written as 24-7) is a chain of convenience stores in San Andreas. First 24/7 in San Andreas was founded in October of 2004. Hawick 24/7 was founded in 2013. Our mission - is to provide BEST quality food, drinks & other goods to our locals and HIGH quality customer services! Also we are always looking to support local business - so if you own bakery shop and want to sell your deserts or if you are local brewer, and want to sell your drinks here - you are welcome! Hawick 24/7 is always looking for a partnerships, projects to work-help on! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hawick 24/7 offers a wide variety of products - here you can find frozen & fresh food. We sell - fresh vegetables, fruits, local homemade deserts and drinks. We also offering fresh all type of meat (Pork, Beef, Lamb, Chicken) we are also friendly to vegetarian/vegan meat - come and try it! YES - you can find also, all kind of other goods here as well from bags to high quality cigarettes! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ FREE - parking lot for customers and visitors! ((Work in progress))
  2. 🐒 TARZAN'S 24/7 - MISSION ROW 🐒 Now Hiring Store Clerks Tarzan's 24/7 - Located in the heart of Mission Row.. Join a growing team of store clerks the most unique store in LS. With friendly staff, employee bonuses, and progression opportunities. Job roles and responsibilities: Serving our customers Monitoring inventory Re-stocking shelves and fridges Keeping the store clean Maintaining a polite attitude towards customers/employees Hours: Flexible. Work when convenient for you. Interested? Call Tarzan on #26-99 to enquire. Alternatively, please email [email protected] ((Forum PM))
  3. Looking to buy a small business. More likely a 24/7, pawnshop etc... Contact: 04660411 or e-mail ((FORUM PM))
  4. Short description: Add more convenience store items such as alcohol, etc. Detailed description: Add more items to convenience stores such as chips, juices like orange juice, cigarettes and alcoholic beverages like beer. Commands to add: None. Items to add: Chips, orange juice, cigarettes such as Redwood Gold and regular alcoholic beverages normally sold in convenience stores such as Patriot. For example, in real life convenience stores sell cigarettes and alcoholic drinks like Corona. How would your suggestion improve the server? I believe that my suggestion could help improve the server because liquor stores as well as tobacco places are usually inactive. People usually like roleplaying to purchase their items and convenience stores are more often open than liquor stores and tobacco stores which is why I believe that having regular items like these in convenience stores would help improve roleplay by a lot. For the other items I stated like chips, this could help roleplay a lot as many people want to purchase all of these items that are not actually available in all convenience stores scriptly. Additional information: None.
  5. Tataviam Mountains 24/7 — The #1 Truck-Stop in the State Are you looking for a great job opportunity? Are you a night owl? Do you enjoy a calm work atmosphere? Do you enjoy talking to people from all kinds of different backgrounds? If you've answered to one or more of the queries above with "YES", then the job at the Tataviam Mountains 24/7 might just be for you! We're looking for a few highly motivated individuals to operate during the night shift, namely from 19:00 onwards. Position: Cashier Salary: $4000 Responsibilities: First point of contact with the customers of the shop. Cash-register operation. Point-of-sale machine operation. Various sales duties. Taking inventory (done once a week). Stacking shelving units. Cleaning the work area when applicable. Additionally, should you have any questions or you wish to apply, please send a short letter to the manager's e-mail as to why we should hire you. If applicable, attach your CV. Anything else is a bonus! Contact: [email protected] ((Forum PM Wirbelwind))
  6. It's with saddened eyes and a heavy heart that I'm writing this thread. Today was the demise of an era in the civilian role-play in Vespucci. The little corner store known as Rob's Liquor was sadly transformed without warning into an actual liquor store. A stranger outside of the situation would be like; "Yeah it makes sense". And to an extent I would agree. But Rob's Liquor was more than a 24/7 store, it was the centre of some character's role-play, it was a hub for creative role-play. Cops, civilians, gang members and factions often passed by for some quality and fun role-play. Sadly, it was taken from us. The store was the home for many of us, not only is my role-play ruined and destroyed by this little action that was done without thinking, and I'm not trying to point fingers to anybody in PM. But I must say I'm extremely sad on how things were handled, and no it's not about money if anybody is wondering. The profits margins of running a 24/7 is very low. The reason that I leased the store was to be able to manage employees, profits aren't important to me or to anyone working inside the store. A liquor store simply doesn't attract the amounts of players that a 24/7 does. Today instead of seeing my usual 10-15 hourly customers in an hour, I ended up having ONE in over two hours. So for me that's it, there's no point for me to run a liquor store, not only does it make no sense for my character, a store simply doesn't change in less than a day from a corner store into a liquor store. The young kids and teenagers that would come inside are no longer even legally able to enter the store. We were even helping the homeless by giving them expired food and free snacks, it was great. The amount of robberies were also very enjoyable. A lot of the robberies were casual and fun, and properly role-played (for the most part) On an out of character level, this store has been scripted as a 24/7 for over a year now, and I leased it as a 24/7 not as a liquor store. The city already has over six liquor store and within 1 miles of this store there's 2 other liquor stores... We didn't need more liquor stores inside the city, not only the ones currently scripted are struggling with role-play and money, they didn't need extra competition. Three Rob's Liquor were sadly transformed into a liquor store. For me what started as a way to earn money ended up being my greatest and my best experience on the server. I never expected that something as simple as a 24/7 would end up opening doors with quality role-play opportunities. I made so many friends in character and out of character, I'm literally so sad that this role-play for me is now ruined.. I hope that I can get some support from the community regarding this situation. I was even working to make an little intro like a sitcom for all of the employees, even that is now ruined ?
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