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Found 17 results

  1. Ten minutes out of town on Route 70, past the tourist attractions and suburban hell, civilization as you know it gives you a smile and a pat on the shoulder and then leaves you by your lonesome, like a whore whose half-hour is up. The lights around the highway dim out and disappear, one by one, like someone forgot to pay the electric bill. You drive a little too fast or a little too slow, and then the last moving car you could see winks out too. The world turns dark. The world was dark and I was in it. To make it worse, it was raining cats and dogs, but at least I wasn't the one driving. Mickey had the wheel. We'd see a sign along the road every now and then, but they all just confirmed what I already knew. Forty-five minutes to Jimmy's new place in the next town over. "Slim" Jim was a semi-retired street guy from Johnny's checkered past. What did old Jimmy call his joint? The Fluff House. Because of the local porn actresses that he hired on as "staff". It was either that, or Fluffers. Get it? "This should go without saying, but I'm gonna say it anyway," Johnny grumbled. He paused and then lifted a finger. "What?" I asked, helpful as always. I coughed to clear my throat and sinuses. "Don't tell Sarah about this." "She's probably happy to have your stinking carcass out of her bed for one night, John," Mickey quipped. He was a sunburnt freckle-faced fuck with auburn hair, always making bad jokes. Johnny's brother-in-law and - you guessed it - Sarah's brother. "Yeah, don't do that, Mickey. We're not that kind of friends," Johnny warned, with finality in his tone. He was in one of his moods, working a cigar like a chew toy between his teeth. He had a face like a bulldog and a temper to match. I held my breath for a long moment, my eyes darting between the two of them, but the other shoe did not drop. We drove the rest of the way mostly in silence, with only the sound of rain pitter-pattering against the windows. I could hardly breathe in the back of Mickey's Ford Taurus. Mickey was driving. Johnny was in the shotgun seat. They were both smoking like chimneys and couldn't be bothered to wind down the windows much, on account of the weather. The cigars were little cheap ones, infused with alcohol. Peach cobbler cognac, I think it was. Smelled something awful. Mickey had found the cigars in Sally's leather jacket, among other things. Sally sat next to me in the back, seatbelt on, snoring quietly. He'd fallen asleep half an hour ago. We'd dosed him with Special K to make things easier. Sally was a degenerate gambler, from what I heard, although I didn't exactly hear much. He was nobody who owed around eight G's to a somebody, Mickey told me. Sally wasn't paying the vig. Sally wasn't paying off the principal. Sally may have told somebody who knew that somebody that he didn't give a shit about the aforementioned shylock somebody. I hope I got that right. So, Sally was out there, still gambling at 2 AM at one of his usual haunts, when the three of us found him. We found him because we'd been looking for him. He was sanctioned to go. The plan wrote itself. Sally was drunk as a skunk and wanted to go get laid, and Johnny knew just the place. The Fluff House made for the perfect murder destination, because it was in a different town altogether and anything could happen on the way over there, even if any do-gooder decided to do good and be a witness. As for me, I bought Sally a coffee to help him sober up and Mickey drugged it to help him pass the fuck out. Mickey microdosed ketamine recreationally, which he said don't make him a fiend, but, either way, him having the stuff did come in handy this one time. We made a decent crew, the three of us, or so I thought. Truth be told, I was feeling a bit sleepy myself. Keeping my eyes open quickly became a chore. Something about long drives had a way of lulling me unconscious. It could have also been all the cigar smoke that I was breathing in. I didn't even smoke, not that these guys would ever have cared. I yawned like a hippo, which led me to having another coughing fit. "You okay, kid?" Johnny asked, turning around to blow more smoke in my face. My hero. I shook my head and waved him off. As I was wiping away my cigar tears, I thought I saw movement out of the corner of my eye. I turned to give Sally a proper once over. He was laying still, his hands and feet were ziptied, his eyes were closed, he really should have been in the trunk, but Mickey was afraid he'd make an identifiable mess back there. Whatever that meant. We'd given Sally a full dose of horse tranquilizer, which should have... killed him, probably. He wasn't snoring anymore. Maybe he was finally dying. Good. I yawned again and turned to say something to Johnny and then I saw movement again. It all happened at once. Sally raised his ziptied hands up with what looked like a gun - I didn't have time to ask - and, because I was closest, he pointed it at me. Or tried to. I went for the gun and the gun went off. The gun shot was like an explosion going off in the car, it was so loud that I thought for sure it perforated my eardrums. Somehow, I caught ahold of the gun and I held onto it like a drowning man. I pointed it down, away from myself and the guys. I shouted for Johnny to do something. The Ford Taurus swerved left and right, the rubber on its tires screeching for mercy. We bounced up in the air. The gun went off again. And again. And again. We were all screaming by that point. Sally had one eye half-closed and the other wide open, looking like a stroke victim and moaning like a zombie. I was shouting at the fucking prick to let go of the fucking gun, as if that would help, when suddenly Sally's psychotic face burst open like a ripe watermelon, squirting its juice everywhere. More gun shots, from a different direction this time. I closed my eyes and mouth a little late as my own face got sprayed with pump after pump of Sally's blood. It occurred to me even later to turn my face away from it all, and I did, but by then the shots had stopped. It had been five or six in total. Maybe more. I eventually dared to open my eyes again. Sally's face was doing its best impression of the elevator scene from The Shining. The car wasn't moving anymore. Neither was Sally. I finally managed to wrench the gun clear from his hands. It was a Russian make. A little one. A Makarov, or a TT, I don't know. A small gun that caused a lot of trouble. We might have been there like that for an hour, or ten seconds, depending on your perspective. I glanced at Johnny and Mickey. They both stared back at me, dumbfounded, with pistols in their hands. They'd both lost their cigars. Me looking at them must have been a cue of some sort, because Johnny started screaming again. "Fuck! I thought you said you patted him down!" "I did!" Mickey protested, giving himself a once over. He'd gotten sprayed with Liquid Sally too, but not nearly as badly as me. "I patted 'im down! He must have kept it by his brajole or something, I don't know." "Fuck!" John shouted again. "Fucking idiot! Are you kidding me? Are you fucking kidding me, Mickey? What good are you then?" "Shut the fuck up. Stop shouting at me. I ain't a fuckin' queer, Johnny, I ain't gonna touch 'im down there," Mickey said, clambering out of the car. We all decided to get out of the Death Mobile. There were trees all around us, as tall as mountains. Credit where credit was due, when the shit hit the fan, Mickey had found a trail and taken us into the forest. "Hey, look. What's done is done. Okay?" Mickey added, and lit himself a smoke, as if after a job well done. "Oh, 'what's done is done', huh?" Johnny growled, and he slammed his fist down on the hood of Mickey's Taurus. "You Howdy Doody motherfucker. If I didn't need you to help us carry this piece of shit, dig the hole, whatever, I'd pop you too. I swear to God." "Yeah, you'd pop me, Johnny. Go ahead, pop me. Fuckin' cocksucker. Marry my sister. Pop me. Fuckin' motherfucker." I was the last one to get out of the car and I didn't quite make it. I tumbled out and rolled onto the ground like I was putting on a circus act. All of the pain suddenly hit me at once, like a bolt from the blue. I touched my knee and, yeah, it hurt even more. I groaned like I was about to give birth. Johnny and Mickey quit their bickering and both turned to stare at me. Blood poured down my leg at a slow and steady trickle, like sweat on a hot afternoon. I'd caught a round there during all the shooting. Hit me in the worst possible place other than an artery - the knee. I could almost feel the hot slug searing its imprint into the bone. Mickey, a decent sort of guy after all, sauntered over to help me up. "You'll be all right. It's nothin'," Mickey said. He helped prop me up against the car. It was very painful and very hard to stand up, but it was kind of important that we did our business and got out of there quickly. What did they do in Pulp Fiction when this shit happened? "You hear me? This is nothin'," Mickey said again. He slapped me lightly on the cheek, and although I could hardly see him or anything else in those pitch black woods, I knew his palm came away red with Sally's blood. As if reading my mind, John leaned into the car and turned the ceiling light on. The Ford Taurus became a bloodstained fucked up little lighthouse and we could all see each other a little better. Mickey continued. "My vet friend, guy who gets me the K, you kno--" Mickey's head exploded too. All his strings were cut and he crumpled to the ground. A few more gun shots rang out. Close range. Johnny. I managed to stay standing and even a little calm throughout the whole thing. I wasn't too shocked. I'd kind of seen it coming. Or maybe my adrenaline was still up. I touched my knee again while Johnny walked over to Mickey and gave his corpse a kick. Yep. Still dead. A little panic started creeping up the inside of my stomach. How were we gonna make all this go away? We'd brought shovels, but this was a whole fucking ordeal now. We'd have to burn the car. Burn the bodies. Burn everything. Were we gonna start a forest fire for this? Would that even be good enough? Could we get everything? Johnny didn't seem to care. He lit himself a smoke, as if it was his turn for that now. A car passed by, somewhere far away, and we both turned to look at the lights until they winked back out into the dark. I had to say something. "My fuckin' blood, Johnny," I pleaded. I needed his help to get out of there. I was afraid that he wouldn't help me clean up. That he'd just leave me there. "My-- my blood. It's everywhere. The DNA. The Feds are gonna--" Johnny was staring at me funny. I stopped talking. God, I could smell all the blood on me. It smelled like pennies. "You're a good kid, Nicky," Johnny said to me, levelling his gun in a way that pointed it directly at my chest. He had it at his hip, like an old-timey cowboy. Probably thought I didn't see it. Or maybe I was meant to see it. Johnny’s eyes were wide open saucers. His blood must have still been up. He licked his dry lower lip like he was contemplating between toast or pancakes for breakfast. When he finally spoke again, it made me flinch. "We've got some work to do. Can you walk?" I swallowed the lump in my throat. Only one word would get me out of there alive. "Yes." -- OOC Information We hold the right to character kill you for any reason if you work for us. Your permission to post screenshots will be in line with your membership. A Marty Halzer joint.
  2. Vincent Torelli From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Vincent Torelli (born November 19, 1987) is an American reputed mobster, and an associate of the Alderney-based Torelli crime family, currently active in southern San Andreas. Vincent's father James Torelli, Jr. is the reputed boss of the Torelli crime family in Alderney City. Allegedly, Vincent worked closely with the Los Santos-based Martorano crime family. He was associated with captain John "Apples" Aparo in Downtown Los Santos during 2022. Prior to his association to the mafia, Vincent also worked as a business analyst for Faraday Securities Corporation, a stockbroking company on Wall Street in Liberty City, from 2005 until 2014. Vincent currently resides in Paleto Bay, San Andreas with his fiancée and their two children. Biography Vincent James Torelli was born on November 19, 1987 at the Westdyke Memorial Hospital in Alderney City. His father James was the acting boss of the Torelli crime family, and is of Sicilian descent with ancestry in Messina, Eastern Sicily. His mother Rosalie (née Sferra) was a homemaker also of Sicilian descent, with relatives in the commune of Ribera, in Agrigento, Western Sicily. Vincent also has a paternal relation to Western Sicily through his fifth cousin Samuel Cantavespre, who's family came from Bisacquino (only 82 kilometers from Agrigento). Samuel's mother Francesca Longo shared a cousin relation with Liberty City mobster Joe N. Gallo of the Amato crime family. Samuel is also a made member of the Liberty City-based Lombardo crime family, and is currently active in Birmingham, Alabama. Vincent was raised in the affluent Montclair neighborhood in Essex County, and attended Immaculate Conception High School. He graduated with a diploma in 2005, and later attended Vespucci University in Liberty City. He graduated in 2011 with a Master's Degree in Business Analytics. Career From 2005 until 2014, Vincent was employed as a business analyst for Faraday Securities Corporation in Liberty City. He was allegedly terminated in November 2014 due to job outsourcing. Vincent was unemployed from 2014 until July 2021. By mid-2021, he began living in Los Santos, San Andreas. He was employed by the Los Santos Waste Department as a driver and fleet manager until August 2022. According to organized crime researchers, Vincent was also employed as a laborer at Horizon Construction, a mafia-operated firm in Los Santos. According to public records, Vincent was also employed by several Martorano-connected bars and restaurants in Los Santos in 2022. As of July 2023, Vincent owns and operates the Pizza Bar, a restaurant in Paleto Bay, San Andreas. Organized crime history Organized crime researchers believe Vincent's initial involvement with the Italian-American mafia began in 2005, when he was hired by Faraday Securities Corporation. His father James Torelli reputedly used his connections to Wall Street businessmen in Algonquin, Liberty City to secure the position for Vincent. He also could've used extortionary tactics against then-executive Sylvester McCollough, who later died of natural causes in 2010. By 2021, Vincent was active in the criminal underworld of Los Santos. It is believed that during much of 2021 and early 2022, Vincent was associated with Melody Frey, a noted criminal figure and political anarchist active in southern San Andreas. It is believed that Frey was responsible for the importation and distribution of large amounts of fentanyl and cocaine via an importer with ties to the San Andreas government, and that Vincent worked as an enforcer for Frey's organized criminal ring on behalf of the Torelli crime family. By the summer of 2022, Vincent allegedly gained a connection to the locally dominant Martorano crime family, and worked primarily as a drug trafficker for the organization. He was associated to the Downtown crew, through captain John "Apples" Aparo (d. 2023). According to witness testimony, Vincent was also an associate of Rocco DiFiore (d. 2022), Ronald DiFiore (d. 2022), and Dominic Civella, the latter of which was indicted in April 2023 for racketeering and embezzlement. As of July 2023, Vincent maintains a loose connection to the mafia presence in southern San Andreas, reputedly working as a representative of the Alderney mafia. He conducts business from the Pizza Bar, a restaurant in rural Paleto Bay. References 1. ^ Black Hand Forum (needs citation) 2. ^ u/Wdstrvx (June 19, 2023). "James Torelli blood relatives c. 2023 ". reddit.com/r/mafia 3. ^ Capeci, Jerry (January 12, 2021). "The Torelli Crime Family - Is It Dead?". Gangland News. 4. ^ Stevens, Garry (November 4, 2004). "The Liberty Mafia - 50 Years After Its Heyday". The Empire Times. 5. ^ (August 27, 2013). "The Sopranos In Real Life - The True Story of the Alderney Mafia". Stonefield Productions. 6. ^ (December 11, 2022). "Bio: James Torelli, Jr.". lcnbios.blogspot.com 7. ^ [23GJCR00173] People of the State of San Andreas v. Dominic Civella
  3. Henry Stelli From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Henry Martino Stelli (born November 14, 1997) is a reputed American mobster in Los Santos, San Andreas. Henry is an associate of the Philadelphia crime family, via member John Amendola, in Vespucci Beach. According to organized crime investigators, Henry has been active in the Vespucci neighborhood of Los Santos, as part of a loosely-knit crew of mob-affiliated criminals on the corner of Bay City Avenue and Aguja Street. Biography Henry Stelli was born in 1997 in Messina, Sicily, to Angelina Stelli. His father remains unknown, but was allegedly an associate of a chapter of Sicilian Cosa Nostra in eastern Sicily who had an extramarital affair with Angelina. Shortly after Henry was born, he and his mother moved to America, possibly coerced by his father. The family settled in upstate Liberty State, near Albany. Henry grew up in Troy, Liberty State near the corner of 4th and Ferry Streets, commonly considered the "Little Italy" of the Albany-Schenectady-Troy Metropolitan Area, having a large Italian-American presence even into the 21st century. Henry commonly associated with local petty criminals during his high school years, specializing in internet scams. In 2014, Henry became associated to Matthew "Matty" Catalano, a Philadelphia-based gangster. Soon after graduating high school, Henry moved to South Philadelphia to pursue a criminal career with Matthew. He was quickly introduced to other associates of Matthew, including John and Victor Amendola, Frank Cascone and Dominick Attardo. Starting in 2018, several members and associates of the Philadelphia family under John Amendola began moving out west to southern San Andreas. The Philadelphia crime family has historically maintained a large presence in San Andreas, especially through Philip Martorano, a former Philadelphia member who led the Martorano crime family until his death in late 2022. Henry arrived in Los Santos in 2018, where he was quick to ingrain himself into the city's criminal underworld. By 2020, Henry had made a name for himself as a marijuana dealer, working primarily with African-American gangsters from the south side. It is believed that Henry is still active in Los Santos as of 2023. Allegedly, he maintains an association to the La Cosa Nostra presence on Aguja Street, earning money through drug trafficking, auto theft and extortion. The Amendola Crew While the Martorano family's strongholds historically include Mission Row on the corner of Sinner Street and Vespucci Avenue, and Vespucci Beach on Bay City Avenue, Henry Stelli and other Amendola associates were primarily active on Aguja Street. The Aguja Street mobsters have maintained a unique identity, and their existence dates as far back as the late-1980s and 1990s, when a crew of the Philadelphia family existed out of the Silver Stallion bar, including now-retired mobsters such as Raymond Sciandra, Victor DiFarina and the recently deceased Benjamin "Benny Venturas" Carneglia, a prominent west coast casino magnate. It is believed that for a brief period of time in the early 2020s, the Amendola Crew was considered under the umbrella of Martorano's organization. However, following the coup against former Martorano boss John "Apples" Aparo by Paul Longo, the family fell into disarray and the Amendola Crew became an independent entity again. References 1. ^ Black Hand Forum (needs citation) 2. ^ Capeci, Jerry (October 14, 2019). "The West Coast Mob Today". Gangland News. 3. ^ u/Wdstrvx (April 21, 2023). "Pics of the Aguja St. Crew, a Philly cell in LS ". reddit.com/r/mafia
  4. "Mafia is a process, not a thing. Mafia is a form of clan-cooperation to which its individual members pledge lifelong loyalty. Friendship, connections, family ties, trust, loyalty and obedience... this was the glue that held us together." - Joseph Bonanno Screenshots by subway244. (These screenshots are OOC unless otherwise stated.)
  5. I honestly have no idea why there's such a stigma against LCN RP these days from the illegal community. Italian mob RP has been around since forever, it's probably the oldest RP'd concept since the earliest days of GTA Roleplay. It's one of the only established roleplay subcommunities that has stayed relatively the same since as far back as the mid-to-late 2000s. There's a lot, and I mean A LOT of people who'd still realistically RP the Italian mob and WANT to, but can't because there's apparently some kind of hatred toward it, by what appears to be only a minority within the illegal scene. The biggest argument I see from people is how "IRL, the mob's presence on the west coast is super small." I'm not arguing that we should turn Los Santos into New York, but there's a reason we RP in a fictional city/universe as opposed to real life Los Angeles. The fictional boundaries of the location enable you to pursue concepts like LCN without 100% adhering to how Los Angeles is IRL. The whole fun of roleplay is escapism, and it's kind of a shift away from good storytelling and more a shift toward Eclipse-ism when OOC considerations come before IC creativity. It's undemocratic and frankly authoritarian, and all it's gonna do is lead to shit-tier RP and further sink the illegal scene into mediocrity. I've been part of servers where what happens IC is policed to the extent where the boundary between In Character and Out Of Character is blurred. It gets to the point where it stops feeling like RP storytelling, and starts feeling like some overly-realistic MMORPG, and it's not fun. It's not what GTAW should be, when we're supposed to be an example to people who's only "RP" experience comes from Eclipse/FiveM. I might sound like a cranky old man, but it's the truth. If people really don't like LCN so much, let them fight it out ICly. In the meantime, if ICly the entirety of New York decides to flock west to set up shop in Los Santos, it should be allowed to happen within the fictional timeline we portray. We're supposed to be creating a simulated fictional city/storyline, not a simulated Los Angeles. Me and a lot of other people view GTAW as really nothing more than meticulously detailed, collaborative worldbuilding. Los Santos is ours to mold and shape, and that extends to the people who find it fun to portray La Cosa Nostra - which like I said, is a big demographic. The same people who claim LCN is unrealistic should also point their fingers at Sinaloan narcotrafficking cells with cowboy hats and body armor, or Russian mobs portrayed like a bratva from Brighton Beach in the 90s. I love all three, and I think they should all be given an equal opportunity to exist ICly - but if only one gets banned on the grounds of "realism", the other two should be as well.
  6. Robert Bonfiglio From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Robert Bonfiglio (born November 20, 1981) is an associate of the Martorano crime family. He was previously an associate with the Colombo crime family's LS-based faction under Angelo Sisca Jr. and Paul Longo. Bonfiglio is considered a senior associate and works as a union representative with ILWU Local 66. He is a minor labor racketeer and was involved with the murder of Anthony Limone, another Colombo associate, in early 2021. Background Bonfiglio was born in Los Santos and a nomad around the city. He moved from area to area at the behest of his parents' entrepreneurial nature. Bonfiglio's performance in school was considered poor and lacking. He was an avid baseball player in high school, but suffered an ankle injury which left him with a permanent gait. He was ineligible for college and instead resorted to employment at a local grocery store. Bonfiglio was briefly involved in a tax fraud scheme in order to support his family. In 2010, Bonfiglio married Lisa Maresco with whom he had two children. In the 2010s, Bonfiglio was a used car salesman in the La Mesa, East Los Santos area, operating the Steals N Deals Auto Dealership. Colombo—Martorano ties Bonfiglio's regular stops at an upstairs whorehouse in a local social club, Sabella's, earned him friendships among numerous mafia figures in the East LS sphere. He befriended Angelo Sisca Jr. and Paul Longo, two soldiers in the Colombo crime family. His growing dependence on alcohol led him astray in Sabella's, and he became entangled in the mob life as a result. Bonfiglio rose to prominence in the Colombo's LS-based faction. He became tight-knit with fellow mob associate Ronald "Moe Chameleon" Ganisa and acted as cleaners and drivers in mafia hits and became a reliable handle for the Longo-Sisca crew, then operating under caporegime Dominic "Donnie Shacks" Montemarano. Anthony Limone Bonfiglio was involved in the clean-up of mob associate Anthony Limone, who was marked for death after allegedly disrespecting a Colombo soldier. He was responsible for disposing of the corpse, and allegedly "rinsed the place of death with hot water and a cloth," until a six-man SWAT team broke into Sabella's and arrested both Bonfiglio and Ganisa in the middle of the process. In a bid for less jail time due to a lack of evidence, Bonfiglio accepted a plea deal charging him with conspiracy to commit murder, and served six months in prison. The murder weapon was never found. Labor racketeering Following Bonfiglio's release, he was fully absorbed by a high-ranking member of the Martorano crime family, Angelo Sisca. Bonfiglio was appointed as a union representative of the International Longshore & Warehouse Union, Local 66, and is considered to be minorly involved with labor racketeering, fraud, and skimming. (( Credits to @The Dirty Duke. ))
  7. Michael John "Little Apples" Aparo August 30th, 1992 - February 7th, 2023 Michael grew up in Mission Row, the son of John Aparo, leader of the now functionally dead Martorano crime family, and former caporegime of the neighborhood. His childhood was marked with violence and fear, living under constant pressure and growing up in the racially turbulent Mission Row district, where Italians and Chinese vied for power over the streets of downtown Los Santos. Michael grew up relatively shielded from the life of La Cosa Nostra, staying a civilian and pursuing a pre-med program at ULSA. However, growing up in the younger, Italian fourth-generation alongside the likes of Thomas Galli and Anthony Falco, his father's life was still an ever-present figure in Michael's childhood. In 2022, following several high profile indictments, departures and an overall decline of the activity of the Mission Row family, especially after the death of founder Philip Martorano and the retirement of Angelo Sisca, the FBI considered the organization functionally defunct. In an effort to preserve the family business, Michael decided to help his father, dropping out of university to enter the life of La Cosa Nostra. Today, the streets are quiet, and gone are the days not too long ago, when wiseguys were everywhere. Italians, especially ones connected to LCN, are few and far between... but they're there, nonetheless. Perhaps Aparo can make an attempt to revive, or at least keep alive, whatever faint heartbeat of the American Mafia still lives on in Los Santos... or die trying. This was the story of Michael Aparo - Little Apples. He was executed by his own family on February 7th, 2023. (Screenshot credits: GhostJCW)
  8. La Cosa Nostra (LCN) is the name federal investigators gave to the organized crime phenomenon typically known as the "American Mafia." In Italian, it means "this thing of ours", signifying its tradition of secrecy and tight lipped membership - a total denial to the outside world of its activities and existence. Upon initiation into one of the sects of the organization, known as "families", members swear an oath to uphold a code of secrecy, known as "Omertà." These values and way of life is, in essence, not dissimilar from its representation in popular media - an extreme emphasis on honor, family and discipline; in work, at home or in the custody of law enforcement. However, gone are the days of the mafia portrayed in "The Godfather" and "GoodFellas" - macho wiseguys in suits, with rivers of money and influence in all corners of society. That time is passed, dead and buried, as the old blood who once held the fate of southern San Andreas' criminal underworld in their hands retire, or face indictment. The "glory days" of the mob have been succeeded by its bastardized son - a shriveling, scared and decaying husk of a system long past its prime. The "city of saints" was once considered the western breadbasket of many families, including the Kansas City crime family's now-defunct crew in Vinewood, spearheaded by Peter Conti, and the Philadelphia family's crew in Downtown L.S., led by Philip Martorano. Today, the city's criminal underworld is little more than a wasteland of biker gangs and skinheads, to the public eye. However, the organization founded by Martorano, which eventually grew to gain independence from the east, still lives on in Los Santos' Mission Row district, albeit in tatters. A Row Tale The Mission Row crime family, also known as the Martorano crime family, was formed in the early-2020s, the result of a union between the Philadelphia family's L.S. crew led by Philip Martorano, and Colombo soldier Angelo Sisca. While their roots in the world of the American Mafia extend decades into the past, it was this alliance that led to what became Los Santos' mafia powerhouse. At its peak, the FBI suggests Martorano's organization had its fingers across the entire city, stretching as far north as Vinewood, as far west as Vespucci, and as far south as the city's port. "When you talk about true power in the L.S. criminal scene, you talk about Martorano. There ain't a thing you can name, that they didn't have some kinda interest in. MMA, sports betting, prostitution, slinging drugs, guns... running bars, casinos, across the whole state. They were in the ports, in the construction industry... hell, I even heard a few of them had interests in insurance and medical fraud. Unions, politicians, the government of the city itself. People wanna talk about Vinewood as being Rome? Hell no. They were just a province. Caesar sleeps in Mission Row." - Dr. Douglas Caruso, San Fierro FBI researcher The power of the Martorano organization came to a decline in the summer of 2022, however. A civil war erupted between the crew led by Joseph Tarano and loyalists to then-boss Angelo Sisca, which culminated in a bloody shootout on May 23rd in Vinewood. Furthermore, tensions between the Bay City Avenue crew and Mission Row led to constant suspicion of one another among the lower ranks. This is also atop much infighting and a rash of mob whacks, including the murder of informant Ronald DiFiore by his brother Rocco, and eventually Rocco himself by unknown assailants in prison, as well as the slaying of Joseph Martinelli in Paleto Bay and the disappearance of Raymond Cirillo, all of which the FBI believe soldiers Brandon Conradina and Dominic Civella, as well as associate Vincent "The Suit" Torelli to be involved. The Fall of Rome Atop the string of homicides in the late-summer months of 2022, came a wave of retirements, including many of the old-timers of the organization - boss Angelo Sisca, longtime captains Frank Palma and Robert Satriano, and soldiers John "Apples" Aparo, Anthony "Big Tony" Fiorentino, Samuel Marotta and Jacob Barbieri. Coupled with the death of Philip Martorano, the organization collapsed as, allegedly, the two crews scrambled to conglomerate and carry on their activities. A power vacuum was created. For a short time, the organization was led by John Aparo, who later retired and appointed Jacob Barbieri as his de facto successor. However, following the retirement of Barbieri himself, the organization fully collapsed and fell into a comatose state. In November 2022, however, activity in the Mission Row district picked up again, following the ascension to power from Aparo's son, Michael - also known as "Little Apples." Michael could be considered part of the "yuppie gangster" generation, belonging to the same fold of young thugs such as Anthony Falco, Tommy Galli and Troy Gattuso. Michael entered into a pre-med program at ULSA, before suddenly dropping out after a semester to acquire further tutoring from his father, in the methods and lifestyle of LCN. Considered by many on the streets to be the de facto leader of the organization, he was allegedly given the blessing by Jacob Barbieri to continue his father's legacy in Mission Row. The Next Generation Today, the remnants of the Martorano crime family can be seen in Mission Row, particularly in the Goldie's bar on the corner of Vespucci Avenue and Sinner Street - a historically Italian-American part of Downtown Los Santos. Among his alleged associates include Salvatore Bertolini, a former Liberty City-based gangster and associate of Vincent Torelli and his father, and old-timer Samuel Marotta, who served as the closest ally to John Aparo during the Sisca era. Aparo, Marotta and Bertolini can frequently be seen coming in and out of Goldie's. The word on the street is that the Los Santos LCN's finest hour is still far in the future, but as for whether or not Aparo's venture will survive, only time will tell.
  9. The Caprione Crew Founded By: Joseph & Giacomo Caprione Founding Location: Los Santos, San Andreas. Criminal activities Racketeering, extortion, fraud, murder, weapons dealing, illegal gambling, loansharking, bookmaking, conspiracy, assault, bribery, drug smuggling, money laundering. The Caprione Family is an Italian-American Mafia (La Cosa Nostra) organised crime family based in the San Andreas city of Los Santos. It was formed in 2010 by Giacomo Caprione, who led the family until his death in 2017 the present day — now being operated by the Boss, Joseph Caprione and his strong right-hand man Tony Santora with around 30+ members. Origin Sometime in the winter in 1990, an Italian immigrant from Brindisi named Giacomo Caprione formed a gang of street thugs in what is now the Caprione Crime Family with some of his friends who were also immigrants. After pulling small-time jobs like truck thefts and car-jackings, Caprione formed alliances with another Italian-American street group with the promise of high-up positions and steady profits if Caprione was in charge. In 2010, the two groups merged, forming the Caprione crime family. The family specified in thefts, murders, burglaries, smugglings, gambling, and extortion. The family started to get in touch and do business with gangs in surrounding cities and even some in surrounding states. Overall in its first three decades, under Giacomo Caprione, it fared well with other gangs. The Caprione Assasination Attempt In 2015, a capo named Victor Fara questioned Caprione's authority and started talking behind his back. Gino Moretti, a soldier who talked to Fara frequently, informed Caprione about this. Caprione had a sit down with Fara trying to sort the dispute, but after Fara tried to control Caprione's rackets and conspired to kill Caprione, Caprione had him killed. On October 11, 2015, John DeVano was killed outside of his home by two gunmen. Death of Giacomo Caprione and power vacuum On July 8, 2017, Giacomo Caprione died of a heart attack at Los Santos Phillbox Hospital. Following his death, many family members feared a violent fight for leadership. A rumour had started that Joseph "Joey" Francisco, the family's consigliere, was trying to become boss. Before becoming consigliere, Francisco served as an ineffective captain with an unstable crew. Exercising power, Francisco demanded that captain John LoCosta, who was another candidate for boss, be shelved. Following this, underboss Tony Santora ordered his murder. Joseph Francisco disappeared in October 2017 and his body has never been found. Although Santora was on LoCosta's side, John LoCosta was seen as power-hungry and ruthless. Two Caprione capos, Dominic Disilvestro and Peter Corrado were trying to take power, gaining support for Corrado to become boss and Disilvestro consigliere. Seeing this, John LoCosta ordered three of his soldiers, Antonino Galante, Bernard Conelli, and George Caccaro to perpetrate the hits on the two captains. Although the three agreed with Disilvestro and Corrado's plan to take over, they had to follow LoCosta's orders. On November 23, 1959 Disilvestro and Corrado met at Corrado's home to discuss their plan further. Galante, Horrocio, and Caccaro threw molotov cocktails through an open window of Corrado's house, killing Disilvestro, Corrado, and Corrado's wife Juliana. It was after this hit, that Santora and Joseph Caprione (the new consigliere after Joseph Francisco's death) saw that LoCosta had to be stopped before he caused another civil war. On January 2, 2018, LoCosta was shot and killed outside a Casino Lounge in downtown Vinewood. It was after this murder, in March 2018 that Joseph Caprione took the position of boss, and Santora, remaining at the underboss position. Santora Regime Tony Santora When it was finally decided that Joseph Caprione and Tony Santora would rule in 2018, the Caprione family controlled the north-part of the city of Los Santos. This would generate about $6,000,000 over the next two years. It was during this time the family came into contact with a smart and wealthy supplier named Samuel James. Samuel would later become a capo in the family. It was also during this time that Santora was charged for one count of assault and one count of attempted murder, and was brought to court. The trial went on for about five months, and a powerful captain named Gino "Big Boomer" Moretti was put into the position as acting boss because even though Santora was free and could still rule and control, he felt he had enough to deal with. Two witnesses eventually bailed when they learned of Santora’s position in the Los Santos underworld. The case was dismissed. Santora brought new gambling rackets and other low-level easily intimidated businesses into the question, boasting new business operations for the family. Once business was a pizzeria. After extorting the pizzeria (and most businesses on the same street) under the pretence of security and protection, Santora and his colleagues became friendly with the owner. In about 2 months of extorting the business, Santora, Joseph and other Caprione family members were doing business out of the back room. The family would sneak in guns from Italy in the same truck as the delivered cheese, which would come every week. Although the owner did not want this, he was under a contract with the family Historical Leadership Boss: 2010 - 2017 — Giacomo Caprione — deceased 2017 - Present Day — Joseph Caprione. 2017 - Present Day — Vinny Arcangelo Underboss: 2010 - Present Day — Tony Santora. Consigliere: 2010 - 2015— Joseph "Joey" Francisco — murdered 2010 - Present Day — Gino “Big Boomer” Moretti. 2010 - Present Day— Luca Arcangelo. 2010 - Present Day — Samuel James. OUT OF CHARACTER This faction aims to portray an entirely fictional organized criminal family with legitimate businesses operating under its sphere hence making it a wide connection of various different activities. The current faction leaders aim to tribute the faction under a more centralized break off group with an actual leadership but still allowing versatility, and a sense of independence. This entire faction’s concept has been made of events that have happened ICly meaning IC events are what caused a build up to the forming of the faction meaning it is completely fictional and only based on things that have happened IC as development is what caused the forming of the faction hence we also prioritize character development in the first place due to that was what have made us in the first place meaning we value the growth of our people, and how they progress as a member of the Caprione Crew. We will also make sure teach things Icly and how can we able to help your character out progress since character development is indeed promised when joining. All members must join, progress, and rise up in the faction through IC methods. We are more than happy to help you on how to join the faction if you wish to tag along with us on our journeys the more the merrier after all. We value character development as a whole in the faction and allow individuality within the group hence why we are versatile and even allow members to possibly start their own semi-autonomous crew within the Northside Criminal Syndicate, or allow them to roleplay however they wish to portray themselves. This may not be the faction for you if you wish to get into consistent shootouts, or commit excessive crimes to the point it'll bring us too much attention we first value build ups of character before we can put you down to the heavy duty work we also value the well being of your character hence why we always prefer to play our cards smart instead of going outright aggressive. We don't mind action there, and there but we do not recommend too much action since we do value roleplay and the development of our members rather than them outright going jail, or getting murdered etc that doesn't mean we will limit your individuality as a criminal but we will advise you to be discreet whenever on the act, we often teach things Icly in order to allow you to progress as a character then leave you and your crews to figure out their own ways of how they will grow as a team, and then contribute to the Northside Criminal Syndicate. It is clear that everyone represents the faction in whatever way they can. Thus, we've developed an extremely simple aptitude test that checks for these skills: Reaction time (reading and typing). Comprehensive capacity. Grammatical proficiency. Efficiency (capacity to perform intended tasks). The aptitude test is entirely in game, and symbolized through in character emotes. We have a Discord for those who are interested in joining and roleplaying with us to build yourself up as a member of the main ranks of the Family, Associate, perhaps a business partner? No worries, look no forward, come along and join this Discord if you express interest in interacting with us we’ll find a way Icly however, we will not OOCLY recruit. https://discord.gg/5p6BM98QM9
  10. Richard Lupo, a former blue-collar, is an owner of a blue-collar business at the northern-end of the city, at Morningwood as known as The Mighty Bush. Richard Lupo is also holder of the dubious telephone sex line, 1-800-LIPS that provide call girls to moonlight in his hotline. He is one of the go-to members of the society in Morningwood & Del Perro together with Christopher Julio and Samuel Reale. He's the Vice President member of the coveted Morningwood - Del Perro Chamber of Commerce (MDP-CoC). His unofficial involvements also include a car-theft operation and more with Patrick Cinghia and Samuel Reale. Dick / Rich Lupo is a former resident of 2333 Jamestown Street in Rancho who lost his house due to the housing crisis in the local area in advance.
  11. The thread will follow Michael's development. Michael is a young Italian-American in his mid 20's and he was born in Los Santos. His father died when he was in early teens, his mother was sick and she could not work. So, as every good kid, he started working to survive with his mother. She would tear up every time he'd bring money home. He felt happy to be able to help his mother, two years later, his mom passed away and he was left alone. He felt very sad for the few weeks but he could not change the fact that they died. He's living alone and he is working different types of jobs to earn money. Michael Calabrese in 2019, three days before his birthday:
  12. The Ashland Ave Connection The Ashland Ave Connection is a group of one initiated member and associates of the Chicago Outfit expanding their illegal, and legal revenues into Blaine County, San Andreas. Specifically around Paleto Bay. With a goal to build up their influence in North San Andreas, these men from the Outfit have been sent to be the primary source of income for the Chicago Outfit on the west coast of the United States. The Great Arrival In the late 19th Century, the whole peninsula of Italy was brought under one flag but the land and people were by no means unified. There was violence and chaos regularly and poverty was widespread, the richest of areas were even finding the struggles. The government was in no position to help its people and eventually many Italians overheard chants about the 'American Dream', where boatloads of Italy’s people moved to America in an event known as 'The Great Arrival' which lasted from 1880-1920. During those five decades, it was just numerous Italian-American gangs that preyed on each other in their own neighborhoods and once prohibition was ratified in 1919-1920 it only made things worse. Once the gangs realized the large amounts of money they could make from the production and distribution of alcohol, many of them started to surge in power and money. Two gangs in specific grew exponentially, causing a bloody power struggle to break out in an event known as the 'Castellammarese War' in the 1920's. The smaller gangs had limited involvement but took the opportunity to take over their own territory. Many Italians were involved in the smuggling of alcohol, and some even got invited to Chicago to participate in a Canadian bootlegger/smuggling operation. One of the few invited were Al Capone and his work during prohibition quickly shot him through the hierarchy, becoming the boss of the Chicago Outfit in 1925. The Chicago Outfit The Chicago Outfit smuggled alcohol for many years, until Al Capone got sentenced for tax evasion in 1931 and until Frank Nitti got released in 1932 and started taking the Outfit into other rackets such as labor racketeering, gambling, and loansharking due to the decline of prohibition. This was when the Outfit expanded into surrounding U.S cities such as those in San Andreas. At the time one of those cities was Los Santos, where some muscle from the Outfit were caught red-handed trying to shake down the Vinewood movie industry and even got caught up in a plot to take over Vinewood itself, getting sentenced to almost a decade in prison. This caused Nitti to commit suicide before his trial. Two new bosses emerged after that incident, Ricca and Accardo, (a rare instance of shared power in LCN) both of these men operated behind the scenes in complete secrecy, utilizing a front-boss at all times from former members of the Forty-Two Gang. By staying behind the scenes, these two lasted far longer than Al Capone, but the Outfit suffered many more hardships which eventually led to its decline. The Decline The 60’s were the height of the Outfit due to Accardo using the Teamsters pension fund to engage in massive money laundering through the Outfit’s casinos, but the 70’s and 80’s were the Outfit at their lowest. Law enforcement continued to apply pressure on the organization, Off-Track betting cut bookmaking profits, and illicit casinos couldn’t keep up with the competition from legitimate ones. Many rackets such as auto theft, sports betting, extortion, etcetera didn’t make up for lost profits. Many key components of the Outfit were also lost, such as Allen Dorfman who ran money embezzlement operations when he was investigated by the Department of Justice. The FBI wire-tapped Dorfman’s personal and company phone lines, gathering enough evidence to convict him and several associates of attempting bribery on a state senator to get rid of the trucking industry rates. If Dorfman succeeded, the Outfit would have regained all of its lost profits and then some. This incident was dubbed Operation Pendorf and was a huge blow to the Chicago Outfit. Operation GAMBIT (GAMBling ATtorney) was another crippling blow to the Outfit, this time to its influence on politics in the First Ward, which represented most of downtown Chicago. Pat Marcy ran the First Ward, fixing cases from traffic violations to murder. Mafia Attorney and associate, Robert Cooley, was one of those who represented many clients in fixed cases. Cooley was a made guy and as a result he was asked to whack a city police officer, leading him to contact the Organized Crime Task Force, declaring "I'd like to help you destroy the First Ward. I want to help you destroy Pat Marcy." The FBI immediately made Cooley a cooperative informant, sending him back to the First Ward wearing surveillance equipment. Cooley recorded many conversations with Marcy and other associates at the ‘First Ward Table’, which resulted in the conviction of 24 corrupt judges, lawyers, and cops. Accardo died in 1992, completely avoiding the inside of a cell his whole life by being a “shadow boss” and unlike the 5 families in New York, the transition from Accardo to the next generation of Outfit bosses was actually seamless and without struggle. The hardships were far from over though, as from 1999-2005 many investigations were made against the outfit such as Operation Family Secrets, in which Frank Calabrese Jr. and Nick Calabrese, son and brother of Frank Calabrese Sr., testified against him which led to the incarceration of Frank Sr. as well as over 14 made men and associates. The Ashland Ave Crew and Operation Family Secrets Upon becoming a caporegime in 1998, Lewis Palazzi assumed control of the Ashland Ave crew in the greater metropolitan area of Chicago. Overseeing a wide range of illegal activities from a mob affiliated record store. As years went by, the Ashland Ave crew began to bring in a new generation of associates working under the outfit in an attempt to regain their power and control in Chicago. In 2002, a large portion of the crew were picked up in a conspiracy of arson after a local shop owner refused to pay his debt owed to the mob. Leading to multiple associates turning witness against multiple inducted members of the crew. Little were they aware, Operation Family Secrets had been going on for years. A 43 page indictment against the outfit being presented in April 2005. Leading to conviction of Joseph Lombardo in 2007. At this point the FBI had put it's foot down on the Outfit and the organization had been placed under heavy surveillance. More and more members were being rounded up as the years went by. Landing a major blow to a large portion of income the outfit was bringing in legally and illegally. In 2008, Palazzi and most of his top men would be indicted on multiple counts of racketeering. Destroying most of the leadership of the Ashland Ave crew and leadership being passed over to long time soldier Roman Franchetti, who then became an acting capo. The Spring Indictment With most of the Ashland Ave Crew incarcerated, the financial situation under Franchetti's leadership began to decline more and more. Eventually leading the crew to discuss new markets of revenues. Leading to them moving into the drug distribution industry. In the old days, narcotics were frowned upon trade within La Cosa Nostra, and any involvement being a death sentence for any members despite status. With support of the bosses, Franchetti would move on to host a ceremony, inducting a new line of members into the outfit. Using them to establish a connection with other wiseguys in South Florida to begin their first step into the drug business. The first three years went smooth, the crew bringing in enough income that they didn't know what to do with it. All seemed good until an associate was killed in a transaction gone wrong. Leading to CPD acquiring and downloading the cellphone of the deceased. After discovering that there may be mob involvement in the Chicago drug trade, all evidence was passed up to the FBI. Starting an investigation on the Ashland Ave Crew. In 2012, an undercover sting was set up on Johnathan Capozzi while he was planning to pick up a shipment to bring back to Chicago. Unbeknownst to the FBI, he wouldn't make it to the deal due to being arrested the morning of for assault after a fight following a traffic accident. Ultimately sabotaging most of the operation to catch him with the narcotics in hand. Unfortunately, they had enough evidence to land a case of conspiracy on him. Upon his release the next day, federal agents would swarm the Metrowest Detention Center. Bringing Capozzi in and hitting him with conspiracy to distribute. Losing Capozzi put a major dent in the crews’ distribution ring, leaving Franchetti in a bad financial spot with the bosses of the outfit. After scrambling to try and repair the connection with South Florida, he began to act off of impulsive behavior. Setting up a meeting and flying down to Florida to meet with the distributors himself. Unaware of how heavy the FBI were surveilling his movements. Now that Franchetti was directly involved, the FBI started to take action. Rounding up multiple associates in Florida and Chicago linked to him, eventually starting their process of indictment against the soldier using all evidence they could find on their operations. In the spring of 2013, the indictment came down. Federal agents rounded up another round of members of the Ashland Ave Crew including Franchetti. Once again sticking a knife in the back of the outfit's operations in the criminal underworld. The Move to Paleto Bay After the spring indictment, most of the Ashland Ave crew began to fall apart. Their soldier and most of their associates had been locked up or ongoing rackets absorbed by the greater Grand Ave crew. After multiple court appearances from Franchetti and his boys, a large portion of evidence was deemed unworthy in the eyes of the federal justice system due to bribery and the FBI rushed to gain any evidence they thought would have a lead. After his final court appearance, Roman Franchetti was sentenced to eight years in prison with three years served due to tax evasion and conspiracy to launder money. The rest of his crew facing time were all slapped with similar charges, leaving Ashland Ave mainly defunct. In 2019, Johnathan Capozzi was finally released after serving seven years from his conspiracy case in Florida. Returning to the streets of Chicago and sharing the position of acting capo with Anthony Brusco. The two attempted to return the crew to its previous state, a large array of internal affairs with the other crews under the outfit following along. After almost two years of power struggles and chaos, the bosses finally decided to step in. Putting the remaining members of the Ashland Ave crew temporarily on the shelf until a resolution to the issues could be found. Much speculation and many debates took place over the first months of 2021, the boss of the outfit finally reached a verdict and called forth all of the men from Ashland Ave. As of the early twenties, like many families the outfit has placed itself in many legitimate businesses. Having a foothold in construction, real estate, and other similar affairs across the country. After the mess in the 80s, trying to repair their reach across the states has proved to be a difficult task and their limited manpower has crippled their actions even within the Windy City. To avoid a war that would risk any more of their numbers, the suggestion to send Ashland Ave to the west coast to explore lost business ventures was suggested. A specific town called Paleto Bay coming under the limelight. Due to the soon expected release of Roman Franchetti, members of the crew set out to inspect Paleto. There they prepare to move their operations into the city to bring further revenue back to the outfit and avoid pressure from the federal government. Here, the long and hard journey for the crew begins. OOC Section The Ashland Ave Connection aims to portray a completely fictional yet realistic La Cosa Nostra family in GTA World’s San Andreas. This faction takes inspiration from real western crime families while taking liberties of their own for creativity and originality. A big factor we wish to display is the politics of LCN and organized crime around it. Open to being very interactive and giving anyone we come across an authentic experience of dealing with the American mob. For all that wish to take part, we will be following a strict canvas of rules to make sure all roleplay is kept to an authentic level while also being fun for everyone apart of the organization or around it. One very important reminder to anyone who intends to make a Italian character is that we will not condone off the boat characters. A high majority of Italian Americans do not speak or know Italian besides basic phrases, being said that any use of the Italian language to powergame hiding conversations or talk shit on people will not be tolerated at all. Anyone who joins this faction has been warned. Faction leadership reserves the right to CK (Character Kill) anyone in the faction and we in turn ensure we won’t kill characters under any circumstances without valid reasons. Screenshots are posted with the approval of leadership. More information on the faction, and inquires to become part of the faction or any issues regarding it can be directed to the following person(s) on the forums or Discord: Mac Aodhagain#0858 proxywire#0484 Moose#9395 @TheMac_Aodhagain @ChillZoner173 @Mooseicles https://discord.gg/TynwXfcrSA - Official Faction Discord.
  13. Clinton Avenue in North Vinewood is home to a large Italian-American community and as a result, is home to prime breeding grounds for the American mafia with direct ties to the Conti Crime Family. As a result of the large number of Italian-American households in the area, it has and continues to provide the Conti Crime Family with a very strong pool of individuals to look at for recruitment. From struggling fathers, college students, and local kids who can easily be groomed for a life of crime. The North Vinewood Gang is a group of locals who have grown up and experiences organized crime for hand for more than 15 years. The local kids aren't seen a burden but as an opportunity. They'd make an easy $20 just for showing face on Clinton Avenue. Run an errand? Here's a couple of bucks. Smash a window, wash a car, anything was a few bucks here and there for these local kids. Simple, easy money.. Who needs to work when you can get paid just for coming out of your house? The sense of maturity that was instilled in them when they were handed the keys of an expensive car had these kids hooked. If they had any problems they knew who they could and should go to for advice. These kids were seen at the future and they were groomed from day one. They longer that they were exposed to this glamorous lifestyle full of flashy cars, the expensive clothes, and a different woman every night of the week, the more they were drawn to the lifestyle. They began moving from washing cars to delivering notes, picking up payment, and hiding weapons by the time they were 14 years old and it wasn't long after that they began running numbers. The core group of up-and-comers on Clinton Avenue banded together and made their own crew with a vow to be there to put one another first. As they either finished or dropped out of high school the crew solidified and began taking on new tasks. Selling drugs, extortion, robbery, loan sharking, numbers, and vehicle theft all in the name of being a good earner. With the dream of gaining membership to the most lavish club they could imagine. The three founding members of this crew coined the tradition of getting a solid spade tattooed on their right calf used to identify one another as being a member of Clinton. Characteristics of these individuals was consistent; being a good earner and a strong enforcer. These loose cannons had the tendency to be far more dangerous than most connected members of the neighborhood as these guys were willing to do anything to make a reputation for themselves. OOC Info. This groups is aiming to portray a realistic group of individuals that grew up in a mob-infested neighborhoods. Developing from a group of wannabes with their connections to crime. Membership in this group is open to anyone who is interested though it is selective.
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    This thread will follow the developments of Peter Moro.
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