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  1. Then I think a better approach would be to contact RPQM vs outright banning roleplay.
  2. Exactly, we're on a HEAVY roleplay server and suicide and depression definitely exist IRL. I think removing too many types of roleplay totally shuts down certain ways we can develop our characters. Is suicide th ban or how about attempted suicide too? I am bias because this does affect my character
  3. I understand the seriousness of suicide IRL I've had friends and relatives even who've attempted it. But, to ban people from commiting it ingame is stupid. Suicide 100% exists and is a real serious thing so I agree it needs stronger RP than /me yeets himself off the roof but to outright ban it is just a stupid idea IMHO feel free to reply and give further insight but this is my opinion. As an example one of my characters is a veteran who has severe PTSD which can and does sometimes give him suicidal thoughts. Does this mean I can no longer dive into this type of roleplay because it may trigger some people? Truthfully, I created the character with the sole purpose OF TRIGGERING YOU. Make you realize the real sad reality of being a veteran.
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sHTSs5L1EHY E: for some reason it won't let me embed my own video to the forum :'( I didn't want to bring people off site.
  5. Now that I've read it in Johnny Bravo's voice I can't unsee that...
  6. Anyone else play this ? Anybody who does trying to bring along another member of your squad? Thoughts on it's beta release thus far?
  7. I like the gameplay elements of SAMP in terms of the shooting and fighting but GTA V Roleplay is the new king, as everything else here is superior.
  8. They should be punished with an a-jail, have all the items on them of value removed from their character(ones that would be lost) and obviously punishments should scale from there up to a ban, that's my opinion.
  9. I agree with the niche roleplay shops, I had a shoe store open for the longest time but I didn't get a lot of sales because people didn't want to come buy shoes they cant actually see on their feet. what kept me afloat were customers who just supported the roleplay
  10. Why? Looking at that exact thread people are clowning him. Terrible example because nobody even wants it for that price anyway. Just move on and let him think his little ass room is worth 300k
  11. Onto the suggestion this is something that's nearly impossible to administrate so I don't really see this being a thing.
  12. Juicebox.

    Press Realism

    Last year during those "protests" in the streets of America, I saw a video of a bunch of "protestors" gang up and beat a man to death in the streets, then we got to see his mangled body. Disturbing shit. I literally have it burned into my brain, it was a very hard thing to look at. They do post stuff like this sometimes just not often. I won't show the picture to anyone here because I don't think anyone should have to, but all his freaking limbs were NOT facing the direction they should be.
  13. Hello, Los Santos. Recently, my business has been under fire by another company, Seo-Hee Min's Maritime, claiming that I endanger the lives of my passengers. Although this person had next to no views on this post, and they recently deleted their post, this post still had the potential to do a lot of harm and reach a lot of people. They are putting my business at harms' way with unfounded claims that I am putting you all at risk of death. I assure you we do everything we can to keep the riders on my boat safe, as we go through the rapids near the Alamo Sea. Going through the Rapids is a common thing to do when it's available across the country, and it will continue to do so. However, please keep in mind that going through any rapids does come with a form of danger as they are a rushing current with rocky outcrops all around. This is why we sign a liability waiver before taking this ride. Accidents happen, especially when somebody goes against the rules of the boat and get themselves hurt. If you were to do something against the captain's orders and put yourself in harms way, the waiver is designed to keep the captain out of any legal ramifications. It is not to make up for bad boating skills. They claim I do so by not providing any papers to show my skills and abilities to be a boat driver, but that's because this person harassed me via text message demanding I turn them over. I will not do so, and it is not a crime to refuse to give my harasser any information in regards to my boating experience. My business will continue to remain open, we give proper demonstrations before entering my boat on how to keep yourself and others safe at all times, and will continue to serve the community to the best of our abilities. We will not let such statements further bring a new found business down, like she wants. Please be safe out on the water at all times, whether on my boat or not and I do not recommend going through the rapids unless you are with a professional, because they are extremely dangerous and can put you in harms way.
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