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  1. I mean if you forget sounds like you don't even need a gun in the first place honestly. As for the rest good for you man, it's always important people know guns and how to use them IN MY OPINION if your country gives you a right to own one. And I freaking hate gun safes because "o shit some1 broke into my house lets put this pin in open my safe, load my gun, and then defend myself!" that's how you are technically suppose to do it. Oh and the ammunition is supposed to be in it's own safe as well lol technically. All of that is just a recipe for disaster.
  2. I promise you he will tell you how to know what caliber your gun is. And then question why the hell you are allowed to own a gun. And yes, even though you can legally purchase a firearm you can 100% be denied a sale for any reason in the United states of America. Don't like a guys' beard? No gun for you. Is he wearing blue and you don't like blue? No sale. I personally suggest you do some firearm research independently before trying to spew information about roleplay surrounding firearms. It's important. Or maybe this can open a gun instructing course on t
  3. I promise you it's not comparable to the fiber content in your bowl of cereal. I can eat a bowl of cereal without knowing that information. In order to get the right bullets for a gun and use it, you need to know the caliber of the gun. I can see some old bastard not knowing this information, but this is vital information that EVERY gun owner should know and better know if they bought for self defense, otherwise what are ya doin? I'd go as far as to say if you don't know the caliber of your gun, or don't know how to check, every gun shop should outright deny to sell yo
  4. If you can't even name what caliber of gun you're using you don't deserve to own a firearm, that's basic information. How would you even have ammunition for your gun and not know what caliber it is?
  5. Just recently made a new account, just for the steam edition of runescape 🙂
  6. Okay yeah I thought you were asking for a direct ratio comparable to LA never mind lol
  7. So let me get this straight... you're asking for the server to demand we only have 1-2 officers or magically make half an officer to patrol the streets? This makes no sense and once again you are comparing us to LA but we are LS. Our crime rate is far superior of LA. As for just asking to get caught shooting somebody in the middle of street... well that's pretty logical. You shoot somebody in the middle of the street when you know a shit ton of officers are patrolling the area at all times... it's a dumb decision on the shooters end lol. If you want to shoot somebody a
  8. The server has 600-700 players online at once during its peak times.
  9. Well, I don't see a good approach to this, because they also shouldn't sit back and wait to respond if they hear gunshots, that's super unrealistic on their part as well. Also keep in mind we can never fully compare ourselves to LA and south Central because, we aren't LA or South Central LA, we are Los Santos, a population of 600 that has crime rates that far exceed any other place in the world. So police presence, naturally due to the over-exaggerated crime rates, will skyrocket. I go as far as to argue that certain groups should be stomped out sooner. As it currently stands PD do
  10. Thank you for everyone who was able to show up to the grand opening! We had a successful first day in business and we were hosting a PS5 giveaway for our first day. Congratulations to Samuel Onishi for winning a PS5 w/ the NBA 2K21 bundle! *The above photograph was taken with an iPhone XS*
  11. He makes a solid point. The server is setup where americans are constantly rping at night time, but the moment some1 suggests that they try and make it so it can be both day/night for both timezones "No that can't happen because I don't want to change my roleplay" It's really unfair as is, because my character has seen daylight a handful of times and that's because I've had to stay up late as hell. I will say that if the server is unwilling to cater to both sides on day/night ingame then there should never be a precedent of "it's broad daylight you can't d
  12. I think this is a fair arguement considering a lot of businesses that would NEVER be open at night are, well, open at night, for the sole purpose of the timezones.
  13. The 1 game u never quit, just take extended breaks from. Who's all played it? Who still does? What's your stats looking like? Everything runescape 🙂
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