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  1. Username: Anonymous Comment: The LSPD's PR team has been infiltrated by Bobcrap security. Disgusting, this is why I only trust reputable sources like The Los Santos Post™️.
  2. Username: Anonymous Comment: Cancelling all my contracts with Bobcat. This is disgusting.
  3. Username: Los Santos Post (Official) Comment: Gamers will be banned from the comment section.
  4. IS IT TIME TO BRING BACK CAPITAL PUNISHMENT? BY MILO NEIL Los Santos, SA - Ten. Dead. Deputies. In. A. Week. Unthinkable property damage. Riots. Under normal circumstances, this would be a time of utmost crisis. So what are our politicians doing? Well, playing Xbox, apparently. Yes, he really gets paid for this Back in more civilized times, murdering law enforcement qualified as capital murder. Unfortunately, thanks to thin-skinned, woke geniuses who voted to abolish it in the summer of '21, it's now a one way ticket to living life as a celebrity in prison. Murdering the brave members of our law enforcement used to carry with it a penalty fitting of the crime. If you'd like to know more, ask the the family of now deceased thug cop-killer Anthony Ramirez. But now it's nothing but a badge of honor for criminals. Let's do the right thing and undo one of the most unjust and ill thought out decisions of 2021. Let's make cop killing scumbags think twice before pulling the trigger. Maybe then we'll see a curb in crime rates. Or at least, less of our brave MEN AND WOMEN in law enforcement being target practice for jumped up thugs. COPYRIGHT THE LOS SANTOS POST > Comments are enabled Username: Comment:
  5. Username: The Los Santos Post (Official) Comment: Just heard some very interesting things from senior sources in the maritime industry. Watch this space.
  6. WOKE "CAPTAIN" SNUBS DESMOND BROWN? BY MILO NEIL Los Santos, SA - To many in Los Santos, the community outreach worker Desmond Brown is sorely missed after his unfortunate passing in March of this year. Brown's efforts included working tirelessly to re-open the B.J Community Center in the Davis Area as well as engaging with low income communities in South Los Santos. According to well placed sources in the maritime industry, he was intended to have a yacht named after him in the fleet of a local 'sea captain'. Thanks to a leak from contractors working with Ms. Seo-Hee though that we have been given a few days ago, we've been reliably informed that plans have been scrapped in favor of using 'female names'. Desmond Brown According to the captain's website, which launched late October, the company is "the current state leading marine service". An audacious claim for a firm with multiple noted allegations of renting ships with numerous problems, including in one case a yacht with holes in the hull almost sinking in the bay of Los Santos. Miss Seo-Hee has repeatedly made multiple questionably sexist posts in both her own and the company Facebrowser posts. She has also been a vocal critic of famed Los Santos based security company Gruppe Six, San Andreas' premier private security providers. Boats can only be female? What year is this? "This... this is sickening, I can't believe she's disgraced his memory", said a young lady who claimed to know Desmond Brown. "I'm crying right now thinking about this, it's just too much for me". Many in the community have been outraged at this decision to snub Brown, but unfortunately the issues don't end there. There's been community outrage as of late in the businesses' targeting of... funnily enough... underprivileged youths from low income communities. Just what Desmond would have wanted? But besides the latent sexism and targeting of minorities, the "captain" decided to follow up the memory of Desmond Brown by doxing and harassing teenagers by taking multiple photographs of them and posting them online. In these images we clearly see Seo-Hee having taken pictures of a teenager, just for being near her property. Does the youth of today not get any privacy? Is this the type of community outreach Desmond would have wanted? Desmond Brown? Nowhere in sight As for poor Desmond, well he's out of the picture now. Forgotten about and had his memory trampled on by a woman who seems to only care about ranting about ethnic minority youths and Los Santos' flagship security company (who committed the sole crime of wanting to speak to her once). "She didn't bother donating to our charity, we told you this in your last article" said a local activist for a sick and disabled children's charity. "Now she's insulting Desmond and harassing and doxxing the youth... this has gone on too long." We, at The Los Santos Post, agree. > Comments are enabled Username: Comment:
  7. BARRACK OBAMA to address State Senate BY MILO NEIL Los Santos, SA - Barrack Obama, 44th President of the United States, is believed to be addressing the State Senate for this year's New Year's Address. While the date has yet to be confirmed, the former President has been seen in the state and has reportedly accepted a live television interview with LSNN, the Los Santos News Network. Barrack Obama A former State Senator himself serving in the Illinois State Senate from 1997 to 2004, President Obama reportedly accepted a personal invite from San Andreas State Senate personnel. Rumors are that Obama intends to drop some hints about his upcoming book, to his 2020 memoirs "A Promised Land" during his interview with LSNN, a promo run being his reasoning for being in the state. "President Obama is very pleased to be addressing the San Andreas State Senate" a publicist from President Obama's team told the Los Santos Post. "He and Michelle have always loved the state and see it as a home from home." While there is some confusion about the exact date of the address, it is believed that the Richman Hotel is booked out for the next week by Obama's Secret Service detail, hinting that is where the Floridian born President is staying and that he'll be in town for the next week. Further announcements are believed to be made over the coming days by the Senate's Press team. COPYRIGHT THE LOS SANTOS POST > Comments are enabled Username: Comment:
  8. WHO ASKED? Sea "captain" forgoes charity and instead pays to slander G6 BY MILO NEIL Los Santos, SA - Christmas, the season of giving. Normally, upstanding members of society generously open their wallets to make donations to local charities to help change the lives of those of those struggling in our local communities. But for one supposed sea "captain", there's bigger fish to fry. In fact, what's more important to her is giving money to a social media network to cry about how some staff at Gruppe-Six tried to speak to her once. No wonder one anonymous commenter dubbed this "pathetic attention seeking". Very woke Woke, pathetic drivel? Yes, you may say that. But it's not surprising. Virtue signalling about Gruppe-Six is of course in the vogue. Even that means ignoring the state of your business. "I've used the service, the boats weren't even working", alleged one anonymous source. "In fact, there were holes in the hull and we started sinking off of the coast, we had to be rescued". Allegedly leaky boats aside, what is most upsetting for so many is the priorities of this so called "captain". "We could have used that money", said one anonymous member of a local charity dealing with sick and disabled children. "We're struggling here, we're underfunded and under-resourced and people like this are throwing money for pointless ads?" With all this in mind, we here at The Los Santos Post are supporting those who are calling for a boycott of this woman's allegedly leaky boat rental service. It is one thing to slander the brave men and women at Gruppe-Six who put their lives on the line every day for the safety of their clients, but it is simply another to waste thousands in ads running pathetic slander campaigns at this time of year. You hate Gruppe-Six, okay. But who asked? COPYRIGHT THE LOS SANTOS POST > Comments are enabled Username: Comment:
  9. PORT SECURITY SWAT? We say yes BY MILO NEIL Los Santos, SA - Terrorists. Organized criminals. Drug fueled psychos. Loiterers. It is undeniable: the brave men and women who process containers at the busy ports of San Andreas face a multitude of threats. Standing between these agents of chaos and our brave boys in blue are the SAPA's own security force. But are they enough to really neutralize the threats posed to port staff? The SAPA SWAT could respond to any incidents in these areas According to an insider source, a proposal has been made to beef up port security and ensure that the security team are adequately equipped to deal with the ever changing threat landscape that Los Santos' longshoremen face. The formation of a Special Weapons and Tactics team, staffed mostly with veterans from law enforcement agencies across the country has been floated. The new task force will be able to respond to serious incidents at the port faster than their LSPD SWAT and LSSD SEB counterparts. Rumors suggest that salaries will be higher and entrance requirements will be stricter than any equivalent forces provided by law enforcement in the state, creating what's been dubbed 'SAPA super soldiers'. Similar proposals been made in relation the San Andreas Park Rangers, but the Los Santos Post can confirm these are unsubstantiated. According to federal guidance provided by the FBI, airports and ports are among the most likely for terrorist attacks. So we ask, why not? What is there to lose? We at the Los Santos Post overwhelmingly throw our support behind this suggestion. Is it time Port Security SWAT? We say yes. COPYRIGHT THE LOS SANTOS POST > Comments are enabled Username: Comment:
  10. GREEN LIVES MATTER: Quit the alarmism over Gruppe 6 BY MILO NEIL Los Santos, SA - Two weeks ago, a relative no-name in the Los Santos DJ circuit took to social media to announce to her miniscule following that she had decided to turn down the once in a life time opportunity to perform at "Winter Festival Showdown", one of the highlights in Los Santos' events calendar. Comments made about Gruppe 6 The reason given being, of course, that the "DJ' believed that staff from Gruppe 6 would "massacre" those at the event. Strangely, December 4th's Festival passed without any such "massacre" occurring and packed crowds came out to attend. Great work, Nostradamus. Despite the guidance of the company's the company's charismatic entrepreneur Clifford Hunter, comments about Gruppe 6 such as those above are part of an ugly trend of harassment and bullying those in the company has faced in recent months. Violence, both verbal and physical, has been the hallmark of the company's "critics" across the state. For examples, one needs to look no further than the "Cancel6" protests that caused millions in property damage last January. Or the numerous "diss tracks" where overt threats of violence are made against those working in the company. So for what reasons does the company face such criticism? Why would a company, with so many customers, cultivate such a hateful group of harassers? Well, the truth is that in some circles, especially in the case of sheltered college kids (those who organized most of the anti Gruppe 6 protests), it's just become a trendy thing to do. It's 'woke'. Virtue signalling on social media platforms such as Facebrowser has become a way to gather clout. It is no different from the hatred experienced by those in our law enforcement agencies. So while we're all safe at home with our families this Christmas season, let's raise a glass for Los Santos unsung heroes. Those clad in green who are on call 24/7 to protect our homes, our businesses and our properties. Those very same dutiful men and women who won't be there on Christmas morning to share that special experience with their children. Green Lives Matter. COPYRIGHT THE LOS SANTOS POST > Comments are enabled Username: Comment:
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