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  1. If somebody needs to intentionally disconnect due to a very long RP situation that they didn't intend to be in that's not a problem. Simply communicate with the people involved and come to a resolution. The problem is people who say nothing, intentionally disconnect to avoid going to jail or losing their guns or whatever the losing case their character is in, then you never hear from them again. You forum report them and they get a 30 minute ajail. I don't think we should be limiting the harshness, 7 days for the first offense and permanent bans for the 2nd offense is reasonable for these offenses.
  2. Bump. Still an issue that needs the admin team to look into.
  3. Another server has no relevancy. All I suggest is that you ATTEMPT to communicate it to the involved parties. Through discord, forums, friends, ETC. If you lose power your phone does not die, you can still use Discord app to send a message in #general. Even if the other party doesn't read it, then you can bring it up that you tried to explain the situation and such stringent punishments do not apply.
  4. Seems like people are trying to guide the intent of this thread to somewhere else. This is not a suggestion for people who disconnect during inopportune times due to no fault of their own or for emergencies. This is for people who intentionally disconnect to avoid roleplay. The two are very distinguishable and should be treated as such. If you make no effort to communicate your circumstances either before or after you disconnect it should be treated as an intentional disconnect.
  5. A lot of them are open and shut cases unfortunately. It's so blatant.
  6. Long story short - 1st intentional disconnect - 7 day ban 2nd intentional disconnect - Permanent ban Long Story - I can't tell you how many times I face this on a daily basis. It's not just me, but my entire faction and I assume other factions as well are facing the same problem. People will waste 30+ minutes of 20+ players time just to log off when the outcome isn't one in which they won. They disconnect to avoid the consequences of their RP because it doesn't benefit them. These people need to be permanently banned. If you can't roleplay a loss you don't deserve to be on the server. These people damage the servers reputation and make it so that other players who are actually here to roleplay don't want to play anymore as a lot of the roleplay situations they spend a lot of time and effort into get voided due to people who are not here to roleplay. It's really sad that the staff team thinks 15 minutes - 1 hour ajails are appropriate for these offenses, especially for repeat offenders. Short admin jails are meant to give the player time to learn the rules that they broke so they can fix it in the future. You don't need to have ANY roleplay experience to know that you do not disconnect from the game to avoid roleplay. This is common sense and means that the people who are doing this are willingly and knowingly breaking the rules. The "punishment" for intentionally disconnecting needs to be an actual punishment and not a "learning experience" as there is nothing for them to learn. Right now, an ajail is a good trade-off to the people with this mentality. Would you rather be jailed for 15 minutes and keep all of your stuff or go to jail for 5 days and lose it all? Now we all know there are cases when somebody does disconnect at an inopportune time without it being their fault. In general, losing connection and simultaneously being in a state where you can't disconnect is an incredibly rare scenario. However in the rare situation it does happen, the player would try to reach out on Discord or on the forums to say whether they are logging back in or if they weren't able to log back in at least they made contact with the parties involved and the punishment shouldn't be as severe (if any). We would still have a 15 minute grace period for people who make no contact to log back in.
  7. 240,000. When is this going to end? Would like to negotiate a buyout..
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