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  1. After moving out to Los Santos, my boyfriend and I are in search of an apartment. We'll be long-term tenants as we both work long hours and need a stable home. Our budget is flexible – we can pay either weekly (20k-42k) or monthly (negotiable)! One to two bedrooms would be preferred. Please be able to provide plenty of photos of your offers! Dominique Demonte PH #: 28130368 Email: [email protected] ((or Forum PM))
  2. Offer: $75,000 Dominique Demonte PH#: 28130368
  3. I'm a fairly experienced barista who's looking for a stable job preferably in Los Santos. I've got experience as a baker as well. If you're looking for any members to add to your café or bakery's team, please don't hesitate to contact me. Rin F. [email protected] ((Forum pm))
  4. **A neatly formatted ad can be seen to rent a place.** If anyone up in Blaine County, Sandy Shores, or Paleto Bay has a trailer, home, or apartment that's available for rent – please contact me! I've just moved from the city with my boyfriend and we're looking for a place that we can call home. With that in mind, we'll be a long-term tenants. Sotti Arnadottir Email: [email protected] ((Forum PM)) PH: #22377016
  5. **A neatly formatted ad would appear as you click the post.** After recently moving out of the city, I'm looking for work out in either Paleto or Sandy! I've worked as a barista for a while and I'm very skilled with cosmetics. If you'd like to contact me, please email me at [email protected] ((Forum PM))
  6. I'm looking to exclusively rent out an apartment in or near Vinewood. I'm willing to pay weekly or monthly! If you have an offer, please email me. Rin Fukuhara [email protected] ((Forum PM))
  7. I'm looking to exclusively rent out a 2 bedroom apartment or a 2 bedroom house. Must be dog friendly (and have plenty of yard space for a dog if it's a house). I can pay weekly or monthly! Please don't hesitate to contact me with your details and rent prices! [email protected] ((just use Forum PM))
  8. **You would stumble upon a post made by a young woman in search of work** Are you tired of having to print all those copies by yourself? Too crammed with meetings to even head out and grab your own coffee? Stress no more! My name is Genevieve Giovanni and I'm looking to work as either a receptionist or an office assistant. I'm organized, able to answer the phones without a problem, and greeting clients is a no-brainer. I'm also very skilled with things involving beauty, skincare, and dealing with nails so if any spas or salons are hiring as well, feel free to contact me too. If you're hiring or interested, please email me at [email protected] ((Forum PM's only))
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    Archive this please!
  10. I've just moved back to Los Santos and I'm looking to rent out an apartment within the city. I'm willing to pay a sum monthly. Please feel free to email me (through PMs) if you've got anything. Thank you, Rina Sanchez
  11. **You would stumble upon an ad from a young woman looking to rent out or buy a home.** Howdy there folks, I just recently moved to the Grand Senora Desert and while I currently have a lovely place I'm renting out here, I'm looking for something that has a little bit more room. I'm looking to either exclusively rent out or buy a small house. I'm wanting to stay out of the city due to my job being in the desert. I've got a dog with me as well so please keep that in mind. If you're interested, please contact me through here and we can exchange numbers in private. Thank you, Rina Sanchez
  12. Hey there folks, I'm in search of work around Blaine County. I've got plenty of experience with handling customers, waiting tables, working at the front desk of businesses, and working on a farm. If you're hiring, please feel free to send me an email through here or reach me at 57579841. Thank you, Rina Sanchez
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