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  1. Annis ZR-250 SB:$--- BO:$--- ✔️Various security upgrades including: -Aftermaket Alarm -Anti-Theft System providing the best security(accesible via smartphone) ✔️Various performance track day modifications including: -K&N Performance Air Intake System -Track Clutch and Transmission Kit -Brembo High Performance Brake Kit AND MORE! Viewings CONTACT: PH:--- E-MAIL:[email protected]((FORUM PM)) Gallery: ((STATS))
  2. Now available my lovely apartment in the heart of the Puerto Del Sol Marina / Vespucci area! Great for avid boaters! This property features: One bedroom One bathroom Combined kitchen/living room Balcony overseeing the Marina Grande views Reserved parking Pet-friendly Asking Price: $170,000 You can find a gallery of the property here. (( /pinfo ))
  3. Now available, this gorgeous condo in the heart of Vespucci a short walk from the canals and behind the local police department. This property features the following: Two bedrooms Walk-in closet in the master bedroom One bathroom Combined kitchen & living room Spacious 'Car Port' Short walking distance to Vespucci Canals Starting Bid: $230,000 Buyout: $350,000 Current Bid: $250,000 You can find a gallery of the property here. (( /pinfo )) This property is not in urgent need to sell therefore will only be sold when the seller is satisfied with the bid.
  4. Hi! Please drop your offers below. Starting Price is $60.000 Leave your contact information as well. Gallery: ((STATS))
  5. [SOLD] Vehicle Name: Inverto Coquette Milage: 1026.40mi Starting Price: 175,000 Buyout: 210,000 Modifications: Top of the line security. Includes GPS tracking and added locks & anti-theft. Top of the line performance upgrades, brakes. Meets any and all of your needs. Has a built-in roll cage. Additional Notes: The vehicle has 9 days left on insurance, will be delivered with a full tank. [OOC INFORMATION]
  6. Stock + custom rims + window tint. (( /vstats ))
  7. Price: $20,000 (( /vstats )) Leave contact details so I can sell it to you!!
  8. A shag van. I have nothing more to say. (( /vstats ))
  9. Near stock but fully custom Zombie Chopper. Roughly $10,000 worth of modifications. Accepting offers now. (( /vstats ))
  10. (Second floor, middle door) Morningwood apartment now available. One bedroom, one bathroom, combined kitchen-living room. (( /pinfo ))
  11. Asking Price: $45,000 -> $50,000 (( /vstats ))
  12. Asking Price: $45,000 -> $50,000 (( /vstats ))
  13. Selling my custom built Western Bagger. The bike has been extensively modified. The motorcycle has some custom crafted parts that can be discussed in sale. I will optionally trade this bike for a Daemon Custom if it is adequately customized. (( /vstats ))
  14. Barely been driven. Lived in by a relative for a couple weeks. Instant-Buy: $15,000 (( /vstats ))
  15. (( /vstats )) Buyout: $40,000. Looking for a quick sale.
  16. Selling this age-old fully paid off Classique Tahoma! She's been through alot.. tires slashed, rims destroyed, windows smashed, panels dented — but all have been replaced by the owner! Everything except the electronics are like brand new! ((Visual damage wouldn't fix itself after parking for whatever reason.)) Current Bid: $11,000 Instant Buy-out: $20,000 (( OOC Stats ))
  17. [SOLD!] Tinsel Tower - High Floor High-End Apartment Here we are looking at a genuinely beautiful High-End apartment that is large enough to house an entire family (or two!). I'm only letting this go due to me gathering funds for a move. The apartment is located on the 10th floor out of 12 available. The apartment also comes with rentable private parking specifically for this apartment in the underground garage if the new owner decides to take these over from me (( Just RP sake, the property comes with an accessible underground garage for tenants/owners )). Unbelievable view of the city and skyline all around the property including the 2 guest rooms! (( The property was fully mapped inside the actual building, meaning that the view you get is also the IC View, same goes for the size of the property. The 2 floors are also as tall and fit the outside window of the floor. I think it's rather rare to have a residential property that is fully mapped inside, so this makes a little bit special. On top of that it was also mapped to have working lighting all around the house if the property time gets set to night for the most part, only reason I have also taken pictures this late instead of waiting for tomorrow! )) The Property Includes; - 2 Floors - Underground Garage with private parking opportunities - 2 Guest Rooms, each with their own Bathroom -Spacious Living Room, TV-Set-Up -large Kitchen with Dinning Area - Master Bedroom w/ large Bathroom w/ Walk-In Shower and Bath -Laundry Room -Large Home Office -Personal Bar -Home Gym Pictures Living Room Recreation Area Kitchen & Dining Area Bar Home Gym Laundry Room Home Office Master Bedroom Guestroom #1 Guestroom #2 PRICING Starting Price: $750.000 Minimum Increments: $10.000 Current Bid: N/A Instant Buyout Price: $850.000 Property Trades w/ Adequate Value: Not Considered Vehicle Trade-Ins w/ Adequate Value: Considered (( Market Price: $325.000 )) (( Furniture Worth: $328.213 )) (( Maximum Buyout (3x): $1,303.213 )) (( Purchase Date: 21-Sep-2021 => ~2 Months )) CONTACT Tinsel Tower Floor #10 E-Mail: Click Here Phone: 005-313-95
  18. Now available this sky-rise apartment in the heart of downtown! One bedroom, one bathroom, combined kitchen & living room. This apartment is a short walk from the Mission Row Police Department and sits across the street from popular venue, The Blue Lion. Starting Bid: $120,000 Buyout: $280,000 Current Bid: Gallery: (( /pinfo ))
  19. White Bravado Bison with a full performance package. Hardly driven and in great condition. Driver side window will be replaced by seller prior to transaction. Insured until the end of the month. Current Bid: $40,000 Starting Bid: $40,000 Buyout: $50,000 (( OOC Information )) _______________ Looking for a Western Zombie Chopper, customized. Please provide pictures of the bike.
  20. Near-new tow truck, left unused but remains in phenomenal condition for sale. 2 miles on the vehicle. One previous owner. Current Bid: $18,000 Starting Bid: $15,000 Buyout: $25,000 (( OOC Information))
  21. This is a sale not an auction Lovely apartment for sale in Alta. Its located on the second floor of the building and includes a pre-installed security system as well as A/C system for when it gets too hot! Property also has a convenient place to park your vehicles safe from the elements. Price: $170,000 If you're interested then please leave down below your contact information as well as the sum you wish to put forth.
  22. Gallivanter Baller LE SB:$----- BO:$----- ✔️Various security upgrades including: -Aftermaket Locks -Aftermarket Alarm providing the best security(accesible via smartphone) ✔️Various performance track day modifications including: -K&N Performance Air Intake System -Street Clutch and Transmission Kit -Brembo High Performance Brake Kit AND MORE! Viewings CONTACT: PH:---- E-MAIL:----((FORUM PM)) ((OOC))
  23. Bravado Hellfire SB:$----- BO:$------ ✔️Various performance track day modifications including: -K&N Performance Air Intake System -Street Clutch and Transmission Kit -Brembo High Performance Brake Kit AND MORE! Viewings CONTACT: PH:---- E-MAIL:[email protected]((FORUM PM)) Gallery: OOC:
  24. Selling! A beautiful two bedroom apartment in La Puerta, close to Vespucci Canals! You have a nice view towards the docks with a balcony to chill on. Trades are also acceptable but not preferred. Starting bid: $350,000 Buyout: Highest bid Automatic buyout: $500,000 (( OOC information of the property. )) Property pictures. Interior and exterior.
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