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  1. I'll purchase for the aforementioned price. Samuel Vo Ph: 3718 (( PM if you'd like for details on my intentions within the Little Seoul community with my character 🙂 ))
  2. All previous noted. Please leave me contact details as well.
  3. Contact me with details. Sam Vo Ph: 3718
  4. Selling two gorgeous vehicles, the Nagasaki Shinobi; (( /vinfo )) Asking Price: TBD (bidding available) And the Granger 3600LX (( /vinfo )) Asking Price: $160,000
  5. I suggested this a few months ago to @honey., along with weapon attachments (with some exceptions of course) in general available to weapon specialists, whom said Management at the time weren't keen on it in particular due to concerns of quality and misuse. But that was about three months ago so maybe things have changed. This would still be a great addition to the server.
  6. Full Frame Version
  7. This thread is why there should be an minimum IQ requirement for certain parts of the forums.
  8. @Phased im fuckin creasin rn
  9. Great. Will attempt to contact you as soon as you're around.
  10. Still for sale. If you want a viewing, please also leave me your contact details so I can reach out to organize it with you! Can't do much without it!
  11. Rich coming from you and your recent behavior ayy lmao
  12. Contact me with details.
  13. Don't plan on selling for less than asking but fair and will note regardless in case I change my mind!!
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