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  1. As the previous buyout has left, I'll go back in with an offer of 700k if nothing better comes along. I'm looking to purchase no later than today.
  2. 750k, final offer. Withdrawn, due to the buyout offer below.
  3. Please contact me if you are selling or know someone that is selling a standalone house in the city. I'd prefer a decent or good area, my budget is not limited and I have no intent to be swindled. Contact via Email ((forum PM)) [email protected]
  4. I've received ridiculous offers of 165k for one with over 2,000 miles - still looking.
  5. Post below if you have one available. Please make sure to include the desired price. ((Please make sure to include the vehicle's stats))
  6. I'm trying to purchase a new house in this area, if you have one available please contact me at any given time with pricing and/or details.
  7. Feel free to reach out via email if you have anything available on or around Forum Drive. Looking for houses only, no apartments please. EMail: [email protected] ((PM))
  8. Looking to purchase a coil raiden, please let me know if you have one available. List specs and price please.
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