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  1. Well, it'd be appreciated if you stuck to the original offer we agreed on but I'm out otherwise.
  2. Sold, will email you my contact details.
  3. Guns are too easy to get, and several gangs too quickly result to using them such as spinning back after a brawl to shoot a block up.
  4. 6ixth


    BO if any of the above drop out. I live on Hawick Avenue, just around the corner.
  5. ello lad, it's max bluman/bolt
  6. 6ixth

    [4SALE] Rebla GTS

    Sold. Hit me up with your contact details.
  7. 6ixth

    [4SALE] Rebla GTS

    Yours in 5 hours if nobody else bids!
  8. 6ixth

    [4SALE] Rebla GTS

    24 hours then latest bid wins.
  9. Looking to sell my cherished and well looked after pearl black Rebla GTS. I've spent a lot on modifications for this car and I'm looking for an owner who will truly look after it. Starting bid: 160K (5K increments) Buy out: 200K Pictures below.
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