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  1. No it won't. You still have to apply for the PF/CCW but the right to bear arms should not be subject to any government agency or official to decide. It is complete nonsense for a "good cause" clause in the licensing requirements. A person wanting to arm and protect themselves shouldn't need an active threat to their life or safety as a reason for pursuing such licenses. Not only that, but let's be real none of the people in the LSPD's FLD division are in real life professionals and actually understand what "good cause" means. It's just used as a way to prevent certain people from receiving the license. I have personally seen someone denied for their reasoning and a friend or person who is a cop on an alt character approved for a similar reason shortly after. Pretty much the same as allowing FLD to ban a person from applying for a PF gun for 3+ months at a time because they were admin kicked, warned or prisoned. Essentially administrating the server but moving onto the actual topic, "good cause" should definitely be removed following the SCOTUS ruling. States like California, New Jersey and New York are actively amending their licensing procedure to fall in line with the ruling and since SA is a state in the USA, we should aswell.
  2. Wishing your family the best. Remember your Mika days (LS)
  3. LOL i could understand if they actually roleplay fishing for something but they dont they literally just pull up like "get on the wall" "pat down frisk." "get on the wall or you will be arrested for obstruction" "you are disobeying a lawful order" half of them dont even know what a lawful order is LOL just cuz the cop gives u an order doesnt mean its lawful
  4. i happen to literally live in nyc and while i do think the nypd's tactics are horrible i have never once been the witness to any crime and ended up being detained after calling 911 they ask if im the complaintant/reporting party i say yes and they say okay, never once have i been searched "just to make sure you're not involved" when myself and other people standing around all said we were witnesses who called and have no involvement in the crime people need to stop watching those youtube videos and end of watch type movies cuz the rp these guys provide due to this is really bad ya'll might have fun going around being a complete dickhead giving tickets for going 10 over the speed limit or "switching lanes too fast" but everyone else doesnt. instead of having ur ooc conversations on ts u should be focused on providing actual quality rp
  5. ah so you're one of those lmao if police respond to a shooting lets say at a grocery store irl and they arrive to see people standing around recording and pretty much just watching or doing whatever else, they don't go around detaining and searching every single person that shit is stupid as fuck and is the exact reason why people dont like police roleplayers who don't know how to roleplay anything other than /ticket, /arrest and those who only respond to shoot outs. theres ticketable or arrestable offenses that are completely discretionary however because half of u dont know how to rp a cop you just arrest and ticket for any offense possible instead of trying to rp some sort of emotion or affection toward other ppl and instead just act like literal robots learn how to actually roleplay being a police officer, interview witnesses, roleplay with the people around you instead of just forcing law enforcement authority over other players, at the end of the day the police are not here to police the server they're here to provide law enforcement roleplay
  6. thats not standard procedure lol you don't call 911 to report a shooting and end up being detained and search, dunno what procedure you following but thats not how its done
  7. to me that sounds like an opinion considering any of these types of "negative" encounters ruin our roleplay experience im merely pointing at some law enforcement roleplayers' inability to actually roleplay some type of emotion or integrity and instead rather just go around giving tickets, barking orders and threats, and getting physical with us which in turns results in resisting arrest and other trumped up charges that just make people not wanna interact with cops it gives me a robocop/scripted rp type of vibe
  8. ? obviously its an ic issue but is this not a discussion about the state of roleplay or am i in the wrong section responding to any statement on this thread with "it's ic" is retarded considering the very first post and other responses to this thread are complaints about peoples' negative interactions with different groups of roleplayers
  9. This is a video game. For the sake of making the experience enjoyable for everybody at least try to roleplay. Nobody wants to deal with a "hello im officer john hancock with the lspd, can i have your license, registration and proof of insurance please" cop. Try to switch it up so it doesn't seem so robotic and scripted. Responding officers could have easily identified us as the reporting party had they actually tried to roleplay and not just force us on the wall to search. A realistic procedure would have been to secure the scene, There were people on the ground bleeding out and weapons laying on the ground unsecured. That doesn't happen IRL. The goal of roleplaying as a cop is to have fun and roleplay law enforcement not oppress the public (gang roleplayers & legal civilian characters). You're a cop IRL you mean to tell me you're just gonna detain every person on the street a shooting happened near to search them and ignore the dying people and unsecure firearms on the ground? Probably gonna wake up the next morning to a civil suit.
  10. PD is a joke when it comes to roleplay quality IMO. I RP on one character that is a legal-civilian and I have had quite a few negative interactions with PD cops, especially the supervisors. SD always provides good RP and the deputies find time to flip the switch and actually engage w the community icly (ive seen them pull up to car meets and actually hang out and talk to ppl, talk to random ppl on the street about pretty much nothing just to build some kind of positive dialogue). Just yesterday I had a PD supervisor detain me and 3 friends who were all wearing suits walking out of the clothing store after calling 911 because a group of illegal rpers with the (M) in their names decided to have a massive shoot out right in front. Anyway, the supervisor orders everyone to get on the wall for a pat down, completely ignoring our RP of us trying to show him our phones and stuff showing we called 911. All while there were dead suspects on the floor and evidence everywhere (shell casings, loose guns that should have been secured immediately upon arriving) It was like he was going off some kind of script instead of actually roleplaying. Just barking orders, threatening with obstruction charges and so forth. Sry to derail the thread.
  11. Is this still for sale? There's been little to no information provided on if an offer was accepted or not.
  12. So then I think the solution is stricter OOC regulation on the use of PF/CCW guns. Make it a server offense to knowingly apply for a PF license and engage in gang roleplay or illegal roleplay such as large scale drug possession and so forth. Give leniency to CCW applicants and just do a thorough background check both in character and out of character. Check ban appeals, complaints etc and look for what their character does, if they have a history of rulebreaking (roleplay based rules like subpar roleplay, dm etc).
  13. The idea for applicants to show "good cause justification" is something firearm licensing units IRL use in many states, NYC (where I reside) being one of the places. While I think it's realistic, I think the licensing unit should show applicants a little more leniency on what they feel is justification for being issued a CCW. Realistically speaking, a threat to your life is not the only justification for being issued a CCW. CCW's are issued to business owners / management for both protection of the business and transportation of cash deposits IRL. CCW's are also issued to people like cab drivers, this being the fact that there may one day be an incident where that driver will be required to defend themselves against a threat to their life while on the job. Moving onto banning applicants who are denied, I think that's stupid. If you want to implement a cool-down on being able to re apply after being denied, do that. Banning someone from applying for 30 days in my opinion doesn't make any sense to me nor does it seem logical. I think it sets the wrong image to future applicants' idea on how the application process will go. The idea is to prevent poor character portrayal and prevent unrealistic characters from abusing their CCW however I think that for the sake of this being a game, show leniency. My idea: Instead of using "good cause justification," why not just narrow it down to the exam & a ooc/ic background check of the applicant? Check forum reports etc. While the person may have a clean admin record, you're specifically looking at their character's development and what kind of roleplayer the applicant is. Add an OOC questionnaire asking stuff like what the character does and what he plans to do in the future.
  14. If you're interested in dropping that price we can do business. 330 is way too much unfortunately though. Same car is going for much less in other places.
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