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  1. Added 3 new vehicles to the first post, making the thread up-to-date again. Premium Motorsport: Bravado Buffalo S Stock Downtown General Motors: Karin Dilettante DX Karin Asterope RS
  2. Posting for Arnold Inserra
  3. Added all 13 new vehicles to first post. Noun's Motors: Bravada Youga Custom High End Autos: Declasse Granger 3600LX Pfister Astron Gallivanter Baller ST Lampadati Cinquemila Obey i-wagen Pfister Comet S2 Cabrio Enus Deity Enus Jubilee Sanders Motorcycles: Western Reever Nagasaki Shinobi Premium Motorsport: Bravado Buffalo SX Bravado Buffalo STX
  4. Happy New Year everyone. The last few weeks have been a bit slow for most of us due to the holidays, so it's good to see everyone getting back into it again. 🔥
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