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  1. Continue providing high quality police roleplay my man.
  2. your kinda cool

  3. "Expect to get robbed, fucking jackass." is that an Andrew Massey quote?!
  4. This is something that's already been forwarded to LFM and in turn to development. Pending further updates from their end.
  5. There's quite some content on this thread...
  6. This discussion has become about something that it really wasn't about. The helicopter stuff is being amended very soon™ after being delayed for internal reasons, but I digress. LFM is not interested in changing the current status quo in regards to how factions should see the scene's they're handling. As a legal faction member your priority should be making sure that the scene that you are handling is done to a high standard and that you're providing enjoyable/immersive roleplay to those around you on that scene, hopping call to call isn't the goal here. There's an argument to be made about resource management in some circumstances, but in others it is quite frankly impossible for every single call to be responded to immediately without sacrificing roleplay standards. While this was posted in a different context here on the same thread, Bospy put it well:
  7. Not necessarily. https://lapdonlinestrgeacc.blob.core.usgovcloudapi.net/lapdonlinemedia/2022/01/VOLUME-1-word.pdf even in the real world. LEO factions should 100% prioritize providing the highest quality law enforcement roleplay they can over jumping call to call.
  8. We’re making progress with the feedback that we’ve received. One thing for certain is that the strict presentation of timers was not the way to go, and we’re looking at a more open-ended solution that should be more appropriate for all sides. In the meantime, the deadline for implementation will be placed on hold though we still aim to get this put out in a timely manner because it’s a pressing issue for the wider community. The thread will be unlocked when a more refined version has finished being reviewed internally, which we’re very much underway with.
  9. We’ve had a lot of feedback so far, whether it’s been voiced here or privately. Me and Moe are going over everything that we’ve seen and we’ll be making changes soon. We genuinely appreciate every bit of input we’ve been given and hopefully things will shape up a little nicer with the next iterations.
  10. On hold. Police helicopters are a powerful asset for real world agencies and the ones that we portray on the server alike. Our roleplay environment is based around Los Angeles which is home to a department that has its helicopters in the sky for upward of twenty (20) hours a day, and because of that we have no interest in removing the ability for Law Enforcement air units to be proactive within the in-character environment. It is a consideration that any criminal should have in the environment we portray. That being said, we understand the scale differences between real life and the game. Los Angeles has a population of nearly four million, as opposed to the hundreds that actively play on the server, and the area of operation is significantly smaller compared to the real deal. With these considerations in mind the Legal Faction Management team have drafted up the following restrictions to allow Police helicopters to still have a proactive purpose without having it impede on players who choose to roleplay crimes to an unfair degree: Air units shall not turf camp. Defined as hovering above, or circling, one area of the map for an extended period of time. An extended period of time in this context shall be defined as any length of time excessively longer than two (2) minutes and shall not return for at least five (5) minutes. Justifiable exceptions include, but are not strictly limited to: The Air unit has witnessed a crime, or serious injury, occurring within the defined timeframe. Response to an emergency call in the area (911 call, backup call, etc.) An individual or vehicle that reasonably matches the description of a crime broadcast, or APB has been spotted in the area. A vehicle that reasonably matches the description of one reported stolen has been spotted in the area. A pursuit suspect has been lost and the Air unit is attempting to locate within the last known area. Tactical operations, search and rescue, backup calls, or warrant executions that require the usage of helicopter surveillance/oversight. Civil unrest such as protests and riots. Purposes of crime suppression during Tac Alerts if a specific area has been highlighted as a problematic area for the duration of the alert. Air units are expected to fully roleplay out a defined pre-flight checklist prior to take off. This will be standardised by LFM across all relevant factions. These expectations will be distributed to factions a short period after these rules go into effect. Air units shall spend at least five (5) minutes touched down when refuelling. Air units may still perform their general sky patrol duties. The purpose of this rule is not to demote Air units to just being pursuit response tools, they can still be proactive, however, to follow individuals/vehicles the unit must have a justifiable reason to do so: The individual or any vehicle occupant has been witnessed to have committed a crime (Including charges like Reckless Driving). A vehicle reasonably matches the description of a stolen vehicle. A vehicle/individual reasonably matches the description of a crime broadcast, APB, or an emergency call. Air units shall not roleplay hearing gunshots from below. These rules have not yet been tested in a live environment, and that being said they are subject to change based on feedback from the community, legal or illegal. It is difficult to make an all-encompassing rule for such a versatile tool, so it is expected that community members act in good faith toward the spirit of these rules. The two (2) minute rule is subject to additional considerations from administrators, as we do not expect pilots to have a timer running to determine how long they've been in an area, but rather take that time limit as a general privision as not to overstay their welcome. Due to the nature of incidents involving helicopters, it may not always be possible to identify who was responsible. Reports related to breaches of this rule should be directed to @Storm and @Moe in a private message with the following format: Character Name: Reported Party (if known): Date and Time of incident: Witnesses (inc. people from the department): Was an arrest made (Y/N): Narrative: Evidence:
  11. ———————— Non-Lethal Weapon Requests ———————— LEGAL FACTION MANAGEMENT Certain concepts or groups may require access to non-lethal weapons that are not otherwise available through the script in-game. At the current time Legal Faction Management provides the following types of non-lethal weapons through this scheme: Batons / Nightsticks. Groups and concepts that may apply for these weapons are as follows: Security Companies. Rules surrounding these non-lethal weapons are as follows: A minimum of 10 of the non-lethal weapons must be requested. Batons / Nightsticks may be resold; however, they may only be sold to characters in possession of a Guard Card. Written approval from the Los Santos Police Department’s Firearms and Licensing Division must be sought prior to the request. Non-lethal weapon may only be supplied to staff related to your own group or concept if they also possess a Guard Card. The minimum time to wait between each request is 60 days for official factions, and 80 days for other businesses. Requests may be made by sending a Forum PM to @Banks utilizing the following format:
  12. ———————— Individual One-Time Funding Requests ———————— LEGAL FACTION MANAGEMENT We understand the need for more niche individual roleplay requiring a method to obtain funds due to a lack of script support, and as such as offer the opportunity for these types of characters to apply for individual funding. Examples of this could include Influencers, Streamers, Youtubers, Athletes, Musicians, Artists, Actors, and many more. There is scrutiny to this process, and jobs, industries, or concepts where a character/player could feasibly make ends meet on the server without this support may be subject to denial. In-depth roleplay and development are expected to be demonstrated for persons involved in this scheme. Rules 1 - You may only apply for a budget/payment on the same character once every 3 months. 2 - We will only offer these budgets to people who take their roleplay seriously and create unique and fun roleplay for the community as a whole, rather than just NPC their roleplay. 3 - You need to show consistent activity on the character you're applying for the funding on. 4 - The amount we give you may not always be the amount you request, we will take into consideration how long your character has been in the trade for, their fame, their status, etc. 5 - We will not provide funding for concepts that can make money in-game. This should only be a last resort after you had already attempted to generate money through IC means. 6 - The money you receive will be roleplayed as payments from the job you're doing or whatever makes sense IC for the concept you're taking part in. 7 - All applications are subject to a full review by the Budgeting Team. There is no guarantee a Budget Request will be accepted, all decisions are final. Application Please fill out the form below and send it to @Banks , and we'll get back to you with any questions we've got or an answer:
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