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  1. Starting on BF400 and $30,000 on Cheburek.
  2. Starting on Stanier. $32,000 on Sultan. $20,000 on Glendale.
  3. You'll find one of these for sale at Los Santos Auto Group second hand dealership. Hurry before it's sold though.
  4. I think you're taking this thing very serious instead of taking the consequences ICly. You asked to show where you were in the wrong and all. And yeah, everyone agrees that this should have not happened and that there must be a separate law for the unpaid insurance bills which for now, it's falling under the driving an unregistered car. So yeah, you gotta raise this issue ICly, Entity is right.
  5. Take a look at this. They did what the law says, and unfortunately, if you do not pay your insurance bills and park your vehicle in a public road, they will punish you for it and also suspend your license. Kind of realistic we may all think, but it's what the law explains for unregistered, uninsured vehicles being driven or parked in public roads.
  6. I have a Vapid Sadler, registered and insured, low mileage too. Below is a pic, price is $47,000
  7. Noir


    Tell you what, I'll try to find you one of the vehicles above and get back to you. Sounds alright?
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