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  1. Looking to buy only the following vehicles and nothing else: -Patriot (Wanted asap) -Baller LE LWB -Schyster Champion -Contender Retro -Torrence Shoot me an email ((Forum PM)) if you possess any of these, even if stock. Looking for the best prices and miles. Thank you.
  2. Noir

    [2BUY] Sanchez.

    I got a premier SS for 41k
  3. Highly interested in buying this business. $400,000 or any price on your mind. Thanks
  4. Noir

    (2buy) Mule

    Okay suit yourself then
  5. Noir

    (2buy) Mule

    I have a Mule with just 2 miles on the clock. Going for $85,000.
  6. Noir


    30 on the Landstalker
  7. I have a Sentinel XS with all your requirements. It's even a sporty yellow color, has a ton of visual modifivations to give it the right sporty look and has a performance package. Costs $97,000 and can be delivered to you anytime.
  8. 5255445 and I'll be available in about 15 minutes. Thank you
  9. Interested as well. Let me know in my email please. ([email protected]) ((Forum PM))
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