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  1. I'd like to come over and see this place; 7052.
  2. I want to see it in person, 7052. Will bid way more, if personal requirements are met!
  3. I'd love to view this property; 7052, Chris.
  4. I'd love to view this place, would pay more.
  5. Looking to purchase a place. A garage would be nice to have.
  6. Buyout, right here, right now.
  7. Starting, ready to snatch it up tomorrow as soon as possible.
  8. Please pass along your details! Or just go ahead and call 5058 around this exact time.
  9. If there's no more higher bids in the next ~7hours, it's yours! Please stay awake during that time 🙂
  10. Starting bid: 2M Buyout: 4.5M Market price: 525K ((Furniture worth: $237,041)) State email, name and number, when bidding, please. This mirror park house is looking for a new owner, whom can give it years of care and love. Perfect suburban house for families. Photos #1 Photos #2
  11. The CEO of Sexplore has retired. If anyone is interested in taking over Los Santos' largest adult video company, message the former CEO on FaceBrowser > Isabella Roberts P.S. The studio was already sold. The website, videos, contracts and anything along the lines of that is still up for grabs.
  12. Also, another update / notice. We've recently received an investment offer by someone who just tried to incriminate us. They had asked us, the CEO, whom just wants to retire... if we make forced adult videos, if there are any legal limits and such. But, clearly, there are legal limits which are very obvious - such as the person's age and actual permission to do the adult video. Isabella Roberts had stated how there are no limits, which meant for - kinky, anything crazy or such, will probably , or, as she had said ''deffo' will be allowed by the models themselves, since Sexplore's models are truly ''in love'' with their jobs, or some have said so. Many don't have limits and that's what the CEO of Sexplore, Isabella Roberts meant. So, before something gets twisted out of hand, we're here to notify you - there's a person, whom we can't mention, trying to incriminate us. All of which had also ended up with threats on the CEO themselves. If no further action is taken by the other party, you can freely ignore this post and be on your way, our lovelies! Otherwise.... You're going to see someone falsely accuse us of recruiting underage personel or something that is not legal; they will twist the CEO's words in a very disturbing manner, while in reality all that was said - Videos have no limits, which yes, needed a lot more context to it. And when the forced adult videos had been asked, it was obviously only about acting it out, nobody is forced to do anything that they do not want to. CEO of Sexplore, Isabella Roberts doesn't treat her employees as regular people working for her, they're all treated as friends for a much better and friendlier work environment. Thank you for reading this and have an amazing night! ❤️
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