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  1. Italians that aren't a stereotype, koreans that aren't a stereotype, blacks that aren't a sterotype, whites that arent a stereotype
  2. Nah, rp as you want. Do /me sits down, just /anim sit up to you. Just keep your RP up to high standards
  3. Nah, SAPA has a internal security division already. This is a problem that can be solved icly via the senate easily. It sucks people get robbed all the time down at the port but you should plan for that, carry a gun or carry no cash on you. Use what tools are available to you
  4. 16+, make them age up as they get caught by law enforcement
  5. Username: Makamamn Message: If only we had competent leadership and actual journalists instead of fucking retards taking up a whole news segment and article just to have a marriage, jesus
  6. Go play gta online then. This is supposed to be a heavy roleplay server with gta as the platform, not gta with heavy roleplay in it.
  7. Tbh, just.. realistic portrayal of either sides. People are too quick to use the gun to solve any problems. they have no fear for their lives. Killing people is a thing that causes breakdowns in most people. Only the actual insane people would feel no remorse over it but who the fuck would want to be near them?
  8. I mean, us in the senate can absolutely set up taxes, utilities and everything a normal person in a economy irl would be paying (insurance etc) The problem is, how many players do you think will be upset about it or try to shut it down via OOC means? And it would also require script support. All that takes a long time to go through the channels and make sure both the management/PM/FM/players are behind it. It's not a quick solution
  9. Not gotten a fps drop and my computer is godawful.
  10. (( Note: 1 Hour = 1 Day, 1 Day = 1 Month, 1 Month = 1 Year. )) according to this
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