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  1. Oh I know but you know the saying, fresh start and all that. I ask that and I believe it's rather important because /in my experience/ every SD person I've met has shown weird vibes. Like their roleplay is great but it is very /obvious/ they're corrupt if that makes sense? Don't mistake this for me wanting robodeputies, far from it. I appreciate the roleplay they do give and the fact they act like human beings but they take that to the extreme. It's inviting people looking into them via IA or whatever.
  2. I mean, how will you handle corruption and corruption perms compared to the previous administration?
  3. This is something I brought up in the continuity discord
  4. Yes. It's powergaming to pick shells up right after you shoot someone.
  5. Make picking up shells impossible unless you're detectives/DMEC
  6. Username: Downwiththegovt Comment: It's funny how the GOP cares about abortion now and not then when it was and still is relevant to so many women in this state and countrywide so they blame it on some evil lefty court clerk that leaked the Roe v. Wade ignoring the actual message of it with Alito quoting men from England that said things like women are subservient to men in marriage and must *obey* everything they tell you. The GOP wants you to be misinformed, they want to ban everything they do not like whilst claiming to care about the people. They do not. No politician does.
  7. My brother in christ, LSgov dosnt pay SFM. SAGOV does. LSGov does not pay SAGOV and SAGOV does not pay LSGOV. SFMs funds are magic.
  8. You don't pay tax anyways, nobody does. Their funds are magic. No, it is that you're bashing him because of his age which is stupid as you've not even seen him roleplay. You're gatekeeping people because /you/ believe their RP suck.
  9. Hello. Speaking as someone who's dated people from the LGBT community and not, Nobody is saying they need the flags or stuff like that to survive, it is more that they need to be acknowledged as human beings which they are not especially in the US which we roleplay in. They are considered sin, the devil, pedophile, groomers you name it. Countless of laws are attempted to remove transgenderism from existence, attempts to make "detransition camps" and of course the whole Soros funded communists wanting to destroy america by making everyone a femboy. This is a 24/7 attack from politicians, media, people, family so you don't think a flag saying you are seen and accepted helps? Do you know the suicide rate of transgender people? It's quite high. People here on GTAW can't imagine roleplaying someone who isn't a stereotypical asshole. The transition process is indeed difficult, lengthy and very taxing. It is expensive, there's always the dysphoria and everything. You are literally changing who you are over years. There is a lot of shit people on this server, I am sorry but it is true. People who play trans, people who play lesbian, people who play gangbanger, people who play politicians etc you name it. Los Angeles is pretty okay with transpeople afaik but again we do not play as LA, we play LS and in LS everyone's prejudice and thought process is gone to the extreme and then some.
  10. Sounds like you do not have any sort of RP experience if you bash people based on their age gatekeeping them from RP. I have my issues with SFM but it is solely IC. OOC they're all nice people, very interested in the job they do and they do provide good RP to people. Your issues with them is IC, try to keep it that way.
  11. Therein lies the problem, imo. Most people use the excuse of it being a roleplay server to be the most toxic and asshole person they can ever do for no reason whatsoever. Don't get me wrong, there's a ton of those people irl but when you tell them to fuck off or you know call the cops on them irl, you dont get scouted and CKed/DMed the next day or 7 months later. The difference is escalation that nobody seems to understand. They can't behave like humans with emotions and nuances. People have adopted the kill or be killed mentality which is sadge times and no, before you people argue it goes for all aspects of RP both illegal and legal. This is not something the management can fix, it is the playerbase that needs to be fixed.
  12. would love it but it wouldnt work within rage due to lag.
  13. Factions are something you apply for when you have your business, they're two separate things. A faction usually gets LFM support in terms of money and websites/landlines and faction chat and some script support and mod support. It is also depending on the faction wether or not they're non profit or not (see PHMC, Aurum and so on) For your mail company, you start out as a business and run it like a business. You can get LFM funding though it should and will be your last resort, they expect you to find funding from other places before you reach out to them. For help, you can ask other players on the gtaw business discord. A whole faction from scratch would require LFM/Management decision. Yea, my company is pretty niche but it is also niche because of the nature of the company and what it offers. It does not offer tangible items or services like other service based companies do, it is more like Aurum in this sense. You do it purely for the RP so probably why not many wants it.
  14. Hello. I, as a player that owns two business scripts and one business, can correct you a bit on this. You can lease/own server owned businesses. Most ammo stores are run/owned by players. Some gas stations as well and some 24/7's as well. You can usually lease them. Anyone can start an IC business via the LSGov registration however to have a script business, you need property and a script which you can apply for via PM whenever they have their stuff open to request. You cannot buy/lease something from PM and change its original stuff. Lemme explain, you rent an office? You can't change it to something else like a bar or gambling club. You buy a property for warehouse stuff and later you want to change it to a bar? Can't. You need to talk to PM about that and it may not always be successful. It is however different if you buy a business from a player, you can mostly do whatever you want with that unless PM has set specific conditions for that business and no, you still need to show your face to businesses you run even if you buy it from a player or PM. Non-profit organizations are indeed factions and not businesses scriptly and many of them are businesses scriptly. I do not believe a player founded ULSA, that was a faction. They earn profit from being funded by the government/LFM/donations/fees for education etc. Companies like the ones you mentioned are faction and has been deemed to provide unique and vital RP to the community, their profit comes from a mixture of LFM grants and selling services like Aurum selling power, G6/Bobcat selling security services and so on. I run an ISP and have been aggressively advertising it but it is hard to find people that do not know me or the brand to buy services from it, I am relying strictly on people I know or know me to do it. I've been in the red since I started it in August 2021.
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