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  1. https://www.gplc.co.uk/ By participating in any of our competititions, you accept the following Terms & Conditions: Entry Form: Used to register your ticket purchase [b]Name:[/b] FIRSTNAME SURNAME [b]Phone Number:[/b] ###-#### [b]Chosen prize:[/b] Vehicle name [b]Amount:[/b]$X,XXX in tickets [b]Add-on package:[/b] Performance and/or Security package (Extra $1,500 each) Use these formats to register your ticket purchase, and send them to either; [email protected] or [email protected] - or call/sms 2929 or 28182852.
  2. How many miles are on the clock?
  3. 10 hours left on bidding. $220,000 is the leading bid thus far.
  4. Noted, leading bid of $200,000.
  5. Please include a phone number.
  6. Selling a Benefactor Schafter Long-wheel base (LWB) This vehicle serves as a vessel of pure excellence and is a great runner whilst providing an extraordinary amount of status, with a soft rumble and multiple exhaust noise ranges to choose from - the vehicle has the ability to adhere to comfortability and performance specifications depending on the driver's preferences. This vehicle glides across the road, packing a punch when required. This ultra luxury sedan is insured & registered, maxed out with an added turbo upgrade, maxed security and engine upgrades. Comes with over 200K of performance upgrades and low mileage. One owner. (( STATS )) BIDDING INFORMATION: The starting price starts at $190,000 with $2,500 increments. Please include a phone number with your bid. Happy bidding.
  7. Clim

    Destiny 2 (PC)

    Current thoughts and opinions on Destiny 2? I find it pretty promising at the moment.
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