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  1. Crazy Serial Killer or Tactical Murder Squad? By Troy Francis _____________ Following the recent press conference held by the Los Santos Police Department, it is official that there is a serial killer in our midst. Elijah Mandela, a 25 year old Hispanic male who lives in the state of San Andreas, has a warrant out for his arrest on suspicion of murder. Below, I will outline the timeline and analysis of events leading to the present day. Elijah Mandela This disturbing series of events started in approximately September 2021, with the disappearance of Mercia Sauer. It wasn’t until some seven months later, when prompted via a set of coordinates via the now viral blog, that the Police Department discovered what was left of her body in the picturesque Tongva Valley. Image of Tongva Valley As reported by the LSDailyNews, on the same day that Mercia Sauer was discovered, there were two attempted murders via the use of blunt force trauma on the 20th and 21st April respectively where the victims in these incidents were filmed and the videos posted via the same blog. Thankfully, the victims have since recovered. There are however, suggestions according to various sources, but unconfirmed by the Police Department, that these failed attempts are a result of not one man working alone, but in fact a tactical operating group of no less than five people, which would explain the apparent omnipresence of the killer. When this was put to Detective Haas, he stated, ‘We are reluctant to release any further details, given the significance of investigative integrity. However, the Los Santos Police Department is not ruling out the possibility of there being accomplices involved with the incidents we've discussed here today. At this time, our primary interest is with Mister Mandela.’ The site another body was discovered The killer then kept on posting to his blog sporadically throughout May 2022. These pictures were taken from high vantage points in the Harwick and Vinewood areas. Predominantly taken at night, presumably to stay hidden, and were voyeuristic in nature. Speaking to a psychologist at Pillbox Medical Clinic, a common theme with serial killers is that they have issues with power and ego. They often desire to hold power over their victims, and wish to transcend, to being seen as ‘notorious’ which subsequently feeds their ego. This will often result in an escalation in the frequency of incidents as it feeds the ego and satisfies their desire for power, when often, in reality they feel powerless due to abuse in childhood or within their own lives ‘Most serial killers have historically experienced childhood trauma of sorts, and even those that haven't been proven are at least theorised to have experienced abuse. Research has begun into the effects of head trauma as a linking source to some killings’. On 2nd May, a second murder victim was located after a series of new images were posted to the blog. She was located by the police department in the Capital Boulevard area and was identified as Samantha Johnson. It was at this incident where the forensic experts were able to determine a suspect vehicle. This information was then used by the Sheriff’s Department to detain Elijah Mandela on 13th May. Unfortunately, they did not have substantial evidence for him to be charged. A third victim was identified on 22nd May, following the established pattern of posting pictures to the blog. This victim was identified as Ella Winchester and was located in the North Chumash area. Finally, the last victim, a young female of Asian-American ethnicity, who has yet to be identified, was found on the 10th June. It is clear that Elijah Mandela must be apprehended. It is also clear that these murders, judging by the timelines, are escalating. Elijah Mandela is violent but intelligent, and as per the Police Department, the general message to the public is that he is dangerous and should not be approached. If you have any information regarding Elijah Mandela, then please visit Mission Row Police Department, or a call on 9101. If you believe yourself to be in immediate danger, call 911. If you have a story or if there is something you want to share with me, contact me, Troy Francis on 2858 or email [email protected] ((Jolagh)) > Comments are enabled Username: Comment:
  2. Agree with this. Problem is, not a lot of people use them coz they love cars.
  3. The Life of a...Irish Mob-Affiliate By Troy Francis _____________ This is a story of how an average everyday person’s life can devolve into a life of guns, drugs and criminal activity all because of the superficial glamour that can come alongside that way of life. But do not be fooled, the other side of this way of life is one of manipulation and terror which can leave long-lasting consequences for those that walk down that path. I spoke to Mark Shepard who has previously been convicted of possession of a controlled substance (Schedule A) and resisting arrest. Mark told me his story and how he got tangled up in the criminal lifestyle. Born and raised in New York City, Mark had a pretty uneventful childhood. He had friends like any other young person and achieved average grades at school. All was going well until at the age of eighteen Mark’s father got involved with some criminal gangs and this unfortunately led to his death after which his mother, afraid that her son would share the same fate, put Mark onto a plane to Los Santos, to give him a chance at a second life. This led to Mark leading a pretty normal working class life as a mechanic at a repair shop based in Strawberry, changing tyres and earning his pay cheque, which he used to pay rent on his apartment. The repair shop was just around the corner from the Vanilla Unicorn strip club, which, back then, was full of shady characters. It was there where Mark met the man that would introduce him to the criminal underworld. After work one evening, Mark was at the Vanilla Unicorn, when a man approached him offering him some weed and some pills to go and sell. At this time, Mark was fairly new to the city, young, naïve and easily manipulated. Clearly intimidated, he sold the drugs easily, bringing the profits back to the club. Soon, he became a regular at the club and things seemed to be going well, until his naivety led him pleading for his life with a gun against his head where the only way out was to sell drugs full time for the gang who owned the club. Two years passed. Mark was working for the gang and proving himself to be a good money maker, earning up to two hundred thousand dollars a week. It was finally his turn to start to progress upwards within the gang and that process started with an oath, pledging his unwavering loyalty. He was taken to a long since shut down business in Mission Row, where he was led to a dingy back room which had nothing in it except a table, some chairs and a bible. It was here where he placed his hand on the bible and pledged his allegiance. Interestingly, Mark describes the moment as ‘ I was in such a state of bliss, even euphoria. Finally, being accepted into something, something all of us believed in and wanted to make work '. It was at this point that he felt like he was part of something bigger, a group who he thought cared for him, who had a common objective. He had vowed, in that moment, to keep the secrets of the gang, to hold himself with dignity and to treat an attack on another member of the gang or as Mark said himself ‘My brothers in arms’, as an attack on them all. With the cost of violating the oath, being his very life and soul. Quite persuasive words to be used on a twenty-year-old this, alongside the fast-paced and glamorous lifestyle made it easy for Mark to overlook the other side of this way of life. Mark described his lifestyle as ‘wild’. They stole speedboats, got into high-speed car chases, destroyed cars, snorted cocaine and even trespassed on a multi-million dollar super-yacht, all whilst making significant amounts of money. Being a valuable member of the gang, he was given increasingly more responsibility. He was moving drugs, guns, backroom gambling, extortion, thefts, grand theft, blackmail, extortion corruption, basically anything that made money. He was involved. As Mark himself said, ‘I had finally had made it, I had my hand in the pot of gold.’ Mark soon attracted the attention of other gangs who attempted to poach him. Those that tried often ended up dead. It is only now that Mark is starting to understand that it was never about the belonging, nor the common objective that the ‘oath’ was all about, but it was about money and power. It came to a head when some of his gang become involved in politics, which led ultimately to a ‘job’ going wrong, resulting in Mark spending three years in Twin Towers. Mark describes prison as a place where racial politics is king, you spend a lot of time on your own, reflecting on your life, it can be a lonely place where you miss your friends, family and are at the behest of the guards that run the institution. Overall, it is very unpleasant. It was here where, unbeknown to Mark, his gang was beginning to unravel. On the outside, members of the gang were making side deals, getting ready for war with another crew. Once out of prison, it began to dawn on Mark how large the betrayal was from within his own organisation. Which led to a change on the streets, with old contacts being either paid off, run off, or bumped off. The gang itself went from moderately organised to completely dysfunctional over night. Trust between other gang members disintegrated, resulting in bloodshed on a significant scale. Which is when Mark saw the criminal life he had built, the line of work he was in for what it was worth. Ugly, dangerous, isolating and worthless. So where did this leave Mark? As the war between gangs came to its end, and with the majority of Mark’s friends having been killed. He ended up locking himself in his apartment for months. Unsure who to trust, and scared that he would be next on the hit list. He was malnourished, unkept and on the verge of death. When he was found, it became apparent that he had Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and had developed a speech impediment. Following therapy, Mark is now trying to lead a normal life, however, he still struggles with some of the effects of the warring gangs. For example, the sight of blood now causes Mark issues, due to the amount of blood he has seen in his life. As a convicted felon, he cannot get a job. He often has urges of violence randomly towards people, which he has to keep in check. So why did Mark tell me his story? To help others and redirect those who are on this path to make better choices, something which we can all get behind and support. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ If you have a story or if there is something you want to share with me, contact me, Troy Francis on 2858 or email [email protected] ((Jolagh)) _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ > Comments are enabled Username: Comment:
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  5. Will leave it up for another 12 hours...will sell to highest bidder or buyout. Thanks
  6. Selling a Enus Paragon R Minimum Bid - $330,000 Buyout - $370,000 Email me or SMS ((Forum PM or Discord - Jolagh#7511))
  7. Tardiness at the Treasury….Port Authority Strike. By Troy Francis _____________ A shocking situation was revealed on the evening of the 28th May 2022, as the dockworkers and Safety Officers of the San Andreas Port Authority who work tirelessly down at the Port of Los Santos descended on the Capitol building to voice their displeasure. A crowd of approximately fifteen workers were demonstrating, as their pay packets have been continuously late or paid irregularly for the last twelve months. It has become apparent that the State Treasury has been doing the employee’s of the San Andreas Port Authority a disservice by not meeting a basic commitment, which is to ensure the employees of both the Bureau of Safety and the Bureau of Labor are paid correctly and on time. The impact of this situation on the Longshoremen/dock workers and Safety Officers should not be underestimated. Having spoken to some of those protesting, they gave accounts of some of the challenging situations in their personal lives caused by this situation. A dock worker said ‘Workers can’t pay rent, they go into debt. They have to live out of a RV,’ whilst a Safety Officer stated ‘Personally, I am late on rent and I will probably get kicked out if this doesn’t get corrected soon. Can’t afford gas to fill up my car.’ This Safety Officer, responsible for security and enforcing safety rules, has been riding a bike to work due to the lateness with which they have been paid. Why does this matter? The Port of Los Santos is the engine room of the Los Santos economy and the employees that work down at the port are an essential part of the distribution of goods across the city and the wider San Andreas state. This consistent irregularity in which they are being paid is impacting their families, their mental health and, as a result, jeopardising safety down at the port. “Senator Rudy Benson and Republican Chairman Spencer talk to protesters” It was quite the scene down at the Capitol building, as Mr Hank Preston (Director of the San Andreas Port Authority) and Mr Noah Wade (Secretary of State) went inside to come to a solution for the workers, who, rightly so, were determined to have their issues heard. After much deliberation, the Head Foreman, Paul Pontecorvo was asked to join the meeting. After which he announced to his colleagues that there is an investigation pending with the aim for the Port Authority to have direct control over pay packets. This was later confirmed in an optimistic speech from Mr Hank Preston ‘ As Director of the Port, I’ve convened with other port leadership, as well as Secretary of State Wade, to have this crisis solved, immediately. By the end of the day, an official resolution will be on the Governor's desk to return control of internal port salaries back to the Port Authority.' Secretary of State Noah Wade and Senator Adrian Rossi arrive at the Capitol Building So what is causing these problems in the treasury? According to the Secretary of State there are persistent manpower issues which are impacting the department. But also process issues due to a previous administration who decided that access to the treasury is the sole responsibility of the State Treasury which ultimately was creating continuous bottlenecks in the system leading to the problems highlighted yesterday. Interestingly other departments which are also paid by the state treasury have not been affected in the same way as the Port Authority. However Mr Wade stated ‘My office is on high-alert to ensure this doesn't reoccur anywhere else in our state departments, however no reports have been relayed to my administration yet.’. To sum up, it appears that the flaws in process and manpower issues have been impacting the treasury and therefore the San Andreas Port Authority for some time, jeopardising workers safety and impacting their lives in a very negative way. More broadly however this issue is putting the stability of the economy at risk that every citizen in San Andreas relies upon daily. However praise can only be given to the workers who decided to stand up for their rights. It is a shame it took direct action to get the politician's to listen to their plight. Update: 1st June - It appears that following the efforts of the workers at the docks. Salary reimbursement controls have been passed back to the Port Authority ensuring that salaries for dockworkers and Safety Officers will be paid correctly and on time. Speaking to Mr Hank Preston he stated ‘Things are looking bright for the Port of Los Santos. Workers are getting the representation they need and because of their bravery during the strike, late pay is going to be a thing of the past. I can only see this as a positive morale boost for everyone down here, something everyone can appreciate.’ > Comments are enabled Username: Comment:
  8. Bayside Bar & Grill – A Review By Troy Francis _____________ Looking for an out of the city eatery, cooking up classic honest American food? Bayside Bar & Grill located in Paleto might be the place for you. Initial impressions are everything, and from the outside, in all honesty, it doesn’t look much and could use something to grab the attention of your average passer-by. On entry you are greeted with a classic American old style country type eatery with plenty of seating and good music, mixed with a pleasant, relaxed atmosphere gives it that home away from home vibe. This is reflected by the easy to read menu, with a not too large selection food. After a substantial wait, I was eventually served and decided upon a cheeseburger, onion rings, fries and a cola. All totalled up, it came to $265, which was quite reasonable. If I were to be critical, the bar and grill is held back by a lack of staff, and whilst I was there relied on the goodwill of regulars as well as the patience of patrons as again there was a substantial wait for my meal to be bought to me. However, once the meal did arrive, it did not disappoint in the slightest. A moist and well-seasoned burger, all held within a nicely toasted bun. Fries were crisp on the outside and soft and fluffy in the middle, alongside a bowl of not too fatty onion rings. It was quite the treat, especially when washed down with an ice cold cola. Even though I was clearly from out of town, the server and fellow patrons were friendly, funny and frankly lovely. I would certainly go back there again as I was made to feel very welcome. To sum up, this is a fantastic eatery, run and visited by largely a very friendly crowd. It is quite a trip from the city, but is definitely worth the visit if you want a nice bite to eat in the evening. The food was exceptional if you are into your American classic food. As a suggestion, I would hire more staff to reduce the wait time otherwise it was a brilliant experience. I would give Bayside Bar and Grill an 8/10 > Comments are enabled Username: Comment:
  9. Bishops – A Review By Troy Francis _____________ Tucked away in the heart of Davis lies a small eatery called Bishops, a long standing staple of the Los Santos food scene. Initial impressions upon arrival are that from the outside it looks like a typical fast food takeaway eatery that is common across the US, however there is plenty of parking for those who choose to drive on over. When I entered, I was greeted by pretty basic décor, which I would describe as functional as opposed to appealing, however, it was clean, tidy and there was a pleasant atmosphere. The menu had a wide range of classic home style American dishes. I would say that there was too much choice, as I became overwhelmed quite quickly. Service was quick and again functional, however it was a little transactional for my tastes as conversation was direct and brief, and I was not given the opportunity to find out more about the establishment. I was recommended the shrimp sandwich which I chose alongside onion rings, apple pie and a cola, all for $185, which was an exceptional price, but there was a half price special offer on, at the time. My meal arrived quickly and luckily I ordered before a group of deputies arrived and put in a massive order. It became evident that the eatery requires more staff to deal with the influx of patrons. However, I must say the food was delicious. I couldn’t speak to the server to learn where the shrimp was sourced from, however the sandwich was tasty, seasoned to perfection and not at all dry. Onion rings were crisp and tasty, with a little Cajun spicing, all finished up with a not too sweet, classic apple pie. To sum up, a reasonable eatery if you want a quick bite to eat, good food, and does what it needs to. Do not expect silver service, but then it doesn’t advertise itself as that type of establishment. Get a couple more staff, make the experience less transactional and you will be onto a winner with Bishops. Overall, I would give Bishops a solid 7/10. > Comments are enabled Username: Comment:
  10. In Memory of Robert ‘Bob’ Hall By Troy Francis _____________ Motorcycle clubs are usually known for their love of bikes, their rivalries and wearing their club colours. However, on the evening of 9th April 2022, the groups came together to remember their fellow biker, Robert Hall, better known as Bob to his friends. The Vagos Motorcycle Club and many other groups arranged to meet at Mirror Park for a charity ride, in memory of their friend and brother. Their aim, to remember and celebrate Bob’s life as well as to raise funds for the Claudia Cancer Foundation which has been created by Bob’s loving wife Claudia Hall. Speaking to one of the group's leaders, they said, ‘Our club is always down to support causes like this one. It happened many times in the state already. This ain't the first time, and it ain't gon' be the last either’. The evening was a resounding success with lots of support by fellow motorcycle clubs such as the Mongols, Silent Ones and Green Machine all of which attended to show their respects, enjoy the hospitality and participate in the ride. This was then followed up by drinks at a bar in the city. > Comments are enabled Username: Comment:
  11. Tricky Times down at the Port By Troy Francis _____________ Resignations, lack of resources, and low productivity have been hampering the San Andreas Port Authority’s efforts to keep the Port of Los Santos safe. In recent weeks there has been a steady increase in the amount of crime which is impacting the businesses and everyday working men and women that call the port their home. Add into the mix other challenges, such as the recent fire. It spells a challenging time for the Director of the port, Hank Preston, and his newly formed leadership team. The San Andreas Port Authority is the regulatory body, which helps facilitate the movement of inbound and outbound cargo via the Bureau of Labor as well as the institution which enforces safety regulations around the Port, via the Bureau of Safety. Responsibilities can include customs screening, searching for contraband as well as protecting civilians from crime. Both departments are overseen by the Port Director, and a leadership team is in place to work alongside Mr Preston on policy changes, internal affairs, and budgets. However, LSN has discovered that recently there have been changes to this leadership team that has gone unannounced to the people of Los Santos. James Beenhouwer the ex-Safety Superintendent and Frank Jansen, the ex-assistant Superintendent have recently resigned. Speaking to Mr. Preston, he said “Beenhouwer, and I had hit a fork in the road that led to a series of professional disagreements. It came to a point where I felt we needed to sit down personally and discuss the future of the Bureau.” When pressed about the resignations of his long-standing leadership team, Mr. Preston said, “The core issue we faced was disputes. I don’t want to speak ill of James or Frank, but it seemed that all bargaining opportunities had eroded between us. So constant disputes and disagreements between them and the rest of our leadership would be the source of many roadblocks to progress.” James Beenhouwer and Frank Jansen have been replaced by Michael Baker and Violet Choi as Superintendent and Assistant Superintendent Crime continues to be an issue that plagues the port, from gun crime, vehicle and cargo thefts, trespassing, and even illegal vehicle exportation. Safety Officers are trained to investigate and prevent crime with their key objectives as prevention, detection, and then reporting to the relevant authority. However, some companies have expressed disquiet as to how visible the Port Authority is. During my time at the port over the past three weeks, I have seen a mere five safety officers, with one being a fresh recruit out patrolling solo on his first day. Speaking to Mr. Preston, I asked whether the Bureau of Safety had enough resources to provide oversight across the port. ‘Since the appointment of Mr. Baker and Ms. Choi there has been an uptick in productivity amongst our Safety Officers'. Mr. Preston also informed me that they have plans to increase recruitment with a career fair and recruitment drive. It is not all doom and gloom. There are some exciting development opportunities within the port. Mr. Preston confirmed that a private sanitation company is now handling waste in the port, free of charge to the public. There are plans for a real estate venture, via leasing out warehouses for companies to use, as well as launching contract bidding for the scuppering of the ship that burnt down last month, the Daisy-Lee. The combination of public/private ventures is something that can only be good for the port and the wider Los Santos economy. To sum up, it is clear that the San Andreas Port Authority has had a tough time over the past couple of months, especially when you consider the size and scale of the operation, there really is no room for blockers or low productivity, it is also clear that it has impacted the presence of the Bureau of Safety within the port and for the businesses that reside there. However, there are reasons to be optimistic, whether it be an increase in recruitment or business development opportunities. It seems to me that the Port Authority’s best days could be yet to come. > Comments are enabled Username: Comment:
  12. A Day in the Life of… A Logistics Manager By Troy Francis _____________ All day long, an army of individuals are tirelessly working to provide the businesses and citizens of Los Santos essential goods which fuel the city. Whether it is the coffee you get from your local eatery or a new set of tints for your car. All of these goods are channelled through the Port of Los Santos, and are handled by the trucking companies, who call the Los Santos harbour, home. I recently spent time with IMEX CEO Aurora McCorkle and John Pickert, the HR Manager, to understand what an average day for a driver looks like as well as understand some of the challenges which the supply chain and logistics industry face. IMEX is one of the largest and most active trucking companies in the state of San Andreas, and often can be seen driving around in their trademark red vehicles. Truckers who are employed by IMEX often arrive at the headquarters, change into the company uniform and then start their shift. Each vehicle has access to a statewide shipping system, which then provides the driver with a route and the type of goods to be delivered. I attended a convoy event, which is where a group of drivers drive ‘convoy’ style to a business proactively and deliver a large volume of goods. John Picket, HR Manager at IMEX, said, ‘We organise convoys from time to time to restock our clients without them asking. Just to show that we care’. IMEX also uses a portal called IMEX Connect, where businesses can request priority delivery and arrange special contracts directly. It is clear that IMEX understands the needs of their customer base. Equally, it is clear just how difficult a trucker's job is. Drivers will often load and unload twenty crates per drop using nothing more than a trolley. However, the role that they fulfil is an essential part of the Los Santos economy. The trucking industry faces significant challenges. Of prime concern is security of the private property, and the large ‘lots’ which trucking companies occupy. Trespassers are a common occurrence, whether there to cause a nuisance or to commit crimes. IMEX contracts their security to G6, however, there are limits to what private security firms can do. Speaking to Miss McCorkle, CEO of IMEX, she called on the San Andreas Port Authority to do more to assist ‘I wish SAPA would do more. I wish they’d sweep our place like they used to do. But there’s a bit of hesitance from the higher ups, I feel. They’d rather their officers keep off of private property.' To sum up, having spent some time with IMEX, it appears to me that it is a business which has the best of intentions for their industry, their customers and ultimately the people of Los Santos. However, the security issues which they face are not to be underestimated and are a constant threat to both the safety of their employees and the stability of their business. The implications of this are wide ranging, but focussing purely on economics, if stock does not get delivered, businesses cannot trade effectively, which increases the risk of business owners having to reduce their staff. This, in turn, increases unemployment, resulting in less money circulating in the economy, resulting in an overall reduction in living standards for everyone. We hope you enjoyed the first edition of ‘A Day in the Life of’…’ Be sure to keep an eye out for our next edition. > Comments are enabled Username: Comment:
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