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  1. Make it 35,000 and you can come collect it.
  2. Hi, I am looking to sell off some cars that I didn't use for a long time. Camper: Stock, low mileage. Buyout is $40,000 Patriot: Has the full aftermarket packets installed on it, Buyout is $100,000 Novak: Has the full aftermarket packets installed along with alarm and GPS. Buyout is $200,000 Armoured Mule: This car is stock, bought it back in 2017 and has under 20 miles on it. Buyout is $90,000 I am not in a rush to sell. Leave a message on this page with your contact details when interested.
  3. Wish you all the best MrsHamster, I saw this starting from the very start and watched how you kept expanding into something bigger and bigger. Take this far.
  4. Make it $85,000 and it's yours.
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