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  1. Eclispe Towers Penthouse
  2. Name: JoshyContact: 19-9-91Listing: Argento Comment: I would be interested in Argento, for which I offer 440'000.
  3. I've been formally looking for a business to buy for myself for over four months, four months to be exact but there's been no contact with the owners of the business and generally all businesses are run through holding companies and the owners don't pay much attention, they're just the owners. I might pay a bit more attention and look through the internet for now. All the information you need is below. Contact: 19-9-91 Money that can be spent: 3'000'000 The location that suits me: North Vinewood and the surrounding area, the city centre or the Vespucci district. The type of business I am interested in: Airsoft, Nightclub, Stripclub or BAR/PUB. Offers can be made via email if I am not available: EMAIL The reason I want to buy a business is more so that I can be the man of my own time and do it for myself without letting holding companies do it for me like the whole of Los Santos does.
  4. You're a Sandy Shore local but don't have a place to stay or a place to spend your vacation. I will rent out this building for 25'000 a week. The contract will be up for renewal at the end of the sixth day. I am willing to sell/trade this building as well if I receive a suitable offer on my email. BOOKING: [email protected] ((Market Price: $60,000 Furniture Worth: $58,458))
  5. shit was firee man, somethin unique
  6. 420'000 my last I can go.
  7. Noted, the minimum I can do would be 430'000.
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