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  1. ((Delete Please.))
  2. Haters gonna hate Mongols doing a great job
  3. Love to see this development of Mongols, keep it up!
  4. Could be cool to add a name tag (the same as a real player have) above animals (Dogs - Cats) with the name the owner gave them on pet settings.
  5. Bumping once again. Buyout changed to $750,000 instead of $850,000
  6. Bumping. - Starting bid changed to $700,000 instead of $750,000
  7. I'm looking to sell my lovely big comfy apartment at the most calmly friendly tower in the town with an AMAZING view all around the city inculding the ocean! Eclipse Towers located in Rockford Hills, the bulding itself has a big garage to park your cars safety. The apartment includes: Small office. Small Cleaning room. BIG two bedrooms. Big bathroom to each bedroom. One big closet room to one of the bedroom. GYM room. Pool Table, Air Hockey Table, Ping Pong Table. And more, check the pictures below! Starting Bid: $700,000 Minimum bid incrase: $10,000 Buyout: $750,000 Bidding ends on: 31/OCTOBER/2021 ((Apartment Property Information)) Interior pictures below Picture of the building: Lobby picture of the building:
  8. Great suggestion! Hope to see it on WP shop as soon as possible! +1
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