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  1. I'm looking for Rebla, If anyone selling it so feel free to drop your offers here
  2. smaxY

    Archive pls

    How less you can go on this?
  3. Starting bid: $230,000 Buyout: $300,000 ((/vstats OOC))
  4. I'm ready to offer $80,000
  5. What about 102 Alta Street - Floor 2, Room 9. It's two bedroom along with balcony too.
  6. Despite a couple of public accusations that Los Santos News Network is Republican Network, ex journalist Phoebe Holter proves quite a different story. On Monday 26th, Ms. Holter published an article about President Pro Tempore Frank Ernst's impeachment which is set in motion as of yesterday in the senate. (PHOEBE HOLTER) The senior source Holter cites in the article is Democratic Senator Valeria Reyes, known for scandals such as the AOC plagiarism and pointless verbal attacks towards Republicans while supposed to remain professional in the senate building. She is the new Chloe Knight in politics and that's not a compliment. The issue with this article is that journalists are bound to be impartial, something unknown to Ms. Holter who published an article against ethics, though I cannot blame LSNN editorial hence they couldn't of known about Holter's lack of ethics. LSNN management team did not provide us with a comment, however another LSNN employee did. "I guess our bosses got swayed by her quality written articles, but that's all she was ever worth for. She used to come to the office with a frown everyday, visibly grumpy and unsatisfied with anything. She never wanted to participate in bonding with the team, never willing to share a cup of coffee with us other coworkers. She was tripping hard on utopiastic impossible stuff, but she in fact has a cold and terrible personality. I'm happy she resigned", says LSNN employee who wishes to remain anonymous. Holter took money from Reyes to participate in exposing Mr. Ernst to the public, unjustified. It is interesting to see that Ms. Holter only put a like on the Democratic Party FB page and is also a member of it. It was further brought to our knowledge that Phoebe Holter has gone missing from Los Santos right after her resignation which happened right after the article. It's probably she put the bribery money to good usage. **This blog is written using VPN** Comments: Username: Comment:
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