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  1. This here is a B3 Blade Bait. Guaranteed to Catch Fish All Season Long.
  2. Make an interior for the Rockford mall and get rid of the Davis mall.
  3. I might steal someone's car on sight if I see a car described as being a real life car model just to destroy it. However +1 I think this could be a great addition.
  4. Looking to purchase a house or apartment or Paleto Pay. Willing to offer up to $400,000. Preferably coming with furniture. If looking to sell, please see attached email ((Forum PM)) ((I am looking to purchase a house in Paleto Bay to roleplay out of. I have made a character intending on roleplaying in the area. I cannot stress enough I am not looking to roleplay in the city with this character, and am hoping to find someone selling one. After a month of waiting on a house request, I ended with my previous character being CKed before Property Management responded. I am hoping to have more luck searching for someone willing to sell their property.))
  5. Yeah, but losing sucks though, so I have to.
  6. Then it seems we're on the same page. At the moment, there's absolutely no way to counteract an alarm. Completely discourages any kind of thoughtful roleplay, such as getting the code to the alarm from the owner. You do understand that administrators decided there are zero ways to prevent the alarm going off, right? Also, the alarms go brrrt after 30 seconds, meaning the only thing you can do in a robbery is spam as many /me's as you can in that short timeframe and you aren't even afforded the time to properly roleplay in the house. Not going to respond to the rest of what you said because it assumes everyone doing crime is the shitty generic poor roleplayer. There are people who are like that, but those aren't the kind of people I roleplay with.
  7. I don't think anyone seriously wants to just murder whoever responds so they don't need to worry about the consequences. Can you not be so sarcastic and stop derailing the thread? It's really not appreciated. Paenymion had an actual constructive response and you instantly jump to shitposting. There are some shitty roleplayers out there, but please don't just assume.
  8. Simply put, most people don't actually RP around their alarm system in their house. When they give keys or even enter themselves. A script that forces that would be nice.
  9. Must just be my bad luck then, I'm sure there are people who do map it but I've just yet to encounter one of those properties. Admins RPing a warning sticker or something would be great if there's no visible object to symbolize an alarm, simply because otherwise there's no real way to tell otherwise until the alarms go off. Something I had thought of in the shower would be an actual alarm script, as Koko stated alarms often go off on accident in real life so entering your own house but forget to enter a command with the code to disable your alarm? Here comes the cops. Maybe with the exception of if you log off between entering your house and the end of the 30 second timer, just in case someone crashes/enters their house and plans to log/some other circumstance that could very well happen. Being able to force the homeowner to give up their alarm codes would allow for way more in depth roleplay, as at the moment from what I know that would get you nowhere. And of course an admin should be able to NPC a 911 call if things get too loud or something else happens. I'm not asking for alarms to completely be useless, but from what I've gathered with the admin team's recent discussion regarding the matter, there's no beating them whatsoever. And I've definitely thought about that and appreciate your advice. Just waiting for the right target that needs some extra police attention.
  10. This is fair enough. My one complaint would be that I guarantee 99% of house owners who have an alarm don't actually engage in this kind of RP though. I'm willing to bet most houses don't even have a mapped alarm box to disable the alarms. I can't recall once that I've seen it mapped in at any of the properties that I've entered. How would one even be able know the property is alarmed upon entering when there isn't even a mapped in box? I can acknowledge that the owner may be expected to enter in a code as they enter the property, but it seems unfair to expect that level of detail from a person breaking in when the owner of the house doesn't also roleplay that level of detail. I didn't want to get into the whole mass amount of alarms for that reason. My only complaint is putting alarms in their houses that are filled with illegal weapons. I wouldn't exactly want to risk the cops showing up to my place and finding my firearm laying around when clearing out the property. According to what I was told, this isn't possible. Alarms will go off absolutely no matter what during a breakin. I would love to go into that level of detail, but it seems like it wouldn't get me anywhere. Why bother with that level of roleplay when I can kick the door in and get the same 30 seconds or so to spit out roleplay lines and then leave?
  11. So I've recently committed several property breakins with a crew of people as part of a faction, and I'm curious to get other people's opinions/personal experiences in the matter. This thread is completely irrelevant to the fact most properties that shouldn't have alarms do actually have alarms. There was one building we were targeting and had keys to the building. After waiting about two and a half hours to finally have the request accepted, we were told that despite having keys to unlock the property, the alarm would go off no matter what. This didn't make much sense to me, but not wanting to argue with an admin, we did it anyway. We used the keys for a quick and clean entry, and the property alarm still went off. Later, when discussing with the admin about the what and the why with the alarm and some other things, I was told that apparently if a property has an alarm, it will go off 100% of the time no matter what roleplay is done. According to them, even if the property was left unlocked, "[the alarm] will need to" go off, and it's "what the admins discussed". This has almost completely killed my interest in trying to roleplay a proper break in crew, and makes absolutely zero sense. Have other people had similar experiences when the alarm went off when it shouldn't have during a breakin? Was the administrator I spoke to wrong about the matter? I have no reason to believe they are, but I would like to know what other people have experienced and think about the matter. I could understand an NPCed 911 call if people sit around in a property all day, but if there's a group of people who have the upper hand prior to committing a robbery, it makes zero sense to treat the RP the same as violently smashing into a persons house.
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