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  1. I think CK apps should be shared with the CKed party on request once the CK has already been carried out, but not be made public to the whole community. That way, if the CKed party wishes to make an appeal they have access to the application, and can dispute the facts as presented.
  2. I don't really understand why this wasn't how corrections were set up in the first place. It seems like common sense to use what's already on the map: You have Bolingbroke Penitentiary, so why not make use of it? The NOOSE office just doesn't scream county correctional facility to me, it looks like an administrative building, because that was its original intention. The makers of GTAV have already put almost everything this server would need on their map. This shouldn't be that complicated of an issue.
  3. People who blatantly DM don't care about their characters. They'll just make a new one. Not only is this suggestion the complete wrong approach to the problem it's intending to adress, it would also be detrimental, as it would encourage Death matchers to seek out CK's.
  4. There's no gold standard for RP on this server. What's good to some is horrible to others. We play by different strokes for different folks around here, and each faction, community, and clique within the greater GTAW community enforces their own norms and RP standards. With that said, I definitely feel that this server has tendencies to reward poor RP: Players are often encouraged to grind money and assets instead of focusing on story or narrative character development. I think the best way we can reward roleplayers is by encouraging more creative roleplay ventures. IFM schemes and LFM's new funding application are steps in the right direction by offering rewards to players willing to roleplay unorthodox or not commonly rewarded concepts. Anything that opens up more versatility and creativity in roleplay will inevitably reward good roleplayers.
  5. Congratulations 👏
  6. Asking $80,000 E-mail (forum PM) or call Ph# 9932
  7. I've been roleplaying in the county for over two years on my main character. I remember when there was only ever a handful of residents hanging around. Back then there weren't many businesses open so you had to create your own fun somehow; trying to figure out any way to pass the time. I was lucky because I joined county RP with a group of roleplayers, but for others, it was more difficult. Back then you could buy trailers straight from the server itself for around 45k. It wasn't difficult to break into the County-RP scene in itself: There were plenty of properties to buy and with so few people, most everyone was happy just for the opportunity to roleplay with you. Unfortunately, only two of the characters I knew from that time are still around. Everyone else has moved. Since then, the county's gone through several cycles of life and death. It seems every six or so months there's a new push to bring the county back to life, but it eventually dies back down. What I can say with assurance is that county roleplay is much harder to engage with for new players than it ever was before. Property is almost impossible to attain nowadays. To make matters worse, integrating into a long-standing and insulated community of roleplayers means treading over eggshells until you finally clique into a group who are willing to roleplay with you. People all have different notions of what a county's character should be. Many people don't have a frame of reference to understand the types of characters you'd really see in Sandy, Grapeseed, or Paleto bay. I admit it's pretty odd that there's a bunch of cow-pokes from Texas or rednecks from Alabama and Mississippi walking around what should be California, but in all honestly, having someone to roleplay with is better than having no one at all. As a community, we county roleplayers should seek to offer guidance to players who have just arrived onto the scene, not shun them for looking or acting differently. That's just If you're just getting started in county roleplay, be prepared for a slow-paced environment full of passive roleplay. If that sounds like you're speed then I hope you stick around for the long haul. County roleplay is a marathon, not a sprint. You probably won't be able to buy a proper place to live in the first few weeks or even the first few months. Some characters just won't be interested in interacting with you out of principle. It'll get easier as you stick with it, trust me. Best of luck.
  8. I don't really like it when the server outlines specific rules for things; I understand that you need to clearly outline where the line is for behaviors but if there was a problem with how a demographic is portraying their character's career, maybe the better approach would be to take the grievance directly to the factions/players who perpetrate. Internal communication between LFM and the factions they overlook could've easily helped clear up these portrayal issues before it became so pressing that you had to dump a rules sheet on their desk. If "Don't constantly hover over a gang's turf" is such a huge ask that you need to make specific rules for it then there are clearly other problems at play that should also be addressed. My question is: How did players who believe that hovering over gang turfs endlessly without roleplaying the basic functions of their helicopter become acceptable behavior in the first place? How did these players end up in the air division to start with? These are the real problems LFM should address; for now, offering this rules sheet is just tapping a band-aid over a larger issue within the insulated culture of LEO roleplayers on this server.
  9. Contact information has been passed via E-mail (forum PM).
  10. This rusted piece of shit has been sitting in my barn for over a year now. She's a 1979 Nebula Turbo and she looks her age. Will probably need some body work. She may look rough but she's tough and the insides still work. Has been driven for around 400 miles. Engine has been turbo-charged, and she's been given stronger locks, a half decent alarm, and some anti-theft. Only looking for $45,000 or the best offer that comes around.
  11. If we're getting rid of things just because they're cringey and promotes "sub-par RP" then why haven't we gotten rid of the entirety of Facebrowser yet? That is not a suggestion, I'm being sarcastic.
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