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  1. This property has been sold. Thread can be L&Aed. Thank you.
  2. [4Sale]≋The Boathouse≋ Bar and Stripclub Exterior: Interior Video Tour: Interior Images: Property Information: This is NOT an auction. If someone bids buy-out, they will NOT automatically be purchasing this property. Buyers will be vetted and selected based on what they want to do with the building, not just the price they are offering. Please place a public offer of just the price below and Email (//Forum PM//) what your plans are for this property. Buyers should reside in Blaine County, or plan to reside in Blaine County. Lowest Acceptable Offer: $550,000 Highest Possible Offer: $1,119,155 ( $900,000 +$169,155 +$50,000 =$1,119,155) This listing will remain open until a suitable buyer is found.
  3. Been waiting for this, looking forward to seeing where it goes.
  4. In a perfect world, sure. In the one we live in, not so much.
  5. Sold for buyout! This can be locked and archived now, thank you.
  6. Exterior: Interior: Property Information: Starting Bid: $220,000 Bid increase increments: $5,000 Buyout: $295,000 Auction ends Friday night. Considering Sandy Regulars and active roleplayers in Sandy above others. Buyout negotiable depending on if you're an active Sandy Roleplayer or not.
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