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  1. Only thing I can say for this; the PF abuse would be massive.
  2. You're right, my mistake. Maybe I should've read the mod description a little closer instead of... Jumping the gun (ba-dun tsss). Will make edits to the original thread. Still a beautiful mod that I'd like to see added into the game.
  3. This is a really nice find. (I could obviously be wrong but) it looks to me that they retextured the double-action to be a Colt M1917, which is extremely realistic within the setting of GTAW. Hope this is usable.
  4. If you've been paying attention to any of the new GTAW announcements like I have, you might've noticed that a few handguns have been added in-game. Some of these, like the Glock, are no-brainers. Others, like the Makarov, seemed less obvious to me, but still welcome additions. With the influx of new handguns and their effect on the sprouting legal and illegal weapon markets alike, I was curious what weapons the community would be interested in seeing in the future, and why they feel these weapons ought to be added. For me personally, I took the liberty of doing a quick search th
  5. How is it that every thread becomes "Legal vs Illegal"? Although this topic has been thoroughly explored, I'll chime in with my two cents anyhow. Feel free to skip the spoiler unless you like reading: If you want people to be outside more, then there needs to be a greater sense of community within the different boroughs and neighborhoods on the server. Certain roleplay hubs like the 24/7 in K-Town, the respective blocks in South Central, El Burro, Clinton Avenue in Vinewood, all bustle with activity on a daily basis (at least the last time I checked). People ar
  6. Transparency would immediately improve community outlook on CK appeals. When an admin picks up a report they usually start by saying, "Handling" and/or asking questions. I see this on some CK appeals, but it should be basic practice. At least that way people know that their CK appeal has been acknolwdged. Another idea would be to expand the CK guidelines of what is, and what isn't CK worthy. Some people feel as though all actions that would warrent a PK may also warrent a CK. Alot of people seem to underestimate their ability to be CKed. There might not be any hard-lines as to what will or
  7. Diginity Community Camping Goods Store: Up-n-Atom Diner:
  8. I have an addiction that requires me to pay alot of money to a French guy.
  9. I have to agree with this to some extent. The price of vehicles isn't the problem; in fact, many vehicles with rusty liveries cost more because they have more customization options in general: Kamacho at $114,000 Cheburek at $78,000 Fagaloa at $78,000 Yosemite Rancher at $108,000 Nebula at $108,000 Vamos at $155,000 What matters is if the vehicles blending in with their surroundings. None of the vehicles above are exactly "cheap" per say, but they work because they're capible of matching their surroundings.
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