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  1. OUTLAWS MC FIGHT NIGHT 08/OCT/2020 Credit for some of the above screens, @Dstar
  2. Cara


    Are you open to lower buyout offers? I'll buy it for 150k today if so. Feel free to email or call 8382890.
  3. You guys had a really good run, such a shame it’s come to an end but I’m sure whatever you do next will be epic!
  4. Username: DorisAbernathy Comment: This article is also worth a read if you find yourself with a spare minute or two https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Catocala_messalina
  5. I would argue that at the very top level, permanent bans are rarely permanent. Most players are allowed back time and time again no matter what they’ve done so long as they say sorry. It bans were truly permanent, that might deter even more rule-breaking.
  6. Transaction complete. ((L&A please))
  7. Would be looking for a nice area if possible given the privacy and security my current property offers. Trade only.
  8. Trade only. I’ll call you soon!
  9. Due to a potential relocation to the city I am looking to trade my current property for something of equal value in Los Santos. The property and interior can be seen here: https://imgur.com/a/VPFKp8j Please send any potential trade offers to the email attached to this listing. ((Forum PM))
  10. Cara

    [SOLD - L&A]

    Has this been sold?
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