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  1. Facebrowser isn't supposed to be pixel porn lmao
  2. quick update, development on Maura has been incredibly slow since I've lost my drive to play her. I have screenshots from a bit ago that should still be posted, as it was a major part of her development recently. ))
  3. I'm already slaving away making screenshots ❤
  4. "What ever happened to the woman I knew?" This thread has been created to follow the development of Maura Lyne, after the abandonment of the Mannix Family and her late husband's death. Maura Lyne was born into an Irish lineage, as a second generation immigrant in West Virginia. Raised as an only child with a rare acceptance of an absent mother throughout her years, her father was left to make ends meet to keep the two comfortable. She developed a sense of independence and responsibility at a young age, gaining her passion for working with plants and serving others within the family-owned bar. A simple childhood to a poor family. Her parents eventually filed for divorce, leaving her mother to pass away around her late teen years. Heartbroken and unsure on how to deal with his daughter, he sent her to Los Santos around the age of nineteen with a minimal amount of money. Maura found her way to Paleto Bay and started a job at the Mojito Inn, serving as a waitress and bartender for the family running the Inn. She became close to Harvey Mannix, joining the family and working alongside others in legal and illegal terms. The duo went steady falling in love for a little over three years, leaving Harvey to propose; and Maura accepted. Mannix treated her well, but eventually his harsh life and ways caught up to the pair, and Maura was left as a young widow at twenty six years old. Left to guide her own late husband's legacy and help out her straining brother in law, she was forced to change. [ Please do not metagame the information posted in this thread. ]
  5. Thank you all for giving me such an amazing time with roleplay and everything more ❤️ From the good to not so good moments throughout the faction, each and every one of the members have banded together to create roleplay and show what Paleto could truly be. The countless hours that I've put into the faction have been well worth it, with the time I've spent with everyone apart of the family. We made The Mannix Family a welcoming space to all, and for diverse roleplay rarely anyone has seen before. Big things are still coming for some characters of the faction, and I can't wait to see what the rest of us do!
  6. Username: Fennn Comment: Bitch threw hands hard!
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